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The ‘magic’ is You

'Mania' is fleeting ... but true joy is eternal once you know where to find it.


Salvation holds the key to our progress

My Easter wish to you & yours is true and continuous salvation, contentment, peace and love to create the life with which you are truly happy.

Money for nothing and milk for free

Do YoU know who you are? Listen to this author 'Divulge' on marriage, divorce and fatherhood.

Ladies, this one is for You.

Dear Ladies, Don't succumb to the temptations to conform to a world that does not represent you or your values.

What do you see when you look into the mirror?

With pure intentions, you just may 'win' everything and if you 'lose', it won't matter.

show me your ‘friends’ and I’ll tell you who you are

you become the people you associate with

One month down … 11 more to go!

Here's to January ... thanks so much! To February, I say: 'let's play some ball!' 😉


Another one from my awesome writer/editor/book coaching friend Pat (: ❤


We tried to love each other in bodies made of glass.

Each seeing ourselves reflected in the other.

We were bound to break at some point.

But did it have to be today?

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Movies Taught Us


Movies taught us how to kiss.

How to stare longingly into a lover’s eyes.

How to grab their face and tear their clothes off.

How to open our mouths and lets tongues slip inside.

But they couldn’t prepare us for how warm it feels when lips touch lips.

And that parting sorrows never last.

And that you can peel pieces of a soul off

like an onion skin,

with words that are untrue.

Movies taught us how to kiss,

but they couldn’t teach us how to love.


Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

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