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Hullo! Here’s to a good looking September 😉 If you believe yourself to be a master of your destiny, then it’s always a good idea to reflect and regroup so you can come back stronger than ever before.  

We’re now in September! Remember what this was like a year or two ago? How about a decade or 3 ago. The point I am trying to make is that if we don’t document/record what’s happening now, no matter how much you live in the moment to experience it fully, life is such that we may not remember it with such detail tomorrow.


MORAL: If you want to make tomorrow better than today, you have to be aware (or conscious/mindful) of what’s happening NOW.

This will better allow us to gauge what ‘we’ can each do to create a chain reaction of positive events to make our future ‘sustainably’ happier and more peaceful

Not only for us in this moment right here, right now. But for our kin, offspring, the planet and the others that will come after us to enjoy it.

CHANGE can never be truly effected by one or two people. (Stay with me …)

One person in a household or village can attempt to change. But without the moral or infrastructural support etc, the change will be for naught, since other variables will always diminish the progress (there, I said it. here.first 😉 )


Net-Mix - SEP 2018_BLK

I’m inviting YoU to nET-MiX with us on Sunday 30th September, 2018 from 6 pm at THE most relaxing venue with a lovely ambiance and service with a smile – which I’ll share more about as the days and weeks (and hours) go by.

The aim is for ‘us’ to find our way ‘home’ to freedom, bliss and amazingly great and meaningful adventures.

To connect YOUR bright ideas, with let’s just say (por ejemplo for example) the strategycohesiveness, know-howmotivation/passion, or expertise.

The Bigger goal is to set you apart from the other 7 billion (and growing) geniuses who already have (that latent power) within them to be their very BEST and fulfill their unique destiny, with their unique gifts (ideas) and expressions of such (in this life/plane/realm).



Once your internal fire is lit and you know who you are, what your strengths are, you’ll begin to attract who and what you need to get you where you need to go.

While we are programmed to compare our journey to others and crave quick fixes and results, this isn’t an overnight process.

Nor is it an easy or fun process (all the time). But here’s the twistOnce you begin growing your gifts + capabilities, there won’t be a soul that can rock your boat (for too long) because YOU are anchored on solid ground.

There won’t be a need for (stealthy) competition, a sense of inferiority or idea snatching since everyone will be digging deep to hone their individual gifts and be confident (not arrogant) in carving their own path (under the sun, moon or stars).


On my bucket list to read 🙂 photo credit


I’ll paint a visual to make the idea appear clearer. You know that feeling you get deep inside when you open the refrigerator and you find that the last pack of chocolate-covered-peanuts (or raisins) is gone?

With more genuine conversations to foster greater linkages and leads, we’d be able to develop the emotional muscles + positive reinforcements to flip the script. 

So when faced with a challenge or stumbling block of let’s use the same example of the loss of your snack, we can now say:

Let me see what I can make with these here healthy bananas + raisins that are just as great, but healthier 😉

You will find too that when it’s time for your own stars to align (in Divine Order), and it begins to spread within your close inner and outer circles, there will be no need to compete, defend, justify, rationalize or explain.

The reason for this is because the people who are your truest tribe of tribes will stand by and support you in several different ways. They may put off plans and even fight some of your battles [no.matter.what.] Sometimes without you even knowing. 

The real ones will also call you out on your own b*&lsh%t and doubts and internal conflicts, in a way that is pure and honest and helpful. You may wonder where all of this help + courage + resilience is coming from.

You’ll find the answer in your heart.

If you truly love yourself and understand your purpose in this world (which is to serve others), you will own up to your foibles, build upon your strengths and begin taking those baby steps toward that Bigger change.

But … 


photo credit –

The space around you must support it – whether it’s the people or the environment or tools etc. Otherwise you’ll be ‘spinning top in mud’ as we say in these parts over and over and over again. Like a broken record running yourself ragged.

When you bare your soul with the purpose for others to learn from your experiences and perceived mistakes (or once naive frailties), your path becomes clearer as others see you for who you really are.

When this begins to happen, you will be able to spot the real ones who are also pure and secure in embracing their truth. I’m sure there are some of you reading this who have been burnt (one time too manyby a trusted few who you allowed in to be a part of your most passionate dreams, ideas and years of hard work

Then for no apparent reason your dreams started to dwindle and dissipate as it lost speed. You find yourself giving and sharing and reinventing, but to no avail. It always seemed good for a time and then poof, it was no more.

You just couldn’t account for what exactly went wrong and when.

The thing is life is not always black + white, clear cut + simple.

The purpose of this event is to be able to grow the discernment to not only spot the signs, but nip them in the bud before it causes us time and money and collectively find a way to brainstorm plausible solutions for our respective fields.

What we experience in day-to-day life varies from field to field and person to person. What’s constant is that they are very real emotions that need a proper outlet and mode for release, because it will eventually manifest itself in very ugly ways. (And we all know what ugly looks like when we see it (yep, it’s not very pretty … to say the very least).

Not everyone understands (this journey and ‘struggle’) and can always offer solutions (even the ones most close to us). So a group that’s the right fit for what we all want to do and where we want to go can be the ‘magic’ elixir for the change we all crave.

A group that is open and respectful with the ability to respect boundaries and get to the root to effect consistent and lasting change for all involved.


photo credit –


If you believe you have some really potent ideas and solutions to pool and would like to join us for the first ever session of THIS kind (since it’s sort of a given that no one else has, or will ever have the exact voice, or DNA of this select group😉 you can simply text or email CHANGE to 798-8596/ or register via this link.

If you’d like to take part in the pop-up fun and showcase, or sell your nifty work, please indicate this in your communication to us as well.

We’ll then send you your road map of what to expect (in sum), who we’ll be targeting (in the first instance) along with payment options+directions to confirm your attendance.

If you’d like in, I gently recommend that you don’t sit-it-out and wait for the next one. Because as the old folks say, “make haste while the sun shines”, “the early bird catches the worm”, “no time like the present” and of course, the one we all hate to project about  — “tomorrow is promised to no-ONE”!

Let your tomorrow be promised! See you on the inside 😉


May your September and the rest of 2018 & beyond be a period of amazing revelations and abundance like never before seen, or expected.

Remember there can never be another like YOU (before, now or ever). So stay true to yourself, attracting what you need to fulfill your destiny and live YOUR version of happily ever after 😉

Side note: Once your feet are planted on solid ground and you know who you are, you can have some influence of control to be the master of your own destiny.

My Endless Love,

Carolyn xx

Stay tuned by subscribing at + other social media handles.

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