Are you in it to WIN it?

It’s the final Tuesday of January 2019 and February is but days away. I know this a sorta heavy question so early in the year, but here it comes.

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

What have we done so far to effect real change in our lives?

Where do you want to be this time next month? Not a physical place. But mentally, emotionally, spiritually, professionally and financially?

Last night I was awaken by a dream, followed by an advert on tele that went something like this: “Help keep the church out of XYZ, vote for T! I am ABC and I’m not afraid to burn in hell!” 

I know right?! When I heard this I really thought I was still dreaming. While I don’t consider myself a religious person, nor easily spooked, I was a little thrown for the first time in a long time.

This led me to write this next blog which outlines a few easy steps that in my opinion (and experience) is a huge part of winning with your brand.

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash
  1. Know (intimately) WHO you are as a person & WHAT you are about.
  2. Know your product & WHO you SERVE.
  3. Know WHERE your customers are & WHAT will appeal to them.
  4. Know what are your weaknesses and theirs, what you have in COMMON and HOW (exactly) your experience can ASSIST them.
  5. What SKILLS you need to sharpen to attract (more of) your customers.
  6. What TO SAY (and not say/do) to build a solid customer relationship.
  7. Be CONSISTENT with growing your brand (including marketing) and following through in a way that is not intrusive or patronizing.
  8. Build TRUST by being truthful and open without sharing unnecessary details (unless you know the person very well and there is some degree of comfort on both parts). Be consistent with delivering on promises.(As the old folks say in these parts,A promise is a debt!“).

Once you make a STUDY out of these 8 items, it’s almost like making a pact with yourself and your brand will take speed (even in the perceived slow periods when you are redesigning your technique and offerings to reach a wider audience, tap into an existing one and generate sustained interest and sales in the long term).

This here next list of 6 is the nexus to becoming as humanly unfazed (immune) as possible to any outside criticism or judgement of your deliverables.

Photo by Jayden Brand on Unsplash
  1. Zooming in more and more on WHO you want to SERVE.
  2. Your track record (What folks have said outside of your inner circle).
  3. Your FOCUS – How sharp you are in identifying WHAT you deliver (USP – Unique Selling Proposition).
  4. Your INNER CIRCLE – Who you listen to for SOLID advice that’s global and traverses cultural, geographic (and even temporal) boundaries.
  5. Your ability to DISCERN. As you sharpen your radar to weed out (for want of another word) what is genuine and what is not, you’d be able to keep an open mind, yet still give others the benefit of the doubt.
  6. Your FAITH in what you are doing and Why. This goes back to the ad I saw on TV. Be careful what and who you place your faith in. No one is saying you have to try to evangelize the world with your personal beliefs that may have worked for you in various ways. However, it’s the strength of your personal truths and belief systems that will get you through the darkest of times to fight back throwing in the towel. All else is a temporary (quick) fix that may only last as long as you can access whatever that is and make “it” happy.

Hope this helps in some way. If you think someone else may benefit, please feel free to share and leave a comment so we (other readers) can keep on this path. Carpe Diem!

My Endless Love,
Carolyn xx

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