Can you separate reality from fantasy? [interview]

Eeek! My last blog was posted on August 2nd 😦 So much has happened since then. I’ve been on a go-slow….drafted one a while ago and never got around to finishing it, which is so unlike me. I haven’t been writing much on the whole esp for fun. I must be ill 😦 But I follow other bloggers/writers and I know this is normal. 

Life happens.

The last few weeks, this week in particular has taught me some really valuable lessons and I am noticing a shift in my thinking and behavior already.  I’ve also been running into even more people I once knew which is clearing my path. I’ll share a tinsy bit with you.

I’ve got some exciting stuff planned. I am taking my micro-business in a slightly different direction. Been meeting with some folks to make it happen over the past few weeks and taking a more active role in ensuring sustainability so I can expand and get back my girl Friday and a team of good people I can rely on, who share my values and work ethic.

This is so hard to find these days, but I am glad I have met the ones I want to work with.

Photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash

Within the most recent years, I have learnt so much about life, people and business.

I recently realized that because of my seeming carefree and humble nature (so I’m told), I have been burnt and misunderstood and taken for granted, one too many times.

I have also pushed people away that may have cared at some point and lost out on opportunities/experiences, which may have actually been a blessing in disguise.

Someone recently told me that I need to set boundaries and find a balance without losing the above qualities.

Easier said than done, but I guess you live, you learn.

I have also learnt that at the end of the day, you will attract your “tribe” based on what you exude and who needs you or your services at the right time. We have a saying in this culture, ‘after one time is two’ – meaning things have a way of reversing. 

Discernment is key from separating reality from fantasy. Just be patient and stay calm.

I learnt from observing my Dad that you don’t always have to respond to everything. A still tongue, keeps a wise head. Neither do you have to beat your chest to get noticed.

Once you know your worth, continue to do you and give freely from the heart, abundance will come back to you like a boomerang. What is for you, is for you and no one can ever take that away. This goes for both personal and business relationships.

If you want to learn more about what I have learnt along my entrepreneurial journey, you can listen to this short interview I did a couple weeks ago.

It gets to the meat in the middle where I sorta bare all. Hope you enjoy. Comment if you can relate.

Until next time.
That’s all she wrote.

Endless Love,

Carolyn xxx

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