Thinking out Loud…Motivation you can relate to!

What humility taught me

Success is not always about the things society has made us to believe is success.

Holy Thursday thoughts…

I believe gratitude opens the door for more abundance and is the first step to living a life of contentment, fulfillment and abundance.

What do you do when they say no?

In business, sometimes you have to develop a thick skin to deal with the rejections

Do you need a change?

If you are experiencing a tough time now, believe me no matter how hard it is, it's not meant to stay.

What is LOVE?

The sad truth about love.

3 lifestyle adjustments for new entrepreneurs

You don't know the real deal behind all that supposed success. Just do you!

Official Book Talk [& Jazz] video!

Shed those phobias and pre-existing notions of inferiority, “otherness”, “not-good-enoughness”, “not ready yet-ness” and other self-defeating, limiting thoughts (and nesses!)

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