Finding Change in 2019!

Happy New Year fine folks! May 2019 bring you a culmination of all the lessons and experiences you’ve attracted to your life thus far.

Hope 2018 was a learning experience as many events continue to collectively affect us in a modern world. Our evolution and progress are dependent on how far our mind can bend towards the direction of change.

I learnt over time that it’s okay not to have everything completely figured out. Once you know yourself; your history and what you’re for, consistency and trust will carry you through the uncertain and seeming chaotic waters.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

As 2018 came to a crescendo, I penned my 2019 Strategic Theme and what I learnt as a creative entrepreneur since 2011.

A networking associate I met in 2010; turned business coach in 2016, turned friend and advisor encouraged me to start this ritual in November 2016. She wanted me to get me crystal clear on my Strategic Plan goals in my personal and professional life. You can read them through the years here:

Strategic Theme 2017|Strategic Theme 2018 | Strategic Theme 2019.

I felt that I should share them with you, since everyone’s experience is soo very different, yet universal if that makes any sense to you depending on your experiences thus far.

How concise we can get about what we are offering (which is essentially an extension of our persona + history) is what gives us the edge to stand out from the crowd and engage our desired customers who see enough value and credibility to keep coming back to us no.matter.what.

Carpe Diem!

All my loVe,

Carolyn xx

Coming soon!

Suddenly It Happened is a guide book about coming to terms with life finding us at 40! The author places our thoughts into words to debunk myths we inherited from previous generations. Reading it, we are comforted to unapologetically reboot as often as life requires, so we can take charge and conquer life - no matter our age, gender or station!

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