Do you know where we’re going to?

Hey fine people! Feels like a minute since we last ‘spoke’, but I’m glad we each have the GIFT of life this day to connect on this platform once again. Hope your 2019 is off to a good start and we (myself included) soaked in the lessons of 2018 to collectively make this year a hella good one!

In this blog, I’m going to share some personal stuff that can perhaps give you that little nudge to help with your professional dreams for yourself.

In 2018 when I took a step back to soak in all the well-meaning advice since writing part-time; then full-time, I realized 2 things. I’ll share one now which is the answer to the question I get asked all the time since publishing my first book in 2011.

Who is your target customer?

It’s so strange I’d always hit a brick wall with that question despite having worked in marketing and communications for a huge chunk of my life. I guess because I wanted it to appeal to everybody. When it didn’t, at times I felt like a jilted lover (which is a relatable experience I’m sure).

What I found over time is that my content was in fact relatable to most people which I saw for myself. What I needed to do to expand to a wider group, was adapt the content/style aka ‘break it down’ to reach more people where they were at the different stages of their life.

Trust me. That is not as easy as it sounds. It took lotsa TIME. Patience. Practice. Trial and error. Sweat. Tears (of frustration in some cases). Fortitude/Staying power. Creativity and reinvention.

It felt like magic when it did begin to happen!

Photo by REVOLT on Unsplash

My (concise) one-liner (so you’ll know if you’re truly one of ’em aka my customers 😉 ).

For my books: It’s anyone who really wants to look at life in a different way and make a drastic, albeit gradual changedepending on how open your mind is and how badly you want change.

Same for my events. You must attend with an open mind – which most did – once I convinced them it was gonna be a totally unexpected experience, yet not altogether brand spanking info (if you get where I’m going with this).

The other aspects of my brand is an extension of who I am and what I am passionate about – witch my bad typo which I’ll share with you as I dive back into my blogging and other normal activities.

But here’s a hint – creative networking events; 1-2-1 Career Coaching, more innovative workshops, podcasts, videos and who knows, maybe even comedy which is a given part of my brand anyway.

So here’s to 2019! May it bring you your deepest desires met – which of course cannot be measured in fleeting material comforts and people that pass in and out of your life. But rather “the ones” that endure – whether a physical everyday part of your life going forward, or not.

In my eyes, the only way to have that type of everlasting joy, peace, focus, loyalty and love is to truly know:

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

WHO you are (what you are about/your goals/life purpose); AND

What are your “deal breakers” (what you can tolerate and what you cannot – in a friend, job, romantic partner or living situation).

Of course, we must be able to figure out exactly what we need to change/do consistently to have the reverse of those negative traits in our lives as a constant.

And that my friends is my recipe for a HAPPY & ABUNDANT LIFE BY DESIGN (which may be totally different for you).

Side note/Plot Twist/Funny story: Once upon a time I began reading a book which was saying that, “We are our own GOD”. I never subscribed to this philosophy and immediately put that book down.

Over the years as I grew into my purpose; I listened firsthand to other people’s versions of WHY exactly WE are here on this earth, WHERE we are going to and WHAT we need to DO to get there.

I still held firm to my foundation belief in who God is, but my perspective became more expansive. What is strange is that this morning I woke up and it was completely silent. Not only silent, but STILL. It was different.

At 5 am, the light was now cracking through the windows and the birds were singing their usual song. It was an eerie sort of silence as if I was the ONLY person on this planet.

It felt slightly frightful and it’s not the first time I had that feeling. It came and went as I myself evolved and watched the world drastically change before my eyes. I thought to myself,

“What if I’m the ONLY ONE here? What if I AM God? Oh my God!”

Photo by Inbal Malca on Unsplash

Then all the songs from the 80s, 90s and today came flooding back. “What if God was one of us?” God is a woman lalalala and I realized how silly the thought was, made some tea and went back to sleep.

As I drifted back into sleep and my subconscious thoughts took over; I thought that even if I, or you were God and lived a million lives before this one, that would mean that none of this is even real.

It would also mean that we’d still have to continue living this life, until everyone else evolves to their intended purpose and state of being. This is where it would get very confusing, since everyone is at various levels of development for the different aspects of their life.

If only … life were like a video game and we could predict and anticipate which moves will allow us to WIN! Then we’d need to know the rules intimately and what exactly is “winning” for us individually.

We’d have to practice blocking out the other ‘voices/distractions’ and allow our inner voice to guide us to make the right choices at the right times. In the absence of this, one wrong move or bad decision could result in a total deadlock and our game will be over.

Not to be taken literally, but it could alter the entire course our life takes.

The fact remains that throughout our lives we are being guided by some force greater than you and I and it’s our choice how we choose to respond to redound to our greater good.

No one has all the answers; but EACH choice we make, each word we utter, every.single.action we take, affects EVERYthing in our future (sorta like in the game of lego blocks we played as kids). It affects how others respond to us and our sustained peace, joy and success in life and that of our offspring.

Food for Thought … Until next time, My Endless Love.

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