Thinking out Loud…Motivation you can relate to!

What do you do when they say no?

In business, sometimes you have to develop a thick skin to deal with the rejections

Do you need a change?

If you are experiencing a tough time now, believe me no matter how hard it is, it's not meant to stay.

What is LOVE?

The sad truth about love.

3 lifestyle adjustments for new entrepreneurs

You don't know the real deal behind all that supposed success. Just do you!

Official Book Talk [& Jazz] video!

Shed those phobias and pre-existing notions of inferiority, “otherness”, “not-good-enoughness”, “not ready yet-ness” and other self-defeating, limiting thoughts (and nesses!)

How You Can Up Your Game to Achieve Business Success (Guest Post)

Most of the challenges we experience in our business are similar to, or match what we experience in our personal lives.

UWI graduates WOW us at Mock Interviews

I walked away with a heart full of joy and pride that these students were well on their way to a wonderful life filled with knowledge, application, passion and purpose!

It’s 2017. Why aren’t you living your Purpose?

Imagine a world where we count down the minutes to begin our work day, rather than to end it.

The day I learnt what the term Boss (lady) really means

Leadership is more than a fancy title and a fat pay cheque. It's a soulful connection, understanding and empathy with another human being to bring about success for all parties involved.

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