Guys we loVe you! Happy Men’s Day

Soooo men everywhere are celebrating/have celebrated International Men’s Day [depending on your time zone when this blog is posted]! Yeahhhh

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A radio host rightfully said this morning that women are usually the ones getting all the credit on Mother’s Day & Women’s Day, but when it comes to being celebrated men (in this regard) take the back seat.

What she said sorta stuck with me all day as I went about my day’s activities and now I have some ‘quiet’ time to pause and reflect on my day and ask the question WHY.

Could it be that it’s a given that men are the champions anyway? After all, they’re the ones that get to wear the pants and look all strong and brave! I decided to blog about this topic since my mind can bend in a certain way because of a couple Women’s Studies course I took up as electives.

Truth be told, I just signed up since I thought it was would be easy Level 1 credits to pass (no shame there in saying that). But boy was I in for a surprise, especially after reading the statistics about what happened when the police were called in when this imbalance in male/female dynamics resulted in domestic violence.

Everything we learn formally and informally influences our life and informs our decisions at some later time when we encounter some of the same issues or situations. It’s always a hot topic in the workplace and elsewhere; so here are my views, especially after listening to the morning show debates today!!!

Then I’m brought back to what a mature caller said on another morning show. I could tell the guy’s had some practice with difficult women and was getting quite heated for being put on pause by his lady friend (if yah catch my drift). His explanation, which received quite a humorous reaction from the host and other callers was this: “Women are too demanding  (and to paraphrase, though I could be wrong this time materialistic)”!

Needless to say, some of the female callers did not agree! Most people agreed that due to changing times, women have become more educated, sometimes earning more (or appearing more advanced professionally) and ‘their men’ are made to feel emasculated and almost bullied into doing whatever their female companion says.

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Of course this opened up all sorts of debates (at least in my mind) whether this was true and if in fact leads to infidelity and domestic violence. Phew! What an amazing way to begin the day … Made me wonder if each day could begin + end like this (on, or off-air).

Food for Thought. Ain’t life grande!? I’d love to hear your views. What qualities do you look for in a partner and how do you communicate issues relating to a healthy balance?

Here’s to men everywhere. Fathers, sons, brothers and all who serve as role models. Of course my Dad (RIP), brothers, uncles and even the ladies that had to wear the pants in our family at one point or another.

Of course I could not forget (even if I wanted to) my male co-workers, friends and ‘dates’ (ha!) who became almost like family to me (you guys truly warm my heart in a very humorous and real way!).

I wouldn’t be as strong, discerning and resilient as I am (now) without each one of them — Thank You from my Heart-to-Yours!

My Endless Love,

Carolyn xx

Photo by Steve Ody on Unsplash

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