Do you know what’s your Purpose?

So alas! It’s December. We’re now officially into the final month of 2018. Just by speaking to folks, I realized that many of us have been experiencing some (ongoing) form of tribulation. A very dear friend echoed my thoughts when she said that we all experience tragedies, but what matters is how we handle it (outwardly and inwardly).

Without getting into a whole song & dance (not literally of course) about the (supposed) deep philosophical meaning of life, I’ll get right to today’s topic. This follows from my most recent post on the subject of LOVE.

Today I write about Career Fulfillment. I spoke about this a lot in the past in an attempt to ‘market’ my events, but I feel there’s a need to address it from a different angle, since I’m brought to the realization that many of us, though seemingly fulfilled and/or financially comfortable at different points in our lives are still searching for more. 

Photo by Aashish A on Unsplash

Having worked in two very integral fields (communications and human resources) at various organizations, I reckon that I’ve finally seen the light. Being a writer and creative first, I see life a bit differently (as many creatives do) and so I’ll share my silent epiphanies on what Career Fulfillment means to me (hopefully without being cliche):

Photo by Yoshiko Evanka on Unsplash

While many work out of sheer necessity and others out of passion; I think what makes one fulfilled and the other just comfortable, is our reason for being.

While one may have a naturally ‘sunny’ disposition on the outside, what goes on internally is what makes a career worthwhile for those people and translate to success.

Not only personal success, but satisfaction for internal/external customers (stakeholders). Who wants to be stuck at one ‘rung’ of the ladder anyway?


I’m sure no one ever had these life goals as a young person. 

Imagine no upward/financial mobility and having to suffer through the agony of being at a job day in and day out that you hate, just as a means of survival.

Still many do it (especially previous generations) because life happened: kids, a death in the family, other expenses associated with the reversal of fortunes/health etc. Of course, there are other factors which may make unpleasant jobs bearable. Like fun co-workers; a good boss, good customers, location, other perks and such.

These factors may even allow us to overlook the fact that the pay may suck in some cases; or the fact that it’s a long commute, or the reverse of the other things previously mentioned (i.e. a bad boss, horrible co-workers, a crumby location that is totally unconducive to our mental equilibrium to produce our best work.)

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

I read an excerpt from a book some time ago that stated (to paraphrase) that a person’s presence is only missed when the silence is deafening. I think this is the connector to how we handle each stage of our life and the inevitable changes that come with it.

Whether it is a job, friendship or relationship. Sometimes the hardest thing to do in life is to disconnect from something or someone that bring us some sense of stability or comfort. The whole point to truly living this life unabashed, is not to merely settle.

This is living an average/mediocre half-lived life (or existing).

Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

It’s like eating a sandwich with only the bread and settling for being half-filled. This is the reason most of us are constantly looking outside of what we already have to seek satisfaction.

Show of hands those of us ‘guilty’ of (obsessing) about this at some point:

  • The other person at the traffic lights in the supposed ‘bigger, better ride’.
  • The other family at the supermarket/mall/table who appears so picture perfect.
  • The girl/guy at school who seems so popular/smart/cute and has it going on.
  • The person who comes to work without a hair out of place; meets all their deadlines, gets the special/important projects and is the apple of the boss’s eye.
  • The family member who gets all the attention and praise from their parent/s.

The thing is this. Nobody really knows what goes on when the ‘party’ ends and the doors are shut to the outside world. Things are seldom what they seem (at least not all of the time). To whom much is given, much is expected and I can think of several other cliche adages throughout the centuries to emphasize this point. 

[Virtual Reality] Photo by Kyaw Tun on Unsplash

The essence of life is not about having it all together, because the reality is no one has it ‘all together‘ ALL of the time. And what you think you know/see/hear is open to interpretation (unless you are that person with their precise sensibilities/emotions).


The essence of life is about focussing on what YOU were placed on this Earth to do and trying to make the best of your circumstances, opportunities, talents/gifts, simple blessings and the hands we are each dealt.

When we stop looking outside of ourselves for validation or approval to live our life on our terms, then what we are doing becomes way easier.


There’ll be no pressure to conform to what has become a man-made world filled with values, ideals and ideologies that do not echo what’s in our own hearts.

We will find that when we stop using others as a yardstick for measurement – whether it’s our happiness, success or appearance, our joy becomes pure + real.

We would find that we now have the discernment, tenacity and bravery to let go/drop off those people, situations and attitudes that do not serve our greatest good.

We will begin to attract people and situations who are also able to detect our heart and are genuinely interested in who we are and what we are truly about. When we begin living for us, our detection radars become a lot sharper (which may not be readily apparent to those who aren’t yet tuned into that frequency/mode of being).

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

We would be able to gradually let go of our insecurities, defenses and judgements to allow the right people in at the right time, knowing without a doubt what/who is true for us and what/who is not – at ANY given moment.

We would be better able to communicate what we are going to accept without appearing ungrateful/obnoxious to the other person. But rather become able to yield/compromise when necessary receiving the respect and compassion we deserve.

Once we begin to master these practices along our life’s journey, we’ll experience life in a different way. We’ll begin to trust that the right people will see our heart/intentions beneath the surface and accept us as we evolve, calling us out [on our foibles] when necessary.

If they cannot do this without undeniable love/authenticity, then we too must accept that perhaps that person/situation is not truly for us. Or at least not at this point in time, since there may be something that needs to change (within us/them/the circumstances) for it to happen/evolve naturally in Divine Order.

Hope this serves as a guide to attracting not only career fulfillment, but more wholesome personal and professional relationships to get you one-step-closer to abundance.

Until next time.

My Endless Love,

Carolyn xx

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