I see you July!

JULY! is here. Warm weather. Rainy weather. Shorts. Umbrellas. Vacations. Quality time with the people you hold dear. Barbecues. The beach! It’s officially the middle of the year and before we know it; September, October, November and December will be back again for an encore. Hmmn.

Photo by Nicepear Jakarta on Unsplash

Do you remember what you were doing around this time last year?

How you were feeling?

Do you think anything significant has changed?

Your thinking?

Scars healed?

Growth occurred?

For some of us we may be able to answer honestly. Others among us may have to be a bit more brave to go deeper within our hearts and souls to heal what’s buried there.

The lies we told ourselves, the silent and not so silent truths we can’t yet face.

Our regrets, our perceived mistakes and the LESSONS we MUST learn in order to move on and get to the next leg of our journey.

When we finally put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, we’ll find the people there already patiently waiting to receive us and open the door to the new lessons and silent epiphanies we are about to experience.

If you’re relearning some of the same lessons for a second and third time in your cycle of life like me, be patient as you heal those scars and embrace your new reality and put to bed those old ‘demons’ (memories, hurts, burdens, lies or half truths we told ourselves or that were told to us) holding you back from meeting JOY on every side to your new life and this new month of JULY.

If you’re celebrating your birthday this month, Happy Birthday to You and happy barbecuing! Live long and prosper.

Carpe Diem & Happy July!

Carolyn x

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

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