Making learning fun again!

Hullo once again. Truth be told, age does in fact bring wisdom and as time goes by I’m expanding my brand to take a more philanthropic approach since it all ties back into my overarching theme of passion and purpose.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

I wrote a review on a very beautiful resort a few years ago where a very nice fellow shared some cool insights on history, sociology, finances and more. Some of what he shared guided me on some tough financial decisions I had to inevitably make about three years ago.

I also clicked on some websites that took me into a new dimension of earning passive income. Though I did not venture in that direction, I did learn some cool stuff which is too complex for this blog, but I will share this much.

The challenges developing societies face are a microcosm of more developed ones. I read about a couple residing in one of the superpowers of this modern world and their struggles to make ends meet. They were both teachers with advanced degrees living in one of the most expensive cities in that country. They decided to invest in the stock market and in a few short years they could suddenly afford a better standard of living.

Attractive notion, but as I got deeper into the material I realized this is not for the fickle minded or faint of heart. It took a lot of monitoring, reading and W-O-R-K to enjoy continued success (like most things in life)! I have friends whose brains are wired this way and actually studied this all the way at school and worked in the field for most of their life and it is indeed a gamble. Meaning – you can lose big time!

Circling back to the topic of passion and purpose and the growing debate (for years) that the education system (virtually everywhere) is flawed. If that sounds like an absurd statement for you at this moment in your life, let’s be politically correct and ‘safe’ and put it like this. There are inadequacies and holes gaps in the system where a lot of students slip through the cracks because it does not cater to the needs and larger goals of everyone at the various stages of their development.

Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash

I’ve spoken to enough people to come to the conclusion that gone are the days of getting a ‘good education’ and getting a ‘good 8-4 or 9-5 job’ and you’ll do well in life (Amen!). Nope. That does not cut it anymore in today’s world. To be clear, I will say that you definitely need a good BASE on which to start from. Of course good is also relative. My good may not be your good and so forth.

My good is a mix of numerical, grammatical and general teachings grounded in overarching spiritual values that encompass the tools for practical living in the real worldE.g. academic (history, culture, civics, sociology, psychology, biology, physics, chemistry, geography, literature, basic computer literacy and touch typing etc).

Business (budgeting, costing, bookkeeping, accounting, sales/marketing, pitching, presenting, proposal writing), info-tech (programming, troubleshooting, graphic design), tech-voc (auto-mechanics, arc-welding/fabrication, air-conditioning, woodworking, 3D drawing, photography, videography, hairdressing, gardening/agriculture/hydroponics).

Drama (production, script/creative writing), music (theory, practical), art & craft (sketching, painting, weaving, macramé, candle-making etc), home-economics (cooking, laundering, sewing, designing, upholstery), health (basic diet, fitness & relaxation techniques), languages and more.

Very early on in life the tone will be set for WHY we were individually placed on this planet and how we see ourselves effecting and expressing our unique role and attracting who and what we need to OUR PURPOSE as effortlessly as possible. It will definitely lay the foundation for us to formulate and identify our vision as we go through life navigating situations to bring us sustained joy and creating more avenues to really dig deep, get creative and innovative when we lose speed for various reasons.

Time is revealing more and more how blessed I am to have attended the schools I did that lay the foundation for the experiences to navigate life. I can’t say at this moment if it was one thing in particular, but rather a combination of experiences: the particular set of teachers, people, events and subjects at that period in time and the manner in which they all came together goes way beyond the cliché, ‘everything happens for a reason‘.

It’s about taking the time to reflect on the meaning of life and what those experiences meant to you and the impact they really had since each experience and repressed memory has a way of eventually rising to the surface and affecting us either positively or negatively later on in life.

Sometimes we go through life never really understanding why things happen to us in the manner that they do, but it’s like deja vu and hypnotherapy. Those fleeting flashbacks seem like another life, but they can really help us weave together all the pieces to guide our future in the way we’d like to see actually happen in real life.

Life would seem less about one fixed pre-destined destination we suddenly arrive at and more about moving with the impulses and signs we receive to get us where we were meant to be to fulfill our ultimate purpose which is to be happy and make others happy for the rest.of.our.lives. For me, this is the mark of a well-lived-life that will naturally attract most things good including the material stuff and abundance needed to live comfortably and then some.

This approach by nature will not only impact students’ lives, but also attract more teachers to the profession whose true life purpose is to teach, guide, motivate and instill values and principles for living rather than simply instructing by rote. Of course “who much is given much is expected” and the performance of all teachers and principals should be monitored and evaluated regularly by all stakeholders including parents/guardians and compensated or given incentives primary based on RESULTS.

The difference is this: Students will in turn become role models with life long lessons learnt from their teachers to last a lifetime no matter where they go in life and what or who they encounter. It will also attract investment over time for the tools, quality time and infrastructure needed to make it a comfortable, effective and fun learning experience for students to be as successful as possible long after school is over and done.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

State-of-the-art learning centres will go a long to pave the path for a well-rounded education inclusive of adequate internet access, computer software, hardware and regular upgrades, art & craft supplies, modern sports and exercise gymnasiums and aquatic centres, fully equipped science and music labs, updated learning material based on the needs of the students at the various stages: Montessori, elementary, middle school, junior, secondary, vocational/technical, college, university and beyond.

Points to consider are students whose brains are wired creatively/artistically (right brain) or analytically/methodologically (left brain); family structure of individual students (single parents etc), slow learners or those who need an extra push (numerically or grammatically) for various reasons. I am far from a psychology or medical expert; but this could be as simple as a more balanced diet, more physical, mental or creative activities or emotional support necessary for coping with the inevitable trials of life.

The basics of course must first be in place to support the proper functioning of the rest: adequate and reliable power, water, drainage, roads, outdoor lighting, security and such.

At the beginning of each session of every class students should be able to visualize what they’d like their future to look like. How they see themselves contributing to society and their inner and outer circles with the talents and gifts that come most naturally to them 10, 15, 20 years down the road. In this way, students would never lose sight of who they really are and what they are destined to do in life.

Soon life would feel like clockwork – never too forced or arduous as they’d be doing exactly what they want to do and have a natural affinity for, steadily getting better with time. That one passion and love will give them the momentum to jump out of bed each morning and go through their day as if on auto pilot as their minds almost become ONE with that which truly makes their heart sing fueled by virtually anything as their muse – a bird, a song, a TV show, a joke or a memory of a conversation.

Life will become a comfortable natural pleasure and not an arduous, anxious journey or ‘guilty pleasure’. And then suddenly one day without warning, everyone would find themselves smiling at how joyous and utopic theirs has become as they attract most things good to make their dreams come alive in living colour.

Hope this helps you to live your most precious life with zest and a deep sense of purpose. Feel free to share and comment. 

Carpe Diem!

Carolyn x

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash


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