Can you tell if you’re happy at work?

Hope your month of June is off to a fun-tastic start. If your work is not enjoyable, that means you’re either in the wrong profession, or you are in between a few of the ‘wrong’ ones until you find your best-career-fit-for-life. (The same can be said about many other things in life, but that’s another blog altogether.)

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

I’ve wrestled with writing a few human resource [career] articles for a couple years and well, this year (and month) is the year I’m gonna finally do it.

[I mean] I’ve written a few for magazines and newsletters in the past, but with more flexibility in my days (being self-employed) I get the opportunity to see life through a different lens.

As a result, I realize that these articles intersect my brand of Passion & Purpose. This being the first of the series, I’ll share the access link to the articles you may need for your particular situation.

You can find the Human Resource Corner at the top of this blog 5th tab in – immediately  after ‘Book Stuff‘. As a subscriber, you’ll receive an email notification the minute I populate the HR Corner, as well as other areas.

Here I’ll write about topics catering to the needs of 3 basic groups: (1) employers & business owners(2) employees & team members (of course) and (3) students – secondary, tertiary and vocational who may now be entering the workforce, a new work environment or field of work (which can prove a tad difficult).

Photo by Marek Levák on Unsplash

I won’t be very long in the intro, but I will tap into the 4 basic areas of work (and by extension life) that make most people happy including the above three groups.

(1) Enough pay to meet their basic needs and then some with the potential to earn more.

(2) A happy work environment with people you enjoy interacting with (most times).

(3) Enjoyable work that we love waking up to do (most days); feeling like part of a bigger cohesive whole [unit] and not just a ‘tool’ (this is a huge one and an Achilles heel for many).

As an employer, service provider, creative or business owner – genuine gratitude and non-ostentatious recognition for the work that you do makes it all worthwhile.

(4) An environment and work space that engenders safety, security, trust, equilibrium or balance (aka sanity – this goes without saying), growth, flexibility based on your preferences, needs, demonstrated ability and trustworthiness (e.g. work from home, work in the field, one-off time-off for important matters).

So here’s to June! May it be fruit-Ful. May it be success-Ful and May it be happy!

Carpe Diem!

Carolyn x


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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