Do you think you can control your life?

It’s almost Easter – the highpoint of the calendar for devout Catholics and Christians. It’s symbolic of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ who died to wash away the sins of that time and beyond, so those who believe in Him can live forever and be forever young as in the (g)olden days (and songs). There’s always been talk of a second coming, but nobody knows when or how or what the Savior would be like if and when that time comes.

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

What if?

Did you ever stop to think about how it would all go down? Or if your end were to come, what it’d look like? Would the sky get dark, then alight and open up? Would you be prepared and have time to make peace or repent?

Do you believe in your heart what you were ‘taught’ about the Saviour? Could He be living next door, or walking amongst us this entire time undercover/incognito? Could He be sitting on (or driving) the bus and we never suspected a thing all this while?!

Would He even know or have any recollection of who (exactly) He is and the role He’s about to play to change humankind forevermore? Or even how to go about executing that great Big role? Being born human [flesh & blood] and living in an imperfect [and modern] world susceptible to sin just like us what do you think His sin would look like!?

And where there’s God, there’s temptation. So would the devil be a regular guy, or would he be adorned with horns and a pitch fork? Would he drive a car (or truck), or would he just appear and reappear [shapeshift] like in the movies? Would you even be aware and afraid if tempted/confronted? Would he have helpers, or work solo?? Would he be actually helping you in an odd way to wrestle this spiritual war of good over evil? 

Photo by Krissara Lertnimanorladee on Unsplash

The reality

The world has progressed so drastically, but one thing remains – the belief or refusal of the king, emperor or prophetess of the day by the masses (or minority).

Who knows for sure how we really got here, or when IT all started and how IT will end, but there’s this little voice inside of us (called intuition) that is the prevailing voice that speaks to us when we have to make a (life changing) decision or right before we go to bed at night.

Some say we have a living God inside of us – that we are our own God. That God looks a particular way and we were created in the image and likeness of God.

So many schools of thought and not enough time to decipher what we feel in our hearts to be real for us, since we were forced to conform to living a life that has progressed way past what was meant to be a very simple kinda (semi-charmed) life.

How we spend our days

So we spend our time on Earth searching and hungry for meaning to sustain us and give us hope to continue along as comfortable as possible. We hang on to the safe zone, disregarding that which does not serve us anymore [at times] because of the uncertainty and waiting as the journey intensifies in difficulty. Oftentimes we succumb to temptations and any form of pleasure (or safety) that will help us make it to another day!

The truth is, we don’t know anything for certain except what’s been told to us and passed down through the generations. Our truth will emanate from our hearts when we exclude all of the NOISE. It may not be as simple depending on your situation. When we make time to be still, our thoughts will supercede and rise above anything else over time.

Each year I write about the various holidays and events in life that are significant to me and universal in the grand sphere of things, but I always say a Savior is anyone or anything that represents a well-timed and well-needed refuge from whatever we are experiencing at any point in time.

Since many hold different belief systems, I will never enforce my views (at least not with those I barely know), but I will share universal themes to which we can all relate. It’s good to acknowledge what works and go with the feeling for as long as it works in our individual lives. Once you feel in your core that this feeling is consistently potent and pervading, you hang on to that feeling and never let go.

Today’s blog was not meant to be solely about Easter, but on another topic which will possibly have to be covered in more than one sitting. As I navigate this ‘landscape’, I am forever discovering new ways of assimilating into this ever evolving world created for all of us to co-exist amicably and comfortably.

Photo by Christian Fregnan on Unsplash

I heard an 80s song playing on the radio the other day, “West end boys and east end girls” which is actually based on a very famous age-old poem by T.S. Elliot entitled ‘The Wasteland’. In that moment, I realized something very significant in the way we (here in these parts) relate to each other which I assume can be paralleled to other areas of the world. Also in that moment, I realized that all of life is connected to a larger whole

I’ve never lived extensively anywhere else but where I call home at the moment, so I can’t even begin to compare and contrast in any depth. I will attempt to parallel my experience on our islands in the sun to your locale, since I pretty much feel I’ve traversed the length and depth of most corners which is very wide and far reaching as odd as it may sound for such a tiny place that only measures just over 5000 km.

Photo by Cesira Alvarado on Unsplash

The West

I’ll start with what I know (my current ‘habitat’ for want of a better word): the West. Yep the western part of the island is hmm how do I say this. Intricate in itself. There are so many sections and subsections and cultures. I’m not going to get into locations and square kilometres, but I’ll cover the behaviours, nuances and peculiarities of our culture. First off, our dialect and speech generally is determined by where we attended school.

Products of Catholic schools rarely speak like their parents depending on the era and what schools the parents attended. It can only be described as a cross between a North American dialect and an extreme Standard English register with varying degrees of perfect diction and emphasized pronunciation of certain words.

There’s a distinct accent when speaking publicly and when speaking with friends and family which tend to become more broken and creole (what is known as a pidgin in Linguistics. Phew!). To some in may sound natural (and characteristic based on appearances/mannerisms), to others umm not so much. Let’s just say ‘forced’ Ouuch!

There is said to be a certain ‘air’ about the now adult (kid) that attended a Catholic school especially in the western part of the isle. There are various variations in other parts of the island, but it’s mainly pronounced in this corner, coupled with all the entrappings that go with attending what is termed a ‘prestige’ school.

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

It’s the slight standoffishness in mannerisms depending on the crowd you’re in and the slight or pronounced air of superiority because here is where all the best teachers on the island (supposedly) get hired!

What we used to call the ‘creme-de-la-creme’ in the (g)olden days! And who doesn’t want to be/bask in the presence of the confidence and charisma that comes with this ‘elite educated class‘!? Class dismissed!!

Those living in other parts of ‘le west‘ which aren’t considered to be particularly elite, can still boast of this faux arrogance regardless of their family background and the school they attended. Simply because the ‘west’ is close to the city centre/hub/capital where you can find all/most of the ‘bright lights’, shopping malls, bargains, parties/clubs, restaurants and fun things to do!

Of course as with everywhere else, your (family) background and surrounding location does in fact matter a bit when it comes to the grace, charisma, confidence and flippant (almost don’t-care-damn) attitude associated with the ‘prestige’ school by-products.

Since what’s on the inside will eventually seethe to the outside and be apparent to a (very) discerning eye, there’s the issue of continuity and the little foibles associated with the (shiny) attractive surface fascinations and enigma of those that hold this allure.

Photo by Milan Seitler on Unsplash

The other parts of the island some distance away from the city centre (and ocean and bright lights that were developed after-the-fact) doesn’t seem that attractive to those who reside in the west, since there’s no real need to traverse too far from this self-contained little enclave of ephemeral euphoria since most of your friends and family are also here.

You can now see where the arrogance and sense of superiority comes from? You often hear (especially in the ‘olden’ days before Google maps, data plans and Waze), “How far? You want me to come where? How eXactly do you get there? Urggh Do I have to?! D’you wanna come/meet me here/there instead? How about we meet half-way?!” Usually said in the thickest dialect (vernacular) depending on which part of the west you reside!!

Other geographical locations on the twin isle which house smaller and lesser developed towns (in my opinion) are also community-based with their own distinct culture and mode of operating. There are still some similarities of course since it IS ONE country, but very distinct peculiarities that can feel like shell shock if you are a mere visitor (with a standoffish, naive, disconnected or subjective approach to interacting), just as those who are visiting the western areas.

Photo by Fischer Twins on Unsplash

Of course the clusters of ethnicities (and ‘classes’) are very marked in certain areas due to colonization and wealth distribution, (family) inheritances and/or upward economic mobility due to education, employment, [inter] marriage etc resulting in the cliques who’ve been friends since elementary school in some cases, or neighbours, schoolmates, work or business pals.

Ahhh the struggle and agony of finding a place you truly belong ANYwhere in the world, just like the best songs of all time especially those debilitatingly truthful and haunting rock and alternative ballads that suddenly make life crystal clear.

Reggae (and other genres of) music make/s light of the fundamental truths we all try our best to evade our entire lives in attempt to feel safe and pain free. Some met with more success than others depending on how deep you are willing to go.

If we can listen to or a view a situation objectively and consistently to form our own opinions as we progress in life, we will find that it all links back to the reason we are here. It’s a deeply personal discovery each person must trek for themselves for it to make sense as life brings us new and very human (and sometimes extreme) experiences.

When we step back from everything we know to be true and allow the truth of existence to echo in everything we do: each person we meet and every place we go, we’d realize the natural beauty of this universe and the real significance and meaning of life.

We’d start paying attention to the people who truly matter and place some distance between the people and practices that no longer fuel our equilibrium in order to serve our deeper life purpose. We’d stop being sheep and followers and begin charting our destiny; moving in the same direction with those who consistently give us LIFE, as we strive to understand this thing called life, find our balance and live unabashedly!

There was an advert on local tele for an insurance company years ago that said: “At _A_T_ people are people, yah know what I mean!” At the end of each day, the physical appearance of our body that houses our heart and soul is just that: Physical.

How we navigate and feel in it no matter the age, colour, shape, size is totally up to us, based on how we see our inner selves, how we treat ourselves, how well we know ourselves to know and accept what feels right at any given moment in time 😉

If we truly know who we are and can control the above (not manipulate, dominate, cheat or fake it; but co-exist honestly, directly, transparently and respectfully), we’d know what ‘SPACE’ feels right for us [aka location, person, customer, job/career/vocation] and how long we need to spend ANYwhere to evolve to our highest purpose.

The BiG secret is letting go with no ‘love’ lost, but gratitude and deeper wisdom.

Carpe Diem & Happy Easter/PassoVer Holidays!

My Endless Love,

Carolyn x

Photo by Kamil Szumotalski on Unsplash

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