Are you ready for November?!

November! You’re here. A new season. For various cultures, it may signal a literal change in seasons: autumn, winter, rainy/hurricane (season).

Thanksgiving in some parts, Christmas and New Year’s soon come. 

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

A new season of life for some.

Death of some things, people and places which may be necessary for a rebirth of sorts.

Life can be strange to navigate. Career, business, friendship, romance, family – old + new.

Who knows the real meaning of life or why/what this metaphysical existence is really all about.

Wanna hear a secret? I was never a master of the sciences, or even the arts, nor business (and nope I’m not selling myself short, nor disregarding my worth. I’m being real).


Somehow I was led to formally and informally study various disciplines that crafted a holistic work-in-progress understanding to elicit my true gifts and purpose in this world.

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

THIS November, MY WISH for YOU (and also myself) is for US (all) to:

  1. Let go of our preconceived notions of who (or what) we think we are,
  2. Who (or what) we think others are, (more importantly) what they think of us,
  3. How we think our life is supposed to turn out.
(Sure, you can read the above over a few times sloww-ly. No worries, I had to as well).

I urge you to ASK yourself 3 questions to guide and motivate you toward the decisions that are right for you and the greater good of all involved.

Bear in mind, we do not live in a capsule. Every thought, action or decision we make throughout our lives propel us toward some other action or outcome.

Whether we label that as physics, religion, spirituality or sorcery, we choose what happens to us ultimately setting off a chain reaction of events: positive or negative.

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So HERE are the 3 Questions I strongly believe will make you slow down and think about your life and what you want to occur (& with whom. I hope you’re ready for it):

1.How do YOU define happiness

2. What or who makes YOU happy? Like, really happy in the moment? (Hint: It could be a place or activity or person. Perhaps even an animal or pet. Hey, I’m not judging nobody)

Here’s the BIGGIE (no, not Biggie Small [silly billy], cos we all know how that ended for him+Faith. My condolences tho, cos I really loVed the feeling the guy brought to the world).

Wait for it … Get ready … here it comes: Question #3

(this one requires lotsa thought to come up with a big answer that can change your life 😉 )


3. Out of those things, places & people, what brings You JOY? Would you still be joy-FUL if they were not a part of your routine? Do they assist, or are you joyful all on your own?


I’ll end this here blog with this ‘short‘ note. I believe this has been said before, but I’ll add my take on it – now that I have lived and experienced it for myself (firsthand).

When you become WHOLE and you don’t necessarily need anyone for validation; approval or dare I say love or support (although as humans we all need hugs, acceptance + lasting love when it comes right down to it).

But when we become WHOLE, it’s only then we can attract + experience unending forever love, joy, success + peace.

If you gravitate to a person, place or experience/activity to feel whole or accepted, when this (wholeness) comes and this person, place or experience (e.g. fame, power) builds you up to the point where you feel you don’t necessarily need them/it anymore – it’s then you begin to transform into someone/thing you never (thought you) were.

Photo by Maryna Yazbeck on Unsplash

If you’re not whole to begin with, you may become easily influenced in order to ascend to a new level of perceived wholeness, joy, peace or success.

You may become like a seed or flower blowing in the wind looking for a comfortable ‘abode’ to plant your roots, until another attractive comfort or adventure comes along for you to experience a new fleeting ‘high’ to bring the illusion of wholeness/joy/success/love.

If on the other hand, you know who you are inside & out and can function independently, finding joy + wisdom in your own beliefs and consciousness, you will undeniably attract lasting goodness, joy, peace, success, fulfillment and loVe to create more loVe + abundance in this world.

The Law of Attraction (and Detachment) are but concepts, if you haven’t fully grasped the true essence of its meaning to apply it to your situation. The same can be said for theories, doctrines and such. It becomes a given when it truly resonates with the masses and has been widely accepted because it resonates with YOU.

If you feel this message, please share with someone who may also find value in its contents and let’s spread the love 🙂

Photo by Maryna Yazbeck on Unsplash

I recall an advert on tele as a teen with the tagline: Patience is a virtue and virtue is grace.” Here are my thoughts

Grace can only happen with a collective effort of positive reinforcement. Change happens when everyone is walking in the same direction towards the same destination/outcome without looking back. – Carolyn Correia

Folks look back when others pause too long and fail to take action on the things we all desire deep within our souls for progress and the greater good of all involved.

Only then, can competition be annihilated in a world where everyone knows what they are about and are secure in what they bring to the table.

Namaste. My soul bows to you as you find the courage to discover your purpose in this world and to find … (sustained) loVe.

Only with love and acceptance for ourselves (and others), can we truly attract an abundant and sustained supply of success, peace and joy.

My Endless Love,

Carolyn xx

“Let nature be your teacher.” – William Wordsworth

Location: Farmroad – Mason Hall, Tobago

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