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Carve your path, Make your mark!

So we’re in July … just like that … Phew! I began this post on the last day of June, but let’s just say variables got in the way of posting. Don’t yah hate when ‘things’ beyond your control hamper your progress?! (Me too uggh 😦 ). But…onto lighter conversations!

‘As I get older’. Ha! Never expected to say that so soon 🙂 But seriously though, the longer we live on this earth, the more inherent truths and facts of life become (more) apparent.

If we pay close attention to what is being said to us and by us (yes, myself included! without being overly repetitive/paranoid in our thinking), is the more we are able to put the pieces of life on the broader spectrum together.

Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

I personally never discount my first instinct or the minor things said (even in passing) without consciously reflecting on what my heart says and feels is true.

When I choose to ignore these cues, it inevitably leads to the detriment of myself and by extension those I hold dear.

The same holds true for taking and accepting help or advice from others. I speak from personal experience and saw things literally fall apart when we become so myopic that cannot open our minds to see another point of view – even in hindsight upon reflection and meditation (which is so important by the way!).

I recall a lesson learnt from a rerun of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air last week. I caught this particular episode midway through, but I distinctly remember what Uncle Phil said to Will when he took up a part-time job at a restaurant to pay for the outfit and such for his school prom (I believe it was).

He wanted to earn his way, instead of becoming a privileged kid like Uncle Phil’s kids (aka his cousins). Uncle Phil who was a successful attorney living in Bel Air – one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Los Angeles, one day surprised his nephew at work who was dressed in his get-up (costume) for work.

Will later revealed why he tore up the cheque his uncle gave him. Uncle Phil’s words to his nephew were (to paraphrase despite the quotation marks),

(In a deep male voice) “Will, we all need each other in life. Do you think I didn’t get help to get where I am today? I did and so I want you to accept this money because you are just like one of my kids.”

Aww right? Yep. What I took from that episode (apart form the tear-jerking comic relief after a hard day) is that you must be able to find a balance between privilege, entitlement and hard work.

When we become too dependent on anyone or anything – whether it is an institution, person, government or job (I actually talk about this in my second book, How To Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours), it can be a severe shock to our system when that ‘crutch’ is suddenly no more.

In the same regard, you can’t be too proud and a-know-it-all that you think you cannot learn anything new from anyone, since everyone’s experience is so diverse and complex based on where they have been in life and so too is their ability to absorb, process and apply information.

One person’s life changing moment is relative based on their vantage point, exposure and ability to receive with an open mind and heart that is unfettered from pride, judgement, prejudice and haughtiness.

This is the way of the world and it’s one of the inherent frailties in our human condition. Having said all of that, I will say again going with your gut and discernment is part 1 to unlocking the life you want to live and the things/people you want to attract.

Just like that, we are on the cusp of lots of historical events happening in our world. My much anticipated Music, Arts & Motivation Festival 2018 (at least in my eyes) is ONE month away.

I’m not saying by any stretch of the imagination that my event is historic, but just alluding to the fact that I would have never dreamt of hosting events, public speaking or even writing books for that matter.

just for you3!

To follow from what was said above, our world is not one-dimensional. and neither should be our thinking. Not to sound cliche, but no man is an island and we all need each other in order to survive in this world. If I did not listen to others (taking from each bit of advice what I could at the time), I would have never been on this path.

I’ll share a little about my WHY (since so many new people ask)…

When I began blogging in 2008 (just for self-expression and a creative outlet for my own healing and catharsis), I did not have all the answers. I did it because I loved to write and had something to get out of my mind.

I was permanently employed on a full-time basis and at this point had no inkling to be even published in the press voraciously (for motivational stuff especially), write books or do public speaking (especially the latter since I had humongous stage fright, which you can also read how that began and was eventually overcome in my memoir).

I knew I was a good writer, but at that point I did not know exactly what I wanted to write. I shared my writing at that time with my co-workers only.  A few family members and friends too, but mostly my colleagues at work who I felt comfortable with because we spent so many hours of our days within close proximity.

They were my confidants and advisers and some of them knew best what I was experiencing at the time.

When I turned 30! (Yep!), I penned my thoughts on a sheet of paper, printed it in coloured ink and carried it around in my handbag for a few weeks and showed it to close friends during my week long birthday celebrations. Then when I got to work, everyone could all relate no matter how far from, or beyond that milestone they were.

I saw their face light up as they read my musings, which was by then on this tattered script. And guess what else happened? Most of them told me that I should send it into the newspapers. I didn’t really want to (since it was so personal and private to me), but I eventually listened (even getting turned down by the first newspaper!).

And that’s how ‘the dream was won’.Turning 30


That very first published article rejuvenated my passion and true love (after a hiatus) and that’s how my writing career began and I started writing books (upon the advice of my papa).

Subsequent to which, when the first book Thinking out Loud was self-published in 2011 (yes, before the famous song), I was invited to speak both in Trinidad and the United States, for work and for fun.

And well, the rest as they say is history.

Long story longer, although people were writing to me and saying in person how much my work touched them, I was still unsure about my writing and speaking up until last year actually! And I was very honest in saying so at my public event in May 2017.

Each time I do one of those events, I ask myself if I should really undergo this all over again especially considering everything that comes before and after (I ‘swear’ it’s like giving birth) and everyone keeps saying in different ways and different days:

“Girll you can’t stop now! After you inspired everybody, are you crazy? I will help you next time…Girl, you have to continue, you have no idea how good you are and what your events do for us…I’m so impressed, I can’t believe you are doing all of this from Trinidad…Carolyn, I keep telling you should take this up the islands…you keep getting better and better. Wow, congratulations, from what I see here this is a world class event, I had no idea it was all of this…this is your signature event! Girl, my husband can’t stop talking about you…”

Phew!! So after ALL of that, silly me I let my ego and tears of happy-cray-zee-fulfilling-grandiose thoughts confuse the practicality and enormity of the entire affair and after procrastinating and bi#ching about how I did not feel the ‘reward’ is worth the challenges along the way, I continue to trudge along. Especially when you hear things like this. I just fall to pieces each time I review the video playback.

Now, I am not saying this to get sympathy or pity support. I am simply sharing this story so that ‘come-what-may’ (if I decide to move to the Antarctic and become an Eskimo one day) you will know that in order to undertake anything you truly want in life, it is not going to be easy.

Photo by Emile Séguin on Unsplash

Lots of folks approach me for advice to write, to speak or become an ‘entrepreneur’. Sometimes after listening to their story and trying to (cleverly) find out what is THEIR WHY and observing their modus operandi, I seem to have the ability to discern (in some cases) and foretell that this type of life is NOT for everybody.

It’s NOT an easy road, especially if it doesn’t come naturally (innate) and coming from a pure place of giving and sharing for the benefit of helping others.

If those two items are absent, your ‘staying power’ may also become absent when you are unable to (consistently and naturally) attract the people and situations to make the journey easier and possibly quicker.

On the other hand, when those variables are present, it may appear to the (surface) onlooker that everything is flowing like a song and always works out the way you want it to. Maybe because you have a spring in your step, unshakable resilience, fortitude and seem to be operating with effortless ease. (It may even seem like sorcery among other things if you haven’t developed this ability (as yet) or experienced it for yourself).

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

On this note, I will impart this. We learn subjects and theories at school to enjoy a better standard of living and quality of life. At that young age, at times we are unaware of this notion of passion and purpose (especially for the older-schoolers).

Those concepts may not have been coined in those days, but even if you are aware how to make it sustainable, follow through with it in a way that looks sincere, effortless and flawless to the trained/discerning eye … the path to ‘success’ by your terms may still be fraught with challenges.

And even so, how do you find the people that would want to ‘invest’ their time and hard earned dollars in your project/business/creative endeavors which may be competing for a multitude of other things?

If I had all the answers, then well I’d be rich and I’m not – at least not to a modern society whose instruments for measurement may vary.

I’ll end with this: If you’d like to hear from those who have truly walked this long, sometimes rocky path and are true orators and genuine in their delivery, you can click here to check out the July 2018 line-up of my re-branded event: Music, Arts & Motivation Festival 2018 (formerly Book Talk & Jazz) by selecting the events tab.

This year’s theme is: ‘Carve your Path, Make your Mark’. To learn more about me, my micro-business and view an event picture slideshow you can click here.

If you’re still not hooked, you can email or call me at, visit my social media pages and/or YouTube channel for more info/video clips, which are being loaded on an ongoing basis, so don’t forget to subscribe! 

For tickets, you can click on this link or text CLAIM IT to (868)-798-8596. 

Carpe Diem & Endless Love! Carolyn x




This ‘crazy’ thing called life …

Originally written Circa – January 21, 2011. My! This thing called life. Ain’t it crazy-ironic-magical-magnificent-painful-blissFul?! That is, if you’re able to manage it, change your perspective and not fall through the rabbit hole of life…

This post is a bit unorthodox for a blog of this nature, but here I am to see where this rambling takes me. This week was interesting …

Sometimes during the monthly-months of a woman’s life, weird hormonal changes take place …. and this month was an exceptionally, bumpy and random roller-coaster ride.

Photo by Alice on Unsplash

One minute you’re feeling one thing, then the next minute you shift focus and change your mind like changing radio stations. It’s like your hormones are controlling your mind until you realize that wait a minute I am supposed to be in control here!

Photo by Nicholas Bui on Unsplash

Then another minute, you’re unusually angry at the person that cut you off in traffic and shouting to the top of your lungs (thank God your windows are up most times) and you’re wondering if this is an excuse to vent for all the things that have upset you over the past few hours.

People at work piss you off unusually so because of their deceit and ridiculously silly questions that are supposed to be obvious to the average intelligent person.

Thoughts of changing professions fleet in and out of your consciousness as you answer yet another request for a job letter, vacation leave balance or purchase order signed.

Last but not least, the Siberia-like temperatures you had to endure indoors for the past two weeks because of a newly installed air-conditioner is becoming unbearable and irritating to say the least while your complaints go on deaf ears.

After the second week however, while you can’t imagine winter being much worse than this (though you are certainly dressed for it with your jacket and scarf however dramatic); fourth cup of tea and millionth trip to the little girl’s roomyou learn to grit and bear it despite the runny nose and raised pores.

While all of this may seem extreme, it is not the norm and it suddenly hits you as you’re driving home that life is great despite all the pitfalls!

have a job that pays my bills and keeps me busy.

Photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash

I have people around me that make me smile; laugh at times (or loan me Maroon 5’s latest album – Hands all over!), and give me good advice when the need arises (though I am becoming too dependent upon it lately).

I have customers that make me exercise my patience, diplomacy and versatility as a professional and provide good practice for entrepreneurship later on.

These experiences also provide the impetus to find areas to maximize my innate talents and skills.

The deceit makes me appreciate the eccentricities of human nature that exist in our world and make provisions for it in my daily interactions.

The early mornings that gets me out of my warm bed, makes me appreciate sunrise and other blessings from above.

While the traffic affords me time to plan my day, think about my goals and much needed down time to sort out my tribulations (one can choose to look at the begrudging walk on the treadmill that way too).

It also makes me appreciate my blessings of mobility, comfort and convenience, such that I don’t have to take the bus, multiple taxis or walk to where I’m going.

The influx of emotions and energy levels all make life exciting and gives me endurance.

ed-jonson-711266-unsplash (1).jpg
Photo by Ed Jonson on Unsplash

Most of all I am grateful for the wonderful people and friends around me everyday at work, home and in-between that colour my days and nights with their uniqueness and energy.

Life is really a blessing and every day I thank God that I am alive and well.

The routine may get tiresome at times, but when the bigger picture is viewed from a distance … the sight is like the scenery at night from a hilltop … absolutely breathtaking with all of the individual lights that shine down and sparkle for the world to see.

Hope you’re enjoying your view from whatever corner of the world you’re at or time zone you’re in! © Peace. 

If you can relate, please reply to this blog by leaving your comments below. If you wanna read more and attend my events, feel free to subscribe to this blog and my social media pages via

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Are you there yet?

Hey there! We’re almost on the threshold of another month! And for me, another year 😉 (More on that later as I get ready for my yearly blog summary and thanksgiving).

I’m happy to finally announce the date for the first leg of my Music, Arts & Motivation Festival 2018 (formerly Book Talk & Jazz). Save it on your calendars: Sun 29th July!

For the new blog followers, I can almost guarantee that this here event is something you have never before experienced … at least not quite in this way. The broad concept is usually done in the US and UK, but of course the theme would be different.

Officially launched in April 2016, the event concept was originally intended to bring to life my 3 books which essentially addresses you finding your niche and coming full circle with your potential and God-given gifts.

MUSIC ARTS AND MOTIVATION FESTIVAL 2018Phew! I know that was a mouthful, but to put things simply: It’s not always practical to live your dream(s) unabashed.

What may seem glamorous on the outside, may be far from it, if your heart is not in it when you end up being the one on the inside!

But for those who dare to dream those Big dreams; it can be a crazy-fun-risky-worthwhile experience if your heart is in the right place.

Especially so if you’ve buried (or nurtured) your talents and passions for an uber long time and other people can now benefit from what you have to offer the world.

I shall not bore you with my personal story to following my passion yet again. I will say this (shh tho) I’ve been crawling slowly (and silently) towards these goals for many years. And from where I sit, I am not even close to getting to where I want to go as yet.

What I do hope for, is that one day my efforts will crescendo into a universal and practical measure of success for those who stand to benefit.

What I’ve found is that I am not alone in my ‘lofty’; grandiose, or what may seem like idealistic dreams. That’s why I have invited other exceptionally talented people to share this platform with me.

What’s in store. There’ll be mini-talks on leadership, branding, sustainability, ethics, professionalism, intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship, purposeful work and more!

The format will be completely engaging, fun, funny, motivational, easy-to-digest and process – making it unbelievably unforgettable!

Huge bonus! Of course music is what unites our souls together in this divine dance of life. Our very own Caribbean sun-of-the-soil Solman will be making magic (of the good kind) with his beauuutiful soulful songs that mirror this year’s theme: Carve your Path, Make your Mark! 

There’ll be prose fiction readings from THE best (book) editor/coach+artist/creator eva! Patricia Grannum and other awesome folks who will be reading from my other soon-to-be launched (short) books (:

What I love more than writing itself, is to cross paths and connect with these awesomely awesome, talented, passionate, electric, real humble, unassuming souls.

The common bond within all of us, is that we’ve been doing our purposeful work under the radar for several years/decades, without the bravado or need for approval to validate or give our work meaning.

So much so that when I tell them how great they are, they don’t even believe it! And I’m not laying it on thick just to pay lip service (because FYI I can’t fake it very well).

I do it because they/we need to hear it more often, since it’s fulfilling for our work to be appreciated in a totally genuine and real way esp by the people who need it.

For the truly discerning, you too will feel it in your core when someone is telling you the truthNot the truth that you want/crave to hear, but the universal truth that you know and feel in your heart and may secretly wish for the world to know too.

Countless others have done this for me when I had (and still have) doubts/misgivings, so it is only natural (once I can), that I do everything in my power to spread the love. You can view the line-up here under the events category. Be sure to also stay tuned as more excitement unfolds and I recap what transpired at the last three events.

You’ve got only one life to live. If you live it right, with pure intentions and a good heart the world/God/Universe will lead you to the right people and situations at the right times to make it happen, as your goals become a living, breathing reality.

Nobody said it’s gonna be easy. But if you do it right, it may appear that way (to the onlookers). Be the person you want to attract and all else will seem effortless.

Grieve when you have to. Retreat when you have to. Be still when you have to. Get angry/vent when you have to (behind closed doors preferably). Choose your inner circle wisely. Choose your career and environment carefully, so you can thrive and inspire others in the process to truly live their best lives, no holds barred.

On another note. It’s vital to know when it’s time to fold and let go of anything/one that no longer serves you emotionally, physically, psychologically, spiritually or otherwise. In sum, that which is not good for your health – professionally or personally.

Pick your battles. Everyone has the potential inside of them to manifest their desires. If you consistently work on true enlightenment and evolution with pure intentions, you can live the life of your dreams. Not the one on TV or social media, but your dream life on your own terms which is a soul-searching-work-in-progress.

To purchase your tickets, reply to this blog or follow the link to enter your info.

There are 10 days left to claim your discount off your E-Tickets. (Sms) Text CLAIM IT to (1-868)-798-8596 and redeem your discount!

Until next time…look out for more deets on speakers and much more coming soon!

Carpe Diem & Endless Love,

Carolyn x


To June with love

Photo by Boris Smokrovic on Unsplash

We’re almost mid-year and what a ride it has been!

I have to say thanks and Mother May I for all that came before to prepare us for this here month and all that which is to come.


To all the June babies: I wish you the happiest of birthdays and best wishes for a meaningful month and year filled with infinite possibilities for abundance.

To the dads and fathers-to-be who consciously choose not to be an accidental father (in name only), I wish you a very special Father’s Day in advance (:

Speaking about choosing and choices. To be brutally honest (in the gentlest of ways possible), there are many things wrong in the world today … but it’s not like it’s all ‘our’ fault. Some are too difficult to ignore (depending on where you sit … or stand).

Photo by Borna Bevanda on Unsplash

Lots say: Quit the complaining if you’re not part of the solution’!


A privileged few say: ‘It’s not my problem; as long as everything’s copacetic with me and my seed. After all there’s more than one way to skin a cat’! (not literally of course).

Yet others say: What can I do? 

(I’ll just use a disclaimer here to say that this is not a Star Wars article, neither is it about cats!)

Here’s what we can all do (and by we, I also mean me). I know I’ve probably said this before in different ways, but we did not get here by accident.

Today’s thoughts and actions are as a result of our past. Whether it is our subconscious (repressed historical or ancestral past); or our immediate past choices.

While everyone may not at all times be conscious of why we do (and say) the things we do, don’t blame it on the rain (again not to be taken literally!).

Each of us are being led by a ‘force’.

Photo by Daria Tumanova on Unsplash

Whilst I know not everyone is gonna believe everything I believe in (neither do I want to force my beliefs on anyone), the onus is on us to learn from our mistakes and be consciously guided towards our destiny.

Some may laugh at the notion of the Holy Spirit; but by whatever name you wish to call it/Him/Her, there’s a force guiding us everywhere we go.

I was taught early in life that depending on how you carry about your life, our signal to the ‘force’ may be stronger or weaker (kinda like our wifi signal based on our location ;-).

If we choose to diverge from what ‘the force’ wants for us, then our signal to it will become weaker and weaker, until we may be ‘guided’ by another force (if you catch my drift).

My belief (which I think is universal in all religious and/or spiritual teachings [and normal humans with a conscience] is to be just/fair, kind, respectful, non-judgmental, non-confrontational and appreciative for our blessings in the form of ppl or otherwise.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Everything bad seems good at first; but after a while, it just swallows up our joy, love, progress and prosperity as attempts are made to find placebos to outdo former feel-good-sorta-temporary-(bad)-quick-fixes’ to appease something deep inside ourselves.

While some may measure ‘prosperity’ by houses and cars and boats and lofty positions; others may measure it by genuine, unconditional and unfailing love and acceptance from others, freedom, laughter, passionate and purposeful living, good health, a (natural) youthful energy and countenance, lasting joy and peace of mind.

Photo by Elena Taranenko on Unsplash

With pure intentions guided by the one and only true force (whatever you believe that to be), all the (material) items in the first above list can be yours.

The continuity of such, depends on how well you (and I) manage the above virtues which are aligned to ‘the force’.


Side-note: One should discern between the want for (material) things that is coming from a personal place of enjoyment or necessity; in contrast to a need/urgency to disrupt priorities or values in an effort to play catch-up, or please/appease/compete with another.

The thing is: if (por ejemplo as the Spanish would say) I want a red car just to get the attention of someone else; then they leave — after realizing there was nothing behind that red car (but gas/hot air), then my efforts would be in vain and rendered wasteful if I never really wanted/needed the red car in the first place.

Of course, the red car is used as an analogy for anything we (think we) want in life.

Similarly, if you choose to associate closely with people who share these ideals, you will eventually become just like them and your signal to the force will grow weaker and weaker until it is no more… and your own persona (among other things) will be no more.

These are just my thoughts which are in no way meant to cause you to diverge from your beliefs, once those (consistently) work for you and you are happy with the outcome. To each his/her own.

Until next time. ‘May the force be with you’ 😉

My Endless Love,

Carolyn xx

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I wish I may, I wish I might …

‘Have this wish I wish tonight …’ (by Anon) (delayed post due to ‘narcolepsy’ 🙂

May marks a very special month for love, of remembering love and sharing loVe …

  • My papa’s birthday (he would have been 83! Aweee :).
  • My twin nieces (who I’ve witnessed transition from diapers to college alums!).
  • Countless friends and new colleagues turned friends.
  • The anniversary of a very epic arts + entertainment event circa 2017!

Lots to say, but I’ll keep this post concise in the essence of time and space.

Spoiler alert – this may appear semi-promotional.

Photo by 沂榮 楊 on Unsplash

After much planning (phew!), 2018 is the year I will be re-branding my Book Talk & Jazz event now in its 3rd year! Before I go into the deets (aka details) and get all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, I’ll preface it with a bit about the back story:

Since launching this micro-business/full-time[passion], the period has been filled with many moments of pleasure mixed with pain. The first time always is …

Especially going in headfirst without a safety netUnofficially, I began with the publication of my first book in 2011. Back then, I still had the comfort and security of a monthly salary (which afforded me a lot of luxuries and privileges I still enjoy).

Leaving the job market in 2014 *hopefully for good* (fingers + toes crossed), I really had no clue what I was doing (nun none whatsoever!). I still went brave on the encouragement of folks – some of whom hadn’t been there as yet.

I did get some guidance from some trusted and true masters who were already there, but basically I had to fend for myself and learn much along the way by trial and error.

At first, it was like jumping from a plane without a parachute…

Like .. jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool and trying to tread water without a floaty. It was like … ahh you get my ‘drift’! (hopefully).

If I might also add, there were lots n lots of errors and trials … some by epic proportions, grief and consternation.

Phew! But by some fluke, I survived it and now here I am …

But where is ‘here’ exactly? The journey toward improvement never truly ends, but I do feel as though some of the uncertainty has dissipated and my footing is a bit more solid as a result of my experiences and attracting kindreds along the way. 

The re-branded event will be less about me and more about sharing the platform with other talented creatives and subject matter experts with a unique spin.

Photo by Gritte on Unsplash

My greatest teachers. I’ve been fortunate to have met and learnt from true experts and those on a similar journey. Their stories touched my very being and to this day, their words echo like a crescendo of sound that boomerangs in a still forest.

I took their advice, felt their pain and internalized it as though it were mine. In the process; I formed bonds, gained customers and some friends along the way.

Hey! I can’t say how much those connections and experiences meant to me. Even the ones that were just one-off or short-lived due to life, experience or changing priorities.

A few people revealed that in our culture folks aren’t as honest and open as I am, which I find odd, since our talent and individual expression (of such) can never be replicated in quite the same way. Ideas and processes can be copied, but trying to reproduce [the] genuine passion, innovation and heart [of another] never wins.

There’s really no contest when you’re doing your best and your heart is in the right place.


WHY continue? I’m almost certain that I can transition back into full-time employment in ‘virtually’ in any part of the globe, but I can only do what comes naturally to me.

I have received soooo much from sooooo many along the way. It is from sharing freely, I manage to attract abundance amidst the challenging moments and experiences.

It may sound cliche and even a bit corny, but when your passion shows despite the challenges and sporadic internal chaos, there’s much fun to be had…

You always find your way back ‘home’, attract the ‘right’ customers and providers amidst the ones who are placed to teach us the tough lessons needed for our growth.

Photo by Frankie K. on Unsplash

How? I lay my heart and soul out there in my work and I am vulnerable enough to help where and WHEN I can and when it feels right.

As a result, a flood gate of help and empathy (not pity!) opens up to light my path. Even the times when I feel unworthy for not managing my emotions adequately when coping with the all-consuming challenges of business and adversity that comes with life. 

Making the switch from corporate life [for over 2 decades + counting]. (Yeh, I’m that young 😉 to creative endeavours is (a tad) different.

In fact one might say, you kinda have to adopt different personalities to manage the best fit for your brand in the public domain.

brand image that is not skewed to be perceived as too stiff, too academic, (too corporate), too sheltered, or too rookY-ish for others to relate!

An image that is mature and professional enough to be taken seriously.

A brand that is fun, engaging and natural enough to be deemed credible!

I was forced to adopt several personalities or archetypes (as Carl Jung would say if he were alive). Truth be told; I did not quite know what the heck to do with the information overload over the years, or if it would even ever serve me, or prove useful in real life.

Wsup? Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be reacquainting the past subscribers and the new ones I’ve recently met, with the stuff I’ve packed into my suitcase of life.

NEW year, new FIRE! I will have a marginal role in the entertainment events, while I roll out an exceptionally talented crew. If you stick around, you can read all about the new + improved experience (and even be a part of it) as I reveal them to YoU.

So much things to say and every day the plot thickens. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt [over the period 2016-7 especially] is this:

What life, business, loss and tragedy has taught me: 

It’s not WHAT you know, it’s HOW you TRANSLATE the knowledge to benefit others.

It’s not WHO you know, it’s how well you know them and how they see and value you and learning to tell the difference quickly to save face, time + possibly pain.

First impressions count, but character and ‘authenticity’ shine through to the ones who are true.

It’s not how much pain or joy you feel; it’s how well you manage it, in order to learn and make things comfortable and/or great for others.

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It’s not about comparing your journey.

It’s about being happy for others whose intentions are pure; being grateful for yours and all the people and things in it, so as to attract more abundance to your life with good karma and hard, honest work.

That’s life: A series of events that can either be mere events to be ‘advertised’………………..or,

Meaningful experiences that will be forever immortalized in time with the ones who were lucky, blessed or open enough to experience them, without you ever telling a soul.

Stay tuned for more.

Until then…

Endless Love,

Carolyn xx

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The ‘magic’ is You

There’s something familiar about cleaning out your closet and finding old relics. Many of us find pleasure in various activities throughout our lives. If we are blessed enough to live to three score and ten in more or less good health, we would realize much changes.

Not that I am there yet, but I was able to live vicariously through my parents.

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As a child growing up, I never had the opportunity to get acquainted with either of my grandparents. Mainly because of the fact that I was what my parents referred to as a lagniappe (which is the French colloquial connotation of ‘a little something extra’ – being born more than a decade after my siblings).

That would also explain why I always thought when you got ‘old’, you became decrepit and senile. Of course, I realized this was far from the truth since nowadays some folks seem to be drinking from the fountain of youth. I’ll try to explain why I think this is so …

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At school, we had to visit an old folks home once a month, cook meals and spend time with the ladies there. I often dreaded those visits and wondered how come the other girls could relate to the ladies so well.

Flash forward to many years later, I watched my own parents become virtually my grandparents before my eyes! In fact, many people mistook me for their grandchild lol

I was surprised to find that seeing them age did not bother me in the least and I did not have that old feeling, when I viewed other elderly people in my younger years.

Odd, but true.

The things that I would have once considered gory, cumbersome, or even scary became like second nature at times for me. The message I am trying to convey is that once a man, twice a child and our thoughts have a role to play in all of this.

I’m sure many of us would have lost people close to us, and we ourselves never expected some of the experiences to happen to us in quite this way (so soon or late at times).

I remember things said growing up that I watched manifest within recent years. I shudder at the thought of history repeating itself, if we collectively don’t guard our thoughts, words and actions. (This is actually in part stated in one of the Holy books).

I know it may be easier said than done, if there are constant triggers in our environments or social circles that precipitate those habitual actions/mindsets. 

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What it means to be Mind-Ful/Conscious

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A few years ago, I was introduced to the new age concept in spirituality known as mindfulness.

You can say this holds the key to our sustained peace, joy, abundance and success in life.

As with most things, it must be practiced consistently to be effective.

Though I did not delve deeply, I think I was (innately) practicing this on some scale from a young age. However conditions did not allow for maximum effect.

From time to time, (what I think to be) weird and random thoughts pop into my head.

I sometimes dismiss them, only to find out further afield that other people had these same thoughts and it’s actually a concept!

My random thought for today is this (it’s a Biggie, get ready for it).

I wondered ………… What if no one is really happy for a sustained period?

What if some are happy in the moment, but when they return to their normal life’s routine, they really have this void within?

I really became fixated on the thought that few people are honestly really happy for most of their life. That’s why they assign value to symbols: material objects,  positions, credentials and people to give them a temporary fix (to find joy).

At the time, they may not even know it’s a placebo, since sometimes we as human beings consciously and subconsciously bring this upon ourselves and other people. 

Other times, these things do improve the quality of our lives, but it’s not the surefire way to joy or success if we can’t apply them to benefit others. For it is often said, that many times the act of giving actually makes us more joyful than receiving, since our purpose on this earth is to serve others.

(The flip side is that it must be joyful and not reproachful giving. In other words, if you don’t really want to (at that point in time at least), just don’t, because it won’t have the same effect and people can tell).

Personally, the last few years were some of the toughest of my life for various reasons and I had literally

Then it all came to a crashing halt last year; though many people looking in and within my social circles never noticed what was really wrong, or rather that there was ONE main and very HUGE trigger.

I could not understand it.

I guess because somehow they found joy in my company? Some knew the truth and to this day we are still pretty tight, so I know the ‘love’ is unconditional.

Even when I crawled into my temperamental ‘hole’, they still found me, brought me back to life and welcomed me with open arms. Only certain people have that ability in your life. You will know when it feels right. Weird, but true. Do you have any friends like that?

How I found the ‘secret elixir’ to lasting joy

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September however, is when I learnt to be truly happy in my own company.

Despite the reminders of the source of the pain and the environmental triggers, somehow my inner joy was able to rise above the surface-emotions of hurt, anger/rage and betrayal.

Through a process of venting with close family and friends; spending time in silent reflection, meditation and prayer, I was able to crawl out of that place of hurt that was preventing me from producing, progressing and socializing closer to my optimum levels.

Nature also helped me to recharge, appreciate and feel the beauty and love of Creation.


I was able to better discern who was true and what was important.

I was able to determine what I wanted and how to get it.

I was able to create a plan and start putting it into motion.

Soon, I was once again attracting (and manifesting as they say) what and who I needed to bring me closer towards my goals of more sustained joy, peace and abundance.

Well, September ended and we’re now in April of a brand new year (2018) and guess what? My joy is still here. Yah know what they say, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

‘Mania’ is fleeting … but true joy is eternal once you know where to find it.

I still have some things to work through; but FYI I also lost over 10 lbs, I’m a little more fit (and flexible) without going to a gym or diet pills I may add, my 2 grey hairs are gone and I’m singing myself silly in between the spaces of my thoughts and my next Big idea!

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Until next time. Cheers to the weekend!

Endless Love,

Carolyn xx

Money for nothing and milk for free

Hey all. Thought I’d drop in for a little update.

This is a delayed post about a book I recently read titled, Divulging. 

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from reading (books). I do read a whole lot of articles, blogs and e-books for business and research purposes though.

The author is a colleague who just happened to divulge (one day in passing), that they published an e-book on Amazon some years ago.

It was sooo good (the clever, descriptive and skillful use of the language), that I read it in less than an hour flat. That is a huge (huge) accomplishment for me, for two reasons:

The first, is attributed to my time being split into a million nano-seconds of brain activity and events. The second is because it takes a great deal to hook me into anything (for longer than 30 minutes).

I’m not saying this to be conceited; but as you get older (unless you’re already older), you would realize that balancing all the variables in your life can be a bit exhausting. 

So yeah, it was def. a page turner (and if you’ve been reading my blog, you should know by now that I don’t hand-out empty compliments. I call it like I see it).

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The book was relationship-related and I can only compare it to Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. Not in terms of content, but quality. It was an amazingly, honest and refreshing look at relationships from the point of view of the male mind.

I write about it today; not only because I have a few events coming up and it provided much food for thought, but because I’ve been seeing all of these controversial videos on social media related to ‘wars’ between (grown) men and women.

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Wow. I am just blown away each time, as I wonder what is the exact brand of crazy glue that holds relationships of this nature together.

Or, how it got to the point of a live-in relationship or marriage in the first place…only to collapse mere years later (sometimes after a huge, fancy [not to mention] expensive wedding).

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In some cases, the dating and courtship lasts longer than the actual marriage. Which brings me to an old folks saying my mother says all the time,

“A good living is better than a bad marriage.”

Muy interesante. Of course, on the other side of the coin is:

“Why buy the cow, when you are getting milk for free?”

Well; who am I to comment on this, since one may argue that I’ve never been married or even close to it. But Good Golly, Miss Molly as Little Richard sang (way before my time)!

While I know it’s easier said than done, for heaven’s sake why would you be saying stuff about your former partner if the situation actually progressed to the point of marriage?

I run the risk of sounding a tad bit like Sheldon of TVs Big Bang theory; but why didn’t you FIRST get to know the person on a really intimate level before taking it to that other level of coitus/reproduction and/or co-habitation? (Or use Stevie’s 90-day rule?)

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This is stuff I usually discuss with my single, male friends. We can’t fathom for the life of us, how this could happen if one really got to know the other person – inside & out.

If this happened; you’d spot the red flags a mile away, take them for what they’re worth (the flags i.e.) until you found your SOULMATE who is equally yoked in every way.

I’m not referring to the ones who were young in love; or the author of the book (at least not in an overt way). But what I would really love is to research this subject in-depth.

I’d like to find out how true love could go so wrong, if each party had enough time to truly know the person and take each other for a ‘test run’ as a co-habituated couple.

I guess, that’s why I am still single.

Even if I ignore the red flags at times due to sheer loneliness, or I daresay neediness to tighten a far reaching light bulb … 

Or a shoulder to lean/cry on; or engage on a very deep, mental level (which is extremely rare to find platonic or otherwise) …

I cannot continue a charade of a relationship that is not real, or worse – was never meant to be – despite how great it may look, or feel on the outside or inside.

My life and future is way more important than a fleeting, feeling of heady euphoria (or a warm, fuzzy feeling inside).

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Now that I have moved way past the point of a millennial, I think I pretty much know who I am and what I am for, so I don’t feel pressured to conform to any relationship goals/constructs that society/the media have placed on me.

But then that’s just me. 3 strikes (if so much) and you’re out. GAME OVER!

Kinda reminds me of (Mrs. Miss Anne) Robinson on the turn of the new millennium game show when she said, Goodbye’, right before dismissing The Weakest Link (and well Julie Andrews in the Sound of MusicGotta luv those Brits!).

Not that those ill-fated love casualties were the weakest links, its just that they weren’t ready or good matches. Of course when you’re young and in-love it’s different, but luckily those fleeting feelings were just fleeting and I followed my instincts in my younger youth.

All in all, I don’t think any man or woman has the right to call the woman or man they once loved ugly names (like ugly, stupid, fat, idiot, jack^& etc) if it got to the point of marriage, or that person contributed to your seed[offspring].

That in itself, is ugliness personified.

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Think to yourself; as my author colleague said in his book to paraphrase, when faced with a difficult situation following the break-up – before it even gets to the point of getting ugly, think about what brought you to the point of marriage in the first place.

The only way I think this would happen, is if you were never really, truly, madly, deeply in love with your spouse in the first place.

Perhaps because you didn’t really know who they were, or of greater significance – you didn’t know who you were/are … or what you wanted.

Maybe they weren’t your first choice (or vice versa).

Maybe you didn’t deal with your excess baggage from the past.

Maybe, you just wanted an escape from a difficult situation or a new life.

Maybe you couldn’t stand on your own two feet without outside interference.

Maybe shmaybe.

Analyse this before you start IT, or end it. A question I always get asked (by potentials):

What do you want?

(Sometimes I get it multiple times):

What do YoU really want???

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Not sure if that was a trick question, but these here are mine (in my best Diana Ross voice [kidding]):

Do you know who you really are?

Where you’ve been? 

Healed your past thru & thru, and

Where you want to go – personally and professionally?

What you can bring to a new relationship wrt tangible & intangible qualities/assets etc aka the glue that will endure … till death do you [both] part …

Since an empty vessel that collides with another (especially another ‘empty vessel‘) is just an accident and another divorce statistic waiting to happen

That’s all she wrote …

My Endless Love,

Carolyn xx

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