How strong is your brand?

It’s Sunday! We’re one day away from Monday and hopefully almost super-rested for a super-charged week. There’s much to process even with two days of rest, 2019 relatively new, the holidays still fresh in our memory and more festivities heating up (like Valentine’s and Carnival in these parts).

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To lead naturally from my recent blog on identifying your brand, the goal was to improve familiarity on who we are beyond the job title and what we look (or sound) like on the outside. Branding is an extension of our personal image and style and how we connect on a deeper level. 

How we cement our brand

Ever wonder why some people connect to us almost immediately and others not so much? (The reverse may also bear some truth). Also why you may be able to close the sale or convince one person of something from the get-go and not another?

Apart from how we present our (inner+outer) selves to each unique soul, when we show up as genuine or credible to the other person has a lot to do with the energy behind what we say and do. The comfort [security] level of the two parties determine how the interaction is received on both sides.

What others see is a physical vessel, but deep down we are way more than that. When we connect with someone in a deeper way, there’s something besides the exterior that keeps the connection going in spite of distance or time that may temporarily separate.

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Today’s blog is about how to enhance or diversify your offering. By viewing branding as more than just a [sales/business] transaction, you are already thinking diversification.

Your brand is more than what you are selling

How you carry yourself and interact with different publics, determine what type of people you attract to your life – whether it’s friends, colleagues, customers or romantic interests/partners.

To be totally clear, let’s revisit that sentence above. I’m not at all saying that you set out to [intentionally] blur the lines between business and pleasure.

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If that’s what happens in the process, those are waters to be navigated very carefully. If your brand is that intense, you really have to step back and observe your style and how you can adjust to clearly communicate your limits and expectations for each business relationship.

Whether or not you say it to the other person or just to yourself, they’ll be clear simply by the way you treat with the ‘transaction’. If you value a particular friendship; customer or colleague and you think there’s a huge chance that blurring the lines will ruin the platonic relationship [forever], you may not want to run the risk of that happening.

Moreso, if you both are at different places in life and other variables involved. The times and places you interact could be one good place to start, unless everybody is one big ‘happy family’ and there’s no problem since everybody’s already familiar and comfortable with each other.

With that said, here’s some ways to enhance your branding skills.

Short courses, videos, podcasts, documentaries, networking, volunteer work, articles, books, magazines. Or simply by observing and emulating, adding your unique element(s) tailored specifically to your brand and who you want to attract as you evolve along your journey.

Effort equal results

Again this applies not only to business or career, but family or anything we’d like to see blossom. That’s why balance is so critical. We’ve all heard the saying, “Work smart, not hard”. This doesn’t translate in a literal sense at all times. Though this much is true: The effort/mental power you put behind anything in life will show itself – eventually.

It’s not magic, but you can try it now.

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Be still and try to focus on something you want to happen really badly. Whether it is for a customer to call or respond to an email. Put all of your mental positive energy into it and write back and tell me how long it takes for that person to email, call or text you. It may sound crazy, but it works.

This next bit is just an [extra] observation. If you consistently do this (get still and focus your mental power) on a particular outcome and it doesn’t happen, ask yourself why you wanted it in the first place and picture all the possibilities if it did happen. This should lead you to some light bulb moments.

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I say all of this, since not everybody thinks this far because we’re so busy trying to get through life unscathed. When things don’t work out, we try to move on quickly in an attempt to forget or cover up the pain and hurt with some temporary [quick] fix.

It takes a really brave and strong heart to uncover and unearth that kind of emotion to find answers in an effort to avoid its recurrence without painting everybody and everything with the same brush.

It comes right back down to how well you know and value yourself.

If you allow certain situations to play out and notice unhealthy patterns, you must tell yourself (at some point!) that you’re worth way more than a toy/game and don’t want to suffer that fate again.

Note: Repeat spells of silence can be just as toxic as confrontation. In my book, unless you and the other party have some sort of strange understanding (or use morse code or telepathy) this is simply not a healthy way of communicating.

Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

Quality over quantity

To build a solid brand that engages the sensibilities and retains quality customers, there must be 2-way communication to form strong bonds over time that generate business and referrals.

For me business doesn’t always mean dollars and cents, but people who are there to provide solidarity or constructive feedback (not only when things are going well and spirits are high).

That’s my note on building a strong brand. Sometimes it’s the little things that all add up to be really powerful ones to make a huge impact and lasting [first] impression.

To adapt the old saying, ‘The pyramids weren’t built in a day’. Once you loVe what you do and try your, success is on your doorstep and nothing or no one can ever get in your way, but YOU.

You OWN your Time & Run your Ship.
Carpe Diem!

My Endless Love,
Carolyn xx

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