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Hullo & Happy Thursday! Hope the weather is treating you well in your neck of the woods. Not to begin on a sombre note, but as I watched the news last weekend it brought home the reality of how much we really need to be thankful for when all is well in our world. The graphic visuals of street dwellers, plane crashes, natural disasters and just overall devastation plaguing the world was very sobering at 6 in the morning.

Given the odd unique workings of my mind that I’ve grown to appreciate I searched my brain for a plausible solution that could even scratch the surface on issues that need a permanent solution if life is to go on. If you’ve been to my blog before, you may be thinking right about now: “What does this have to do with passion and purpose anyway?”

Exactly! Everything.

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This sad reality along with the many ills that plague societies today I strongly believe are as a result of the inability of people to adapt to a world that has moved way beyond its intended purpose (unless of course you do not believe in creation, which is fine if that’s how you feel in your core and it has worked for you thus far).

WHY history is the key to unlocking our future

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It is often said that you can’t get where you’re going if you don’t know (or understand) your history. All the other stuff like psychology and literature are as a result of history someone took the time to record at some point in time.

I’m far from a history buff so that’s definitely something worth its weight in gold if I am to expand my worldview to give my writing depth in order to reach more people where they are in their lives.

My take on the issue of homelessness and how it’s related to finding your purpose is related to the increasingly fast pace of life, differing value systems, shifting customs, perspectives and the difficulty in finding a place where your skills (and you) can thrive at its creative best.

If I were to start from the beginning and how we ended up here in the first place, it would be based on my belief system and not necessarily what you believe. But here it is (anyway) 🙂 In the beginning (cue the stage music – joking) we were free to roam the earth and live off the land (save for that one Tree of Life we were forbidden to eat from).

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

As the world evolved we started to barter stuff to get by and at some point various currencies came into being as we began to speak different languages.

The climate changed as we drifted into different locations and directions (literally) and well, it sorta started to get a little heated for want of a better expression.

Yep, that initial huge mass of land (called Gondwanaland) which comprised all the continents as we know it today (in 2019) pulled us away from the centre of it all (or so our History and Geography teachers told us at school!).

I can only imagine how taxing it was for each ‘new world’ to come up with rules to sustain itself (unto itself) and not have everyone kill each other as in the barbaric days so everyone can live as peacefully and happily as possible.

For the reasons stated earlier (aka the evolution of societies, languages and our turbulent past) the true stories may have gotten a bit lost in translation – literally.  And who’s to know the truth if no one survived those centuries of turbulence and is here today to tell the tale? Even if we believe in whichever version of reincarnation we choose to follow, how tragic would it be if we had no recollection of our past lives?

That can be a very tragic thing! What’s worse is that the flickers of memories triggered by various life situations (and dreams/deja vu) can be difficult to decipher and we may choose to ignore them again and again because of what we were conditioned to believe.

Here’s a BIG question!

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

If we got a glimpse of the future by whatever means, do you think you’d still play an active role in your life with that exciting feeling unfolding in all its intensity? These questions I’m sure kept the early philosophers up at night (way before Google was invented).

If I personally had the knowledge of how my future was supposed to play out, it would ruin the fun. It would close me off from the infinite opportunities for creation that exist when I step outside of the door to real life.

I’d take life for granted leaning on my own knowledge that nothing can ever prevent my ‘pre-destined-destiny’ from happening. In essence, I’d virtually become a sort of god unto myself knowing I was always in total control.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I once had a reading done at the age of 17. It was so on point and spoke to what I was feeling in my life back then, that the first signs of anything close to it materializing I said to myself: “Self. This is your future right here!”

My future felt exciting (for the first time really) especially having the knowledge of the stuff in that reading and the series of events that were happening to me at the time. Heck, I was ready to begin a new chapter – or so I thought in my inexperienced mind. Needless to say, I was in for a huge surprise because there were many other variables to life and layers to the people in it that made my actions seem a bit naive and drastic. This story is not in vain, hang on the plot twist that links back to homelessness and the devastation facing global societies today is coming (believe it or not!).

There was a depth of history I had no clue about – some of which remain a mystery to this day. But the reality is that it mattered less and less after a couple years had passed because I moved on from that moment in time and stuff started to get even more exciting and then sad and exciting again. Such is the path of real life for most people who dive in.

The deal is this. There’s always more than one side to every situation. If I didn’t act upon the ‘advice’ of people who knew less about my situation than me (because they weren’t there – obviously), I could have saved myself some very embarrassing moments. And if I followed my own intuition and normal way of operating, the torture of not doing anything and not knowing the outcome could have been equally bad.

The moral of this story is to keep moving and replacing those old memories with new ones, learning to find the best outlet to cope with life and knowing who to listen to after all is said and done. Eventually when you have listened to all the well meaning advice from people who were supposedly in your position, you are left with your own reflections of the facts and what you think is the best way to treat with any situation.

If something or someone doesn’t fit and you think there was enough opportunity to fit (whether it’s a career or person) then plain and simply, it wasn’t meant to. Trust that if it was meant to be, it would have been. Period. Truth is I came face to face with some of those same people from my past time and time again and you know what? They still! Why? Z That’s just the way it is sometimes. There must be something that binds a person to a place, a cause or another person or group of people – whether it’s similar values, stuff in common or a common purpose etc

When stuff doesn’t fit, you must find a way to suck it up and move on when you think you’ve used up all your mental will. A job or person that adds no joy or meaning to your life is futile unless you stand to lose your house, your car, your life or worse – your soul or values, identity and anything that mattered to you and is impossible to salvage.

There’s a tiny voice inside your head that speaks to you everywhere you go and a feeling in the pit of your stomach that grows stronger when you’re on the brink of a huge decision. When you learn to tell the difference between those feelings and listen to the right voice that drowns out the negativity of other people’s opinions, you’ll be on the path that’s truly meant for you. Whether it can alter the course of destiny is debatable.

Free will versus a pre-destined life

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

Whether you have a say in how your life turns out, or whether it’s already been mapped out for you has been circulating through many schools of thought almost since the beginning of time.

How you swing it to navigate your own life is a personal choice. But every action (or non-action) as I alluded to earlier in my little life story has a consequence.

I was fascinated by the response of readers when I touched on this in my first book Thinking out Loud. It’s a feeling that brings you back to Earth knowing that what you do for a living matters to diverse people – most of whom you hardly know.

The numbers are a relative figure. It wasn’t millions or even thousands of people at that time – as far as I know. But the emotions expressed were felt in a way that matches no other feeling and enough to want to find a way to continue this journey, even if it was only in my spare time back then. The ensuing conversations from those writings added life to my days which felt like a march past I had grown weary of and only persisted because I had the commitments and obligations of a burgeoning adult in my mid-twenties (aka bills that were no joking matter at the time!).

The notion of having complete and utter control over how our life turns out means that we must have the last say regardless of any circumstance or underlying situation. With billions of other people in the world and probably zillions of opportunities to alter our future for that very reason, brings the reality crashing down on how much power we really have. To think that our future is set on a particular outcome, we are also saying that we have dominion over the lives of others without their input.

How this world will all end, or if there IS even an end to this increasingly modern and complex global society is anybody’s guess. What I do know is that it won’t improve much if we don’t learn to navigate life with enough wits about us to find a place where we are our creative best in order to fulfill our duty here on this Earthly plane.

Back to the issue of homelessness and how it relates to our life purpose and finding a place to flourish! I know at times words in black and white (and even speech) can make actions seem easy-to-do. But after the hype is gone and we return to our daily lives and are met with the same old “issues” of this modern world, what are we really left with?

The Solution

Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

Discovering who we are early in life, what we’re good at and what exactly we want out of life at the various stages can save us a lot of heartbreak and angst later on.

That deep self-knowledge can help us to find balance and return to ourselves relying on our intuition when times get tough and draw out that strength to get going again.

To follow from my blog on Father’s Day,  being tough and having diverse life experiences is a huge part of navigating this trip successfully. You can never make this journey alone even if you think you’ve done it before. People need people who share similar values and goals – which in itself can be a tall task even within the billions that exist.

If you have enough (diverse) experiences under your belt to be able to stand on your own and make decisions (especially life changing ones), the likelihood of you living with regret or guilt because of a lost opportunity once the moment no longer holds that magical allure is way less. Whether it’s having the guts to go get the job you want, that business deal or project you’re longing for or talking to that girl or guy with the nice eyes.

Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

Knowing and appreciating who you are and what you bring to the table will make the sting of rejection feel way less if it happens to go that way.

It’s like a band-aid. Each time you pull it off, the pain isn’t as severe because you know what it feels like and that the cut will eventually heal.

To have the confidence and ways and means to include someone else in your life to complement your chosen lifestyle can only come with making lots of mistakes and feeling that gut wrenching pain.

When it heals and you come to know and accept yourself a little bit more each time, you are able to accept the flaws in other people you want in your life and make room by having the guts to say goodbye to the people and situations that are no longer healthy for you. You are able to develop your own skills dig deep to find what you are passionate about and keep reinventing yourself until you find that perfect fit both professionally and personally to increasingly meet the needs of the life you have mapped out for yourself.

SELF-KNOWLEDGE fuels SELF-MOTIVATION to become RESILIENT over time and overcome any temporary setback like addiction, obesity or depression that can lead to homelessness and suicide caused by the inability to successfully adapt to life and find a place where you can thrive. 

Enter a caption

Once you can pull yourself out of those inevitable slumps and find the motivation to continue on in spite of whatever challenges life brings, you’d eventually attract the situations and people to assist with your life purpose.

Those people you are being led to will lighten the load along the various legs of your journey until growth takes you on divergent paths and it’s time to say goodbye. You may feel it more or sometimes they may feel it more at times, but for more growth and progress to happen goodbye is inevitable. That can be the toughest part of life.

The flip side is that if you don’t pause long enough to figure out who you are and observe the signs life is trying to lead you to, you’d find yourself constantly trying to find and force happiness externally in different places that may never fit your uniqueness. And one day you may never recover from the devastation of not learning the lessons and pausing (as long as you need) to heal from what you left behind and take the steps to attract healthier situations.

There’s so much more to say (like Bob sang 🙂 ) but we’ll be here till midnight if I continue to type. Many times in order for things to make sense in our lives, we must have those life experiences first hand. Otherwise it’s just hearsay and we’d be dust blowing in the wind aimlessly not knowing what direction to steer our ship. We’d be changing our minds and positions on issues with every new bit of information that comes our way.

It’s important to take a step back from life every now and then to remember that YOU are in CONTROL of YOU after a certain number of years has passed. Once you can remain open to other points of view without losing your own grip on reality and what’s best for YOUR life at any given moment, it’s only a matter of time before success is on your doorstep.

Carpe Diem & My Endless Love!

Carolyn x


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