A cashless society!?

Happy Monday from a very hazy cloud of quarantine where most people are uncertain what their future would look like. I remember being at a networking function a couple Christmases ago and a young attorney actually said it seems that the world was heading towards chattel – which means that we may not use cash money to purchase stuff anymore but instead revert to the olden days of barter of personal possessions.

Backward instead of forward?

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She said it in hushed tones since not many people would have been aware or even agree with what she observed because of her training and sensitization.

After all, having grown accustomed to something for so long, breaking out of that comfortable and seeming convenient pattern of living may have lots of opposition and fighting back.

This can be described to when your parents wanted to take off your training wheels off your bicycle as a child so you can go faster and not seem like a baby when all of your friends were sailing on by. Or them tugging that hanging baby tooth out of your gum to save you an even more painful (and expensive) trip to the dentist possibly with a needle (yikes!).

What does current affairs and politics have to do with you?

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If you hear me referencing the news a lot, it’s not because I’m trying to show that I am versed in politics and current affairs.

Truth be told I never had much time to pay close attention to news as a full-time employee with a packed extra-curricular schedule (exercise, extra classes, brain coolers to stay afloat & keep current with my passions etc etc). Now thanks to the corona (virus), I can now tune into all the details I missed!

And besides, current affairs affect us all in this global village where everybody is connected because of the media, technology, travel etc as cultures and new innovations unite us as one more modern efficient community of diverse people.


How this affects my brand of following your true passion & purpose

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Every adult on this earth must have a reason for doing every single thing, unless they don’t value their time, energy, joy, peace of mind, abilities or resources.

An interesting suggestion was made in 2019 on one of my favourite Sunday morning news shows. It was that governments give a clear path on how to increase upward mobility of the middle class and decrease the lower class.


Of course because of tradition, not many governments may want to re-distribute the wealth because of the very first argument against re-introducing barter and a cashless society. We were brainwashed into believing that the status quo and hierarchy must be kept in tact in most ‘elite’ societies.

Centuries later there was the opposite effect. Keeping wealth amongst a few that funded whatever ruling party of the day resulted in an almost unspoken dictatorship where the entire country had to go with the rules the elite made who funded the government but not necessarily comprised the cabinet/parliament/congress. So many times they were the same ones who were severely impacted in the long-run with a vicious cycle of chasing tails (business-wise/inflation/crime/travel/infrastructure/general societal unrest).

Societies where only a sparse few were considered to be wealthy resulted in a huge lower class (not even working class) controlled by the education, protective services, manufacturing and retail sectors. If you could not stay afloat or conform to these rules, then you were subjected to a life of hustle, bustle, ill-health, emotional problems and eventually poverty or crime – especially if you have children and see no other way out. 

This brings me to another important point that was made which I/we hear a lot, but nobody takes seriously depending on how and when and where it said and by whom.

He said: “Money is not the only indicator of wealth and it’s how you treat people who [you think] can do nothing for you.” We also often hear that the most wealthy in modern societies [when they are not at work] do not walk around with pomp and ceremony, but are in fact many times very modest and humble in their dress and demeanor.

What is the Solution?

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With many governments granting aid and stimulus packages to help those affected by the corona virus, it also brings me back to what another anchor said.

The largest hit sectors long before corona were those that earn minimum wage and where profit margins were generally small due to high overhead costs.


Two solutions were offered: Instead of increasing wages for low earning jobs, reduce and stagger working hours. 

Benefit for companies/business owners: If configured carefully, more staff rostered to work shorter hours for less based on the job/task means more profit in the long run. They’ll also be able to monitor what employee fits where and works best at what times of day doing jobs to increase efficiency, team spirit and joy at work.

Benefit to employees: If staff can communicate effectively with their supervisors/managers, they’d be able to find a shift that best suits their needs at that point in time. Single parents or students may want to pick earlier hours that frees up their time at night to supervise their kids or study. They may also be able to switch it up during vacation time or when their class times changes once proper notice is given to make the necessary changes at work for other team members etc.

Young people with no obligations who are trying to save as much money can pick up other shifts and opportunities at other places of employment until they are able to follow their true passion and life purpose to make them generally happier in life.

An eventual and gradual cashless society (in my mind) will mean that adults will eventually willfully choose a job they love to do and are exceptional at doing without complaint. They will volunteer their time and ideas and joy for doing these jobs for the people they truly have an understanding and passion for serving.

The only way to discover this is to do it with success over an extensive period of time and geographical area. Once both parties are happy and come to an agreement, there would be no more mortgages, no more car payments, no more school fees, no more cash for food. Instead everybody will eventually be exchanging their time, talent, joy and resources where, for whom and when they truly want to do it  – without a heavy heart, without greed, without envy, without regret, reproach, bragging or condescension.

Social media still inspires when used right

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As I scrolled my social media early Sunday morning, I realized I wasn’t alone in this part of the world with my thoughts on this and I talk about it at almost all the events I’ve had.

The corona virus made us realize even more than the fancy education, job titles and money those things may have gotten us in the past means nothing more than the people who do jobs that are considered unpleasant or undesirable, but most needed in societies with a pleasant attitude so we can do our ‘fancy’ jobs and be happier at home and work.

The health workers, the teachers, the cashiers, the drivers, the garbage collectors and sanitary workers and those that prepare our meals and sell us food with love. Not always because it is their true passion, or they can’t do better but because life circumstances brought them to serve in that manner at that point in time.

So with restaurants and franchises closing down around the world in the service sector, when you receive GOOD service you leave feeling a little bit better than you left. And that large tip that you left on that day because you had it to give is simply a thank you for your service to we can continue our job and life with joy. Especially if few would have expressed it for a while and acted like a salary is sufficient to do good work with a smile.

Have a great week & if you can’t be sweet, at least be pleasant and genuine in your kindness. It shows and goes a long way 😉

Carpe Diem!

Carolyn x

Real Change -Carolyn Correia

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