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3 moments in 2017 that led to my freedom

If I had to describe 2017 in just three words I would use: cathartic, fulfilling and ‘magical’. 


Can you separate reality from fantasy? [interview]

Once you know your worth, continue to do you and give freely from the heart, abundance will come back to you like a boomerang. What is for you, is for you and no one can ever take that away.

Official Book Talk [& Jazz] video!

Shed those phobias and pre-existing notions of inferiority, “otherness”, “not-good-enoughness”, “not ready yet-ness” and other self-defeating, limiting thoughts (and nesses!)

Book Talk & Jazz promo #2

This is what Chelsie had to say about the Book Talk & Jazz event...

Book Talk & Jazz – October Affair

Book Talk & Jazz promo #1

Book Talk & Jazz Video Promo!

Happy Good Friday greetings! May we always remember the sacrifices others have made on our behalf for us to enjoy a better life. May we have the grace to recognize it and the humility to accept it. Talk about conquering... Continue Reading →

TV Appearance on the AP Today show

Hey there again, So the long awaited video is finally here! I got the footage last week, but my techy friends were all busy this time of year, so I was guided to follow YouTube for some tips and tricks... Continue Reading →

TV Appearance on TV6’s Morning Edition

I will be posting some videos of my TV appearances this past year to my blog. I'm super excited about this one since it was on the top local TV station which has a huge viewership and the next one... Continue Reading →

How I Conquered My Fears of Live TV

Things are never perfect, but I wake up happy every morning with the life I now live and I trust that the best is yet to come.

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