Decisions, decisions

6 days into November already and while many people will be going home for Christmas, many will be escaping the weather and usual hustle and bustle of one of the busiest times of year. As I get ready to write my end-of-year round up in another month or so, I’m reflecting on what 2019 has brought to my life.

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

It’s hard to describe in words since starting this full-time writing journey (especially from a tiny island in the Caribbean), but I am constantly in a state of flux as to whether this is the best place to not only make what I love doing sustainable as possible, but whether I’d be happy constantly having to adapt to the changing sensibilities and tastes of the ‘market’.

It’s a strange (and contrasted) remark to put out there considering I’ve made some headway in a relatively short space of time working within the confines of all that has transpired since I began this new journey in 2014.

My writing has taken a lighter turn when it comes to adapting my blogs to fit the (emotional and mental) spaces my customers are currently at, yet I have diversified in other areas that require a more serious perspective on life and the universal issues that makes us more productive and joyful.

It’s really been a learning experience filled with many peaks and valleys. It doesn’t seem like such an isolated feeling when I hear some of my favorite international speakers and personalities like Ellen(!) echo the thoughts some of us share in this neck of the woods like: having plateaued and wondering if there’s more to life and joy and business.

Photo by Vino Li on Unsplash

Having said all of that, most days I wake up searching my heart and soul for my next BIG step into the great trajectory of my ‘career’ though I no longer consider it merely a career at this point, but a duty or vocation.

On the one hand it’s bitter sweet having to leave cold turkey a place that has always been home, but sometimes the familiar is not always the practical thing to do if one is to survive as happily as possible.

If we are honest with ourselves, almost everyone dreams of getting lost in a town where ‘nobody knows your name’, but how long will the romanticism of a foreign town hold your allure before the nostalgia for the familiar comforts kicks in.


Those old sayings somehow always seem to connect the dots to the missing pieces of our lives at any point in time. ‘Home is where your heart is’ and ‘[Life] home is [what] where you make it [hang your hat]’. But if making it‘ means changing who you are (and doing a total 360 – which is worse that a 180 [degree] change!) because the world around you is changing, what good is adapting to an environment if you lose yourself in the process and eventually end up right where you started?

Decisions. Decisions. Will we ever get better at making them?

Until next time,

Carolyn x


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