What the world needs is LOVE (:

Fridayyy-ness! Second weekend in August – already!

How’ve you been? On my end, I honestly expected August to bring some new epiphanies (aside from the showers we’ve been having in these parts).

If you’ve been following my blog (and also live in Trini-dad and Tobago), you’d probably know (by now) … that my event carded for the final Sunday in July (29th) was cancelled.

Photo by Tammy Duggan-Herd on Unsplash

Well, one cookie crumbles … another one waiting to be baked. What can I say? Your joy and success in life is all about how you see it. One person can assess one situation (or person) in one way and another can take a totally different outlook.

Even if you try to explain your reasoning and the other party seems to get it for just one day or week (or hour), it’s not your job to try to bang it into their heads until they do.

Photo by Kai D. on Unsplash

Ultimately everyone is gonna do what they want to do, if they want to do it (consistently for real change to occur) in their own timing.

You have to know what and who is worth your time and energy. What and who is really worth fighting for based on what you have done and what they have done, to determine if you want to continue ‘fighting’ and working for a healthy balance.

With that said, there are 2 major things I’ve realized that brings us humans together and also sets us apart. We all want acceptance + love (and talking about honesty. Let’s face it, we all want some ice-cream + cake to make life sweeter).

Photo by Harnish Ganatra on Unsplash


As babies we are born into this world – not always in the best circumstances. But no matter what, we all survived (the storm + flood) to this day for a reason.

Whether we got love or received love in the way in which we liked from birth to now, we are. here. today. We want to feel accepted and loved and for that to happen, we have to be honest (and brave) enough to embrace who we really are, in order to love ourselves unabashed.

Once we are ready to be HONEST with OURselves, we’d realize that we are not competing with anyone else and there’s enough of everything for everyone – just waiting to be discovered.

Once you are able to wrap your mind around that fact, there’s absolutely no reason to (continue) to prove or explain, defend or try to out-compete or emulate anyone else on this planet. WhY?

Because everyone has some unique quality, gift or attribute that sets them apart from everyone else. Once you can identify and accept that FACT, you can attract all the desires of your heart to your life at the right time. HOW?

Photo by Thomas Evans on Unsplash

By simply DOING YOU.

Yeah. It’s that simple. Just do you. Once you do you and begin to slowly; but surely attract the things and people to your life to achieve your deeper desires for love, happiness and acceptance, it’s gonna feel and seem easier and easier (effortless even).

Folks are gonna want to know just HOW you did it. They may even think it’s some kinda of sorcery. Or if you chant a psalm every day and sing kumbaya ’round a campfire.

They’re gonna wanna git them some of that secret juicy-juice that you seem to be drinking for brekkies and lunch and dinner. They’re gonna see you smiling and wanna know what you got that they don’t. But no.

Tell them, nope (no secret juice or superpower). The answer/not-so-secret-secret is YOU.

Photo by Casey Murphy on Unsplash

Tell them look within and what do you see? They may start to list things and people and gifts that even you don’t have.

You may even seem to feel a lil left out of the mix. But then, you go back home and BE STILL and REFLECT on your life and count list your own blessings and realize. Wait!

I am ME and YOU are YOU. We are both the same and different at the same time. But we may not want the same things (or even people and objects in our lives).

We may not have the exact same things, but what we do have makes us unique and special. And that my dear friends, is your (SECRET) Power.

The Power is YOU. Once you can harness and recognize your own power, you can be anything you want to be, go anywhere you want to go (in life) with consistent efforts, stillness and T-I-M-E (and well, work of course :). 

There’s a little extra something you need to know (not saying I’m the boss of life or anything, but as you evolve and grow, it’s easy to lose focus).

But remember to focus. Focus when the haters and doubting Thomases try to tear you down. Be still and keep remembering this:

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

You are YOU and they are them. Don’t get a swell head trying to defend by listing your gifts and accomplishments to them. Cos it really won’t matter … when all is said and done. 

What matters is that you recognize WHO you are (deep down), WHAT you are about and WHERE you want to go.

Ultimately life is not about measuring what anyone can do, or purchase that is greater than YOU or I.

Everyone is on a different leg of their journey.

People come in and out of your life. Objects too. But what’s ever present is you.

And that is the ‘secret’ to self-love and continuously attracting what you need in life to make you happy, at peace and abundantly fulfilled. No.matter.what.

Photo by Yash Raut on Unsplash

So quit explaining. Just STOP (me too!). Trust me, it’s just.not.worth.it. The time (esp this!). The energy. THE stress. Or your health (and esp this too!!).

Some people will never get it. Or simply thrive on pushing your buttons.

If your job/life purpose is to guide, then go right ahead and do that.

Just be sure to take time to find the receptive people who need + want your ‘guidance’ at the right times, since that can either make you or break you – literally.

So too is the company you keep and places you go to restore balance and inspiration.

This journey of growth is a continuous process, since due to the ebb and flow of life, we must also change. If we don’t learn to flex and change course as the tide changes, we’d become and remain stuck and unhappy. 

Lemme tell ya, those two ingredients are definitely not a good combo for sustained progress and joy in life!

Thank You for reading to THE END! Go where the LOVE IS + remember to do YOU!


Live LONG & Prosper! 

My Endless Love,

Carolyn xx

For more, you can find me HERE.

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