How you can make it real

Howdy!? We’re making our way into a new year and now’s a good time as any to breathe new life into the dreams we hold deep within our hearts.

If this is the first time you’re stumbling upon my blog, the main focus is: Living your Purpose and touching lives with what comes most naturally.

In sum: Just falling in loVe with life. And to do that just simply being grateful for everything along the way – the good, the bad and the perceived ugly.

Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

The 1st few pitches. In the beginning when I had meetings with the head-honcho-decision-making-folks; though they liked what I was saying, you know what I (discreetly) observed?

In the ‘olden days’ not many people cared too much about this whole: “living your passion and purpose woo ha.” For some, it was just that: “A big fat Ha!”

In fact, it wasn’t even called by that name. So when I first uttered what I thought was my beautifully eloquent elevator pitch here where I live, the response was met with some cynicism to say the very least.

Some actually smirked or looked at me with starry-eyed bewilderment wishing me lots of luck and blessings, since they didn’t think many people would catch on to whatever fairy dust I was apparently sharing.

Needless to say, it took a lot of explaining and convincing AND formatting to fit the majority (the masses) in our market who clearly weren’t ready to embrace this concept in quite the way I was offering it.

Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash

At times; I felt like Lucy in the 50s sitcom, I love Lucy. I found myself explaining, convincing, re-inventing, (fake) crying, temper-tantrum-throwing (mostly at home and with very close friends).

I had to do lots of other (honest if I may add) stuff to pay my bills, since I wasn’t budging from my purpose.

The reason was simple: I slaved too many hours – what felt like light years, being at jobs I hated on someone else’s terms for their own profit and glory.

Though to be totally honest; popularity was never a priority for me – neither is it for those who truly want to change the world: how people see themselves and their lives (which I admitted to a few in my ‘youth’).

Photo by Thierry Chabot on Unsplash

Rain or shine; sickness, depression or grief, special occasions or holidays, I had to get up and brave it and go to work. Especially as I grew into adulthood and had commitments (aka bills) that I couldn’t ignore.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, I assure you that it wasn’t easy making the decision to quit my 8-4 steady pay cheque, cold turkey to enter into the unknown.

Add working from home and basically starting over with some savings and tools I invested in along the way. That took some gumption, readjustment and a healthy dose of staying power!

Eventually I paid off my major expenses and made it a reality, since a very close family member became ill in 2014. That was as I got to spend quality time with them and fall into my own rhythm and flexibility to adapt to this new life.

So here I AM. Almost 4 years later! I share this, since so many people have approached me on social media and after events asking how they can live their dreams too. I warn that this life may not be for everyone, neither do I proclaim to have all the answers since it’s different for everyone.

No amount of training, certificates or years of experience can guarantee the rewards you may be seeking. If what you’re doing is not coming from the heart, then it’s not going to be easy to keep going and reinventing when times get rough.

Photo by Dope Squad on Unsplash

Creativity and innovation is the only honest pathway I know to naturally finding opportunities and being prepared for them when they come.

If you have a closed mind or a blocked heart, this can block stellar opportunities and more gifts from entering your life.

It has happened to me and will probably happen to you too as you evolve along your journey.

If you ignore your gut instinct and that tiny voice inside of you, then you’d miss the next obvious step to your future.

I too ignored that voice. Sometimes that voice came in the form of friends who travelled a similar journey and wanted to help in some way.

Of course they will have their own biases and views which may not be in alignment with our journey. Pride and ego can also get in the way of accepting help and being totally honest and raw with our pain.

There’s one sure lesson I’ve learnt. Once you become still enough to filter what advice is right for you and what’s not; what is real and what’s not,  learn to make your own decisions, adjust and navigate life’s twists and turns … success is guaranteed 😉

Your future depends on your next move. Live long & prosper.

Until next time … My Endless Love,

Carolyn xx

You can follow my journey here:

Look out for my new book coming soon!

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