You are a Brand (not a snack!)

Hullooo & Welcome (back if you’re new) to this here space on the web! We’re well on our way into the month of March and coming out of the holidays; the themes on most everybody’s minds/lips seems to be the weather, what Santa got you (if you’re into that sorta thing still), loVe (Valentines) and how to attract more of it, or make it stay, Carnival (if you’re in our neck of the woods) and well … politics.

I made a vow to myself a long time ago especially as a (demure petite) female in a modern world, to steer clear from discussions and inevitable fights over about politics, religion, ethnicity or anything controversial in the public domain or with strangers.

With friends and family there’s no escaping it, since they’re your ‘safe haven’ to let it rip (not literally of course).


Trending for 2019 (on here) is defining your brand and finding “your bonafide customers, or your people, or what is commonly referred to as your tribe (nope, not the Carnival band, if you’re in Trini).”

To recap: Our brand is how we show up consistently to other people each.and.every day. Even in the absence of your own business; product or service believe it or not: You are a Brand. (Nope, not a snack, not even a happy meal at Mickey Dees. You’re the main course and it’s time you start treating yourself that way (humbly and effortlessly so, without lip syncing that famous 1970’s song by Stevie Wonder. Yep, you know the one: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered … lalala“).

Photo by Jose Soriano on Unsplash

Your obligation in my humble opinion is to represent yourself in a way that honours:

1) Your employer and by extension your customers, your employees, your profession and the work that you do and,

2) Your nucleus family, your partner if you are in a committed relationship (especially marriage) and your children (if any).



If you do anything that IS NOT respectful to those two (2) groups, you are basically discrediting yourself as a Brand of quality and honour.

As a consequence, you’d attract people to your life who are similar to this version of yourself up to this point. That means employers, team mates, customers, friends, romantic interests etc etc etc and fruitful wholesome relationships, situations and opportunities.

As we evolve, it’s our choice (sometimes a tough one) to ‘drop off’ the people that compromise our brand and its development. To choose to disassociate yourself or keep a healthy distance from people who are not (or no longer) aligned or connected to you:

What you’re about, your values and where you see your future self is a necessary action if you are truly serious about progressing in your personal & professional life.

To avoid making these tough decisions is dishonouring your brand, a disservice to your intrinsic self and ultimately denying your peace of mind (sanity), balance, joy and success/prosperity/abundance as you grow into your true life purpose.

Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash
Until next time,

LoVe + Light,
Carolyn x

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