Is this YOUR life?

Another week and another opportunity to make it count. Hurray!

I’ve been lucky, or blessed, or privileged (choose your preference) to have been exposed to so many different people and experiences with the ability to absorb and digest it in a way that is truly meaningful not only to myself – but others.

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The greats of all time tell you that success comes before material wealth. Since you must be recognized for obtaining a certain result, in order for others to (continue to) pay you any kind of money commensurate with what you have provided for them.

When all is said and done, we were all placed on this earth to serve others using our unique combination of gifts – talents, abilities and qualities as human beings.

In order to obtain the desired results, you must enjoy doing it. You can say this is how the (now cliched) buzz concept ‘passion + purpose’ came into being.

I don’t know about you, but when I was a wee tot at school, growing into adolescence and having to choose subjects, I did not realize that this was going to determine how the rest of my life would play out. I did not even have a clue what passion and purpose was.

p.s that pic isn’t supposed to represent me per se, since I am a girl and well, my hair is dark brown.

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In fact, I don’t even think my teachers, or their teachers or my parents knew what it was. At least it wasn’t coined in that way. All we knew is that we had to choose subjects that would give us a certain sense of a comfortable, secure and stable life.

A life that would allow for us to move out one day, pay for stuff on our own and do all the things we wanted to including bring home a nice boy/girl and give them some grandchildren when it’s that time.

A life where we won’t need to depend on them too much – especially in their twilight years. One where they would not have to live in anxiety about our well-being and continuously work to support our needs and wants.

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The reason for me explaining this is to [re]connect the dots which I’m sure you would have (subconsciously) observed in your own life and that of your family and peers.

I watched an old Honeymooners rerun and though I laughed my heart out, there were some fundamental life and business lessons that will never grow old.


The most important one is “the grass is not always greener on the other side!” We were indoctrinated to believe that certain professions make lots of money (the stuff that makes the world go round and pays our bills).

These careers are revered as prestigious, lucrative, glamorous … coveted even (I can see you nodding in my mind’s eye). Accounting, medicine, law, anything in computers, the media, a chef, pilot, business owner or director of any kind are sought after careers.

The ones doing them gain the respect and popularity of the masses who place them on pedestals and want to be in their presence.

Teachers, drivers, garbage collectors, maids, nannies, admins, clerks, food attendants and the dreaded (travelling) salesmen are considered menial jobs. The ones doing these are frowned upon and even ran from in some cases! Am I right, or am I right?

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Some may not know this, but the latter jobs once ‘worked right’ can spin any which way with the right mindset and ‘execution’ if you may. The careers in the first group also come with a string of negative side-effects most try to hide from the public.

They include huge student loans to repay (with interest), long hours, higher taxes and bills, stress, people management (stress if you have the wrong team with the wrong mindset, or if they see you as a threat/’bad guy’, or if you of yourself are a poor authoritative leader!)

Also when you are doing these jobs, you have a lot of expectations to live up to which in itself is a lot of pressure to handle. You have to represent buttercup dreams joy, peace, composure and prestige all. the. time –  even if that is not the case.

You may have your parents, siblings, spouse/partner and children to satisfy as you continue the charade of happiness, conforming to a life you never really understood or even wanted in the first place.

Depending on the profession and level of the ladder you attain, there’s even more pressure piled upon you, as others see you as a beacon of hope (and cash). You can just imagine what that is like – living on the edge.

Photo by Ahmet Ali Ağır on Unsplash

Even if you are doing it purely for the love and fulfillment it brings to yourself and others, it can be perceived as ostentatious or showy for those who are striving and can’t find a way out beyond their state of being.

Even if they are happy and you appear happier simply by living your life by your own humble terms (though this is relative depending on how you’ve been socialized), this may pose a threat to the egos and esteem of humans, just by our very nature or baggage.

This is especially so if it seems effortless, or too easy for you. When in reality, if the other person digs deep enough, there may be several things that seem easy for them. In fact, some aspects of the way they live their life may hold the allure for countless others, including the person they are silently and grudgingly coveting.

If you’re (still) nodding, then I can (hopefully) rest my case as I know you’d want to attend this first nET-MIX at More Vino on Sunday 30th September. 

One where we can each carve a comfortable niche to bring sustained change and solutions to the gaps in our respective businesses or creative endeavors.

Surrounded by like-minds passionate about busting the illusion of competition which tears us apart from each other and our true purpose for choosing a business or career in the first place.

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I don’t have to quote cliches to reinforce what you already know in your hearts. But I will end this blog by paraphrasing these here classics:

There is strength in numbers. To achieve true and sustained greatness; we have to stand on the backs of our ancestors’ strength and legacy passed to each of us in our DNA, honouring and respecting our individual strengths and remaining open to the lessons.

True security + confidence in the prowess of your abilities and ‘wealth’ lies in having an open and willing mind and heart.

The surefire way to creating more and more abundance lies in helping others with whom you feel an affinity – ungrudgingly and without expectations or strings attached.

In this way, if the person disappoints or surpasses your level of perceived success, you would have already let go of that gift with love. I say perceived for the simple reason I identified above.

If you have already achieved success and you align with the above definition – which is to be a master of your ‘purposeful passion’ and genuinely serve others, then there will never be any contest. You won’t have to compare, defend or prove your worth.

It will be an accepted given because you have worked and continue to work for and towards it. In this way, no one can ever truly surpass you and it won’t matter because your heart, mind, body + soul is in alignment with your calling and passion.

The key is knowing when you have achieved true success. Figuring out what is your true ‘secret power’, learning to harness it, being in the right ‘space’ to be at one with your innate energy to attract more and more abundance by your very nature.

Remember your energy is a direct result of the company you keep, your environment/space which ultimately affects your mood, mindset and productivity.

Ever notice what makes you happy, uplifted, inspired and motivated? Observe the trends. What colours, clothes, people, places, foods and activities energizes you and what depresses, angers you or fills you with self doubt, self-loathing and regret.

You’d want to practice more of THOSE things and less of others, won’t you?

Net-Mix - SEP 2018_BLK

If the answer is yes and you have passionate ideas and solutions and want to be part of this pure, wholesome conversation, register by simply (sms) texting/emailing CHANGE along with your name and contact info to 798-8596/

You can also enter your info via this link. Feel free to share! See you on the inside 😉

My Endless Love,


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