3 ways to identify your brand

We made it to Frid-Yayy! (: Another week means another weekend to regroup, plan and restart come Monday. In one of my many starry-eyed moments (moreso of late), I was thinking to myself:

“What can I do to make this real?” Meaning: How can I reach my existing and new customers where they are at this moment in time?

I’m almost certain most of us want the same thing, since our whole purpose is to serve and well, make money to afford the things we need and a little bit extra right?

Before you close this email and tell yourself you don’t have a brand by writing yourself off as useless, untalented, too old, poor or any other silly *&^t someone would have told you from birth to now, consider this.

At some point you weren’t any of those things. Even if your circumstances forced you to think that way, look at it this way.

Your family legacy

Your family at some point would have carved a huge legacy in generations gone by and guess what? All of this ‘rich-wholesome-goodness’ is lodged somewhere in your subconscious. If only you can find the will to use your time to consistently get still [silent] enough to unearth this sleeping giant deep within you, it can actually work in your favour.

Your brand is you

Photo by David Hurley on Unsplash

The way you present yourself to the public at large is your brand. My interpretation of public is anybody who’s not your close family or friend and not obligated to tolerate, accept or love you unconditionally knowing all about those quirky little annoyances and skeletons you don’t show/tell the average person.

So by making your brand work for you means observing and consciously choosing how you interact with anyone that’s not a part of this above group.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Your choice of words – how (speech, tone, slang) when & where you say what to who.

Your non-verbal cues – eye contact, gestures, movements and overall body language.

Do you come on too strong? Do you share too much too soon?

Do you hold back unnecessarily when asked for basic info that could help build the professional relationship and TRUST?

The clothes you wear (even the way you wear your hair) for each occasion dictates how people perceive your brand which is an extension of you!

No one is saying to be fake or an impressionist; but by being as clear and real as possible in who you are and what you’re about, you can stand out from everyone else who doesn’t feel ready to show their true colours.

With that out of the way, here’s how you can spot/deepen your brand.

Think of 3 of your best talents/abilities you can do almost effortlessly. E.g. Do you like to use your VOICE? Think of ways it can best work for you and make some (extra) dollars.

How do you know?

Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Are you a good communicator? By this, I mean more than just perfect diction, grammar and pretty/flattering words.

Do you make an impact when you speak?
Does it appear natural to the listener?

Do people put down their phone and give you their undivided attention?

Are you good at comedy? Are you good at motivating? Are you good at instructing: one-on-one, small (informal) groups, larger (formal) groups, huge audiences?

Are you good with introducing music on/at radio/parties/concerts/on stage? Are you good at singing (or maybe yodeling)?

Do you want to do this electronically, in-person or both? How do you plan to build, engage your audience and trust in both regards? Most of all, how do plan to keep going when life takes the wind out of your sails?

Getting ready

Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash

If you think you are not yet radio or stage ready due to super duper crippling fear, most of the greats have been there.

Think of ways to get your confidence game right like volunteering at [after] school events; working the graveyard shift at your favourite station.

At church, at work, the library, community centre or gatherings at your/friend’s house.

If all this sounds a bit drastic, try it at home with your closest family and friends – LIVE people who can give you good objective advice.

Try to avoid those not in the right emotional place on their journey to give objective advice, since this will do more damage if you’re already struggling with whether or not this is the right move for you.

If your voice is not your strong suit, I’m sure you have other strengths like working with your hands – massage therapy, cooking, hairdressing, auto-mechanic, sewing & fashion designing, arts & craft, pet care and more.

Look out for ways to improve + diversify your brand coming soon in my next blog 😉 My Endless Love, Carolyn xx

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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