Combating stress

Anddd we’re in August! We’re a few months away from the end of the year just like that, and did we even realize that the year was getting underway? Can we even re-trace our steps to figure out how we got here in THIS very moment? Funny enough, this tiny example can be compared to our lives.

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Each day we wake up and notice little changes. Like the ones that we feel in our body and when we look in the mirror. A little grey hair – here and there, a little achy joint sometimes out of nowhere (especially when trying to play superman or wonder woman).


The gurus tell us to take care of our minds, bodies and souls. But when life really starts to go in the opposite direction of slow-mo, what then? Do we shout to the gods – “Sloooowww down! Give me a chance to recover”?

If we can’t physically slow down because people depend on us to continue going like nothing happened, what next? If the only time we get to slow down is late at night when our body crashes as fast as our heads hit the pillow, then we really don’t have much down time for our minds to place life in perspective.

The result will be the physical signs taking effect on the beautiful figure and face we tried to adorn and make pretty especially during our youth. 

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The same way our machinery and vehicles suffer wear and tear after continued and rigorous use without servicing or rotating is the same for our bodies and minds and souls. 

A broken down body, spirit and mind not nourished with the right stuff will serve us no purpose in the end.


The difference between a physical object however – whether it’s a car, house, piece of furniture or equipment, is that these objects can always, always most certainly be replaced. But a human life and body and spirit that has taken too many hits will be an empty shell just waiting to return to whence it came.

To combat the inevitable stress of daily life that comes with living in the real world, we as human beings turn to different sources of escape to quell the noise, or pain of what we are feeling deep inside. 

Everybody has a different ‘poison’ (slang for addiction) and an addiction does not have to be in the form of unsubscribed stuff, but any repeated practice that makes us avoid the inevitable confrontation of our challenges or problems head on.

Who are we to judge when none of us are in the position to create a life and guide it along a certain path. To each his or her own. We can scream for everyone to get out of harm’s way if we see a train wreck coming their way, but the reality is – we can’t force any adult (or child after a certain age) to do or not do anything they really do not want to.

As I always remind myself: Our mind is stronger than anything on this earth. And we were born with free will to either do something for positive meaningful change and enjoyment, or succumb to the negative (but very real) forces that attempt to take away that privilege for everyone around us to enjoy love, peace and comfort.

Every single thing on this Earth that is not part and parcel of the original form of nature (the ocean, the seas, the trees and animals of every species etc) was inspired by a Higher Power through man to create such. These man-made stuff are the beautiful parks and swings, the buildings, planes, automobiles, the world wide web, phones and all the latest gadgets created to enhance our already happy existence (pre-technology).

Photo by Fernando Torres on Unsplash

In the same way, we also have free will to use these things to benefit ourselves and others in a safe, respectful, honest and comfortable way. How we use our time in every moment of our lives determines our future, where it does not always have to come down to survival of the fittest.

Here’s to You & August!


Carpe Diem,

Carolyn x

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