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Keegan shares his moment of truth

I’m so happy to be part of this journey towards fulfillment. Thank you for being receptive to the experience Keegan! Best wishes always x


On the verge of tears by candid discussions

Indira testimonial

Living a meaningful life

Touching lives by your talent is one of the greatest things you can experience in your lifetime. That’s why it’s so important to find your passion and purpose as early on as possible. It gives your life meaning and lights a fire within that has the capacity to transform lives and create fulfillment and abundance.

Thank you Keegan St Martin for giving me a chance to inspire, learn and grow into my purpose.



A Book Talk & Jazz review by LiveStyle magazine

The founder and Creative Director of LiveStyle magazine who I’ve only met once before while covering a story last year took my breath away by this beautiful review of her experience at my first Book Talk & Jazz in April.

If it touches you in a real way, don’t hesitate, grab some family or friends and hop on your phone or email and book your tickets to my next Book Talk & Jazz happening on Saturday 8th October at a picturesque garden, poolside location in Federation Park, Trinidad.

Email or call 798-8596!

Living Your Best Life – A Review of Carolyn Correia’s Book Talk & Jazz Event April 2016

By LiveStyle magazine

On Saturday 2nd April, 2016 I spent the evening with Carolyn K. Correia at her Book Talk and Jazz event, at The charming Chancellor Hotel in St. Ann’s. It was truly an inspiring lovely evening. Listening to Carolyn, you get the sense of a completely genuine woman who is like us in some ways; living life and looking for more.

She spoke of her pathway to freedom if you will, freedom to do what her life’s journey until this point was preparing her to do now. Like so many of us we sense and feel things, we desire more, get tired of the routine of life, but we ignore those signals and never attempt to do something about it.

Not Carolyn, she searched, waited, heeded the call, that inner desire and eventually went with it. In so doing, she embarked on richer life experiences which brought her joy and broke the monotony of her life. Continue reading A Book Talk & Jazz review by LiveStyle magazine

Passion Realized

Heya all, the thought struck me tonight to create a series of testimonials I’ve received so far on my Book Talk & Jazz as well as my books. It’s really beautiful when other people appreciate the value you bring to the world by your gifts. It’s rewarding and exhilarating beyond measure to know that it has touched their lives!

Sometimes you would never know the extent of it unless you ask explicitly. Wow. I’m super grateful and humbled to learn about this in my lifetime, since too many times these things are expressed when people are gone from this earth.

These testimonials are an immediate pick-me-up when the going gets rough and you hit a hurdle on your quest to fulfilling your purpose. I’ve got loads more where this came from…Thanks Annela and thanks to all these beautiful people!

Peace & Love,

Carolyn xo