April here we go!

April’s hereeee! In virtually 2 blinks and a sneeze, we’re already into the fourth month of a not-so-new year. If you recently celebrated a birthday, here’s to you! May you liVe long and prosper (Jedi).

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

I think it’s a good practice to begin each new year with an inventory of the past year(s) in order to figure out where we’d like to be the exact same time 12 months from that day. If we find ourselves in the same spot: personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually (if you think the latter is a necessary part of your ‘diet’), we need to go deep within our psyche to figure out what we’re doing (not in a literal sense, read on) that needs to be changed to bring us at least one step closer to our destination.

Some people journal, some tell others (which may kill our dreams dead in its waters [so to speak] in many cases), some v/blog and others just soul search while making incremental steps until their dream is won.

Photo by Rachel Lynette French on Unsplash

At times we may not be (completely) aware that our thoughts (which are a combination of all the places we’ve been thus far) would have gotten us smack dab to the place we’re at today. Not only a physical place, but a habit, routine or indulgence.

A ‘place’ is all the people we’ve spoken and listened to, all the places we’ve been to, all the shows, movies, videos, books, magazines (and texts) we’ve read, and all the foods, drinks and other things we put into our bodies on a regular basis.

Our thoughts can only be re-programmed away from the unfavourable and towards our intended outcome if we are willing to muster the willpower to change up our routine and go outside of our comfort zone on a consistent basis.

So if we’d like to be a writer, we have to read as many genres as possible, then zone in on what feels natural to match our talents and abilities. Join book clubs, attend writer events (online and offline) and talk to [network with] published writers and authors. Then, start writing and asking for feedback.

If you find yourself having writer’s block 8 out of 10 times in a given month, chances are writing may not be your natural gift. Or, you may have some other form of interference e.g. emotionally (challenges balancing other areas in your life), physically (quiet, comfortable spaces), spiritually (not to creep you out, but yeah this is a reality for some at times).

Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

Likewise if we’d like to be a (a really excellent) chef, we’d have to sample different cuisines from different cultures and countries, watch cooking shows, try to meet with successful chefs you admire, attend classes, practice recipes and ask for feedback.

In time, you’ll know if you have what it takes to either open your own restaurant, cater based on (special) orders AND if the preparation and costs involved (ingredients, licences/badges, utensils, gas/electricity/overheads, staff salaries etc) can allow you to make good on your investment in money and time.

You’d also need to find out the estimated time it’ll take for you to a) break-even and b) make profits. In this way you’d know if you’re willing to risk it, put in the effort and resources to meet your desired lifestyle objectives (aka if this is what you really want).

Let’s get a bit personal!

Photo by mr lee on Unsplash

The same goes for our personal life. If we’d like to change something about our life: lose weight, have more energy, meet Mr. or Mrs. ‘Right’ (!), you’d have to decide what’s your present situation and what specifically is preventing you from those life goals.

“Am I too needy emotionally, picky, controlling (or lacking control), dependent physically or financially, carrying too much stuff from the past (hang-ups, disappointments), unrealistic in our preparation or expectations? Do I have too many outside influences (like watching back-to-back episodes of the Food Network/Rom-Coms before bedtime)?”

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

You may be shaking (or nodding) your head right about now and saying to yourself, “Lemme take a background look at this girl, she acts as if she has it so all together.” Consider whether anybody in life ‘has it all togetherat any given moment (in your moments of silence, preferably without background music like in the movies!).

Photo by Saketh Garuda on Unsplash

If you find 3 people with their professional, family and romantic life in order, while sporting a six-pack and a brilliant smile when things go wrong repeatedly in an average day (or week, or year [hey! it has been known to happen]), please be sure to comment below so I can meet ’em to get some tips!

Remember you’re not in a race in this life to outcompete, prove a point, or impress anybody, except your former state of being. Nor to live up to their personal standards.

So live for you, work on you from the inside out and meet everyone exactly the same way. (Well, unless you’re met with hostility, silence, cross-purposes or disrespect, then you’ll just be deemed silly and weak for accepting and allowing this to continue).

There’s nobody I can think of in this great wide world that deserves a different ‘face’. You are you and once you are consistent in working on you and projecting how you’d like to be seen, you won’t have to impress anyone who is really intuned with your inner light. The ones who don’t get you (no matter how many times you explain), or are impatient, duplicitous or absent in tough times, are simply not your ‘people’.

We each have a built in radar to detect what is really real and what is not. It’s called instinct, experience/wisdom and sensibility. Once you are a complete whole being, you’d be able to tell apart the truth from the fake.

The others who are not (yet) on your wavelength (or haven’t fully healed their past/ projecting their past experiences toward you, may not be able to see what you see). Those who are in fact already there will almost be able to read your mind and finish your sentences ;).

Carpe Diem & Happy April!

Carolyn x


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