How I linked life purpose & homelessness

Photo by Chris Yang on Unsplash

Hi again. I seem to be back on a blogging roll (get it> blog roll? okay that’s a tech joke, but I had to tell it) so I decided to jump on this train before it leaves the station.

Truth be told, I never had too much time to delve head first into news and politics prior to this year, firstly because I was always on the go working, studying and unwinding.

Secondly, I found it slightly boring (to put it mildly) and whenever that happened, I’d find my concentration drifting off into deep space 9. I’d joke and say I have attention deficit disorder, but my friends usually would say I’m self-absorbed.

All this to say, this is the reason I decided to take a different spin with my brand of allowing people to find and eventually do a job that drives them to live life with passion. I’ve also found that most people shy away from further education and more serious topics since the average person prefer fun and excitement over what is perceived as serious and boring.

While life can’t be all fun and games for ONE obvious reason – you’ll never live the life you were meant to – which is certainly not pay cheque to cheque, or relying on someone else or an organization to get by and skate through life. It’s truly an intensive and pain-staking process of trial and error, but worth it if someone really wants to eventually break free from the mundane routine of life and eventually operate on auto-pilot.

Photo by Danielle Rangel on Unsplash

So I turned on the news again and found that perspective is really a helluva concept to grasp. We may look at our neighbours to the North or South (developed or lesser developed countries) and think to ourselves:

“Oh! Pity them! Thank God our circumstances are not like that” or “Wow! I’d give anything to live like that.”

The thing is, it’s hard to see all aspects of a situation when you’re deeply involved and have grown accustomed and have no other point of reference.

This can also be compared to a relationship; or long time platonic friendship, a place where you grew up in, a company you’ve worked at for years, or a store you patronized. Even if you move away for a brief time and return, you’re suddenly embedded in the situation once again and can’t see it for what it really is – less than perfect or unacceptable.

The issue of Global Homelessness

I listened to the issue of homelessness again happening in a place I visited as a child, then again as a young adult. Then looked at documentaries of what it was like to live in those cities back in the day. The changes through the decades are astonishing and I’m baffled as to what caused this constant to-ing and fro-ing shift in lifestyle contributing to civil and social unrest.

I blogged about this in June and will continue to do so whenever I feel I can make a contribution, since I strongly believe it all links back to finding the right career and environment that’s a good fit to consistently and comfortably apply your personality and skills for the benefit of all.

The result of finding a career that’s a good fit for your personality and skills is that you’ll never tire of doing your job and doing it well – once it benefits you and your long term goals. And once you do it well, the benefits will (exponentially) spill over to your employers, your customers, the surrounding environment (in whatever small way depending on the industry), the wider region, the population and even the world at large – again depending on your chosen field.

In so doing, advertising and marketing will become effortless or non-existent in some cases, since you will eventually do your job – almost with effortless ease (even on the bad days) because of your love for it – attracting – customers, alliances, investors etc all on its own since people are inspired by the product, service [and aftercare you offer].


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Here are some solutions to homelessness – especially in inner cities where immigrants, single parents etc may reside. A complex or series of duplexes where each floor or room is devoted to something exciting and practical in keeping with the residents’ needs/skills. Of course the number of floors will vary based on the patterns of earthquakes in that area.

The idea is for EACH resident to earn their keep – housing, food and incidentals to pay for the maintenance of the building in its original pristine condition – including equipment/upgrades, paint, any damages incurred etc.

The budgetary allocation for the construction of the [original] building and monthly food expenses will be based on the discretion of investors and the upper levels of society with the means to give back to the State or communities they traverse or do business in.

Monthly meetings will have to be held with those responsible for maintaining their contribution based on the results of the model designed to combat homelessness and crime within those areas.

It should always be maintained that the only profit and reward for their investment is contributing to a safer, happier, more peaceful, law-abiding, self-sufficient and productive society that will not be a burden to tax payers – the health system, law enforcement personnel etc.

In the process, a more aesthetically pleasing city with a lesser incidence of crime, a higher standard of living and quality of life can attract more tourism and foreign investment further a field.

It is also the earnest hope that one day the residents can give their spot in those buildings to those more in need and (re-)assimilate into society – perhaps returning as a volunteer or investor. As opposed to using the space/facility as a ‘crutch’ of dependence or comfort – never seeking upward mobility.

Various Floors of Practicality

Basement – Biking and skateboarding for kids and jobs for adults who are (alert and agile and) capable of supervising different shifts in exchange for housing and meals. A section of the floor devoted to residents with vehicles and a section for delivery vehicles (food etc).

Ground Floor – Housing for the elderly, injured or disabled that are unable to use the stairwells in the case of a power outage etc. Laundromat outfitted on this floor and jobs in exchange for housing & meals if anyone is unable to do their laundry.

One floor devoted to learning including a nursery, day-care, pre-school, playroom etc. A separate section for children with special reading, numeric or other special needs. Teaching jobs available to residents in exchange for housing and meals. Non-resident volunteers who may like to train or offer their expertise are also welcome as well as donations – books & study materials.

One floor for meal prep, cooking and a dining room. Special consideration can be made for those inclined to cooking for special dietary considerations – children, the elderly, diabetic, hypertensive, gluten and lactose intolerant residents, those with food allergies, vegan/vegetarians, those on high protein, low carb, weight loss diets.

Residents can opt to work on this floor in exchange for housing and meals – cooking, meal prep, baking, table setting, serving, unpacking and storing uncooked and cooked food, deliveries, washing dishes etc. Arrangements can also be made for a special room devoted to date night for married couples two days of the week.

Volunteers are also welcome to introduce new ways to make food fun for those with medical conditions – dimming eye sight, muscle conditions, energy, urinary problems etc. And also those interested in teaching residents about hydroponics.

One floor devoted to exercise, sports, games & relaxation (gym, tennis courts, indoor pool, miniature golf, chess, checkers, ludo, other board games, breathing techniques, basic self-defense). A section devoted to arts & craft, sewing, design, music, photography as well as other skills where volunteers are available to teach. Jobs in exchange for housing and meals to ensure that order is maintained – i.e. no gambling, strip poker games etc.

One sound proof floor for reading and surfing the internet. Job opportunities for floor monitors to ensure quiet is maintained throughout the floor.

Upper floors devoted to housing for married couples with children and a special section for single people and another for married couples without kids.

Feel free to share this blog with anyone who can put it to good use! 

Until next time …

Carpe Diem!

Carolyn x


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