When the saints go ‘March-ing’ iN

Well hey there March! Anddd we’re here … Just like that! The 3rd month of the ‘new year’ (2019) is upon us in two blinks and a sneeze. The passage of time never fails to amaze and baffle me all at the same time.

Photo by Charles Etoroma on Unsplash

As we began the month of February ushering in loVe (and other things, like Trinidad & Tobago Carnival and [American] Black History Month), I sure hope we found loVe on the other side. Fear not, this is not gonna be one of those long sentimental blogs about “loving yourself more, cos you’re worth it and you’ll attract all things good to your life lalalala oatmeal!”

I realize now that liFe has way more dimensions than that ^ and it’s easier for some (and easier said than done!).

All imma say is this: March 2019 is upon us and it won’t come again. You have ONE chance to make it REAL.

Force yourself to truly liVe in THIS moment here and then the next one and the next one after that.

Force yourself to really sink your teeth into LiFe and take a great big bite out of it: The good, the bad AND the ugly.

Yeah, there are several ugly parts of life that we try (our darnest) to dismiss, but we won’t ever progress unless we force ourselves to experience those moments in its entirety and heal what needs to be healed and do what needs to be done so as to get EVERY-one onboard to move beyond that source of discontent we all feel at some point.

Many people go through life living with regret for things they wish they’d done and not done. The thing is, you can get beyond the things you did (with time), but the stuff you never did will forever haunt you because you can never truly get those moments back.

Photo by Josh Kahen on Unsplash

When the moment(s) has/ve been presented to you with flashing lights and you fail to obey the signs that are clear as day, there may never be a chance to recapture those moments with the same intensity.

The reason is because life does not stand still and neither do the other people in it. You can’t control people and their emotions or free will, any more than you can control the weather. If you try, you may not get your expected outcome, so you have no choice but to find healing in order to transcend a lost ‘opportunity’ or blessing (in disguise).

Sometimes when you take a risk to go with your gut, the rewards can be infinite. Remember you are being LED every step of the way. Take the time to get STILL in order to LISTEN and observe the SIGNS.

Life is more than the physical. It’s metaphysical, spiritual, chemical, intellectual and mysteriously so.

Photo by nega dev on Unsplash

You must go with what your soul and the Universe tells you to do in those moments in time, cos when they’re gone they’re gone forever. Lighting rarely strikes twice, so as we say in our culture,

“Beat the iron while it’s hott.”

Carpe Diem! Happy March & Happy Carnivale!!!! (“Mama this IS mas’!”)

My Endless LoVe, Carolyn xx

  Coming Soooon!

"Life is to be lived, just not endured." Carpe Diem!

Blue Waters Inn, Speyside TobAgo Circa Easter 2013
“Life is to be lived, not just endured!”
– Gordon B. Hinckley

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