Thinking out Loud…Motivation you can relate to!

You could be here in 3 days…

I've just been scrolling through my blog and I realized that I have not really blogged about my Book Talk & Jazz that much! What a thing! I've been so caught up sharing the excitement on Facebook and Instagram that... Continue Reading →


Prizes & Surprises at Book Talk & Jazz!

Win a 90-minute business coaching session with Carissa Daniel of The Business Radical!

3 ways to measure your progress as an entrepreneur

Just be confident in your work and it will radiate on the outside, as your ideal customer will always find you and patronize you.

A Mother’s Love…

It's then I realize a mother's love...Happy Mother's Day Mum.

9 reasons why you need your own space

When we find time to be truly alone however, we find that solutions emerge and the true us appears.

What humility taught me

Success is not always about the things society has made us to believe is success.

Holy Thursday thoughts…

I believe gratitude opens the door for more abundance and is the first step to living a life of contentment, fulfillment and abundance.

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