So I’m here!

It’s a new day and a new dawn. Yes, I know a tad cliche, but yup 40 has finally found me. And yes, I said it aloud out loud! Imagine 10 years ago I thought 30 was old, then when I finally got there, I realized I felt the same (basically) and I didn’t feel old.

The number just sounded BIG. In two blinks and a sneeze, 4-0! Woa Nelly :/

Photo by Sergei Solo on Unsplash

Yeh!! ME. 40 right?! I can see the heads nodding (in my imagination of course), especially if you’re already there and still can’t understand where the time n years went.

Even if you have achieved by society’s standards, it’s still kinda hard to process for various reasons. Say YEA! if ya feel me (in the comments of course;) ).

Photo by Wang Xi on Unsplash

And guess what? I feel even younger (and kinda look that way too if I do say so myself. But nope, other people have observed it).

I’m not saying all of this to be self-aggrandizing (or as my dad used to say to beat my own drum and dance it too). Au contraire (nope).

My point is: Everything is all in your head. Not in a paranoid way, but your reality is strongly dependent on the power of your thoughts.

Rather your ability to control them. (Managing your emotions is a totally different ball game which I’m not qualified to speak on.) 

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Many of us are given some sort of foundation, whether or not we believe it to be shaky or even a bit dysfunctional. Nobody’s life or family is perfect.

While we may say this to ourselves and others, it’s only when we dig deep to figure out what were the beliefs that made us into who we are now at whatever age/stage, we can go even further in, to fill the gaps in our lives that we are not comfortable.

Some of us may have large gaps, small gaps or even imaginary gaps. The beauty or horror of what we see physically or through our mind’s eye, lies in the lens thru which we look and where we sit.


If you stay within your frame of reference; whether it is your physical location (not necessarily zip code), your close circles (family+friends), your mode of learning or working, you will never push beyond the veneer to find your rightful place in this life.

While I am not a life, business or spiritual guru by any stretch of the imagination, I managed to follow some of the signs that eventually led me to where I not only wanted to go in life, but needed to go.

Some places and lessons I went kicking n screaming, but it was ultimately for my greater good.

I say all of this to paint a better picture that may bear some semblance or significance to your life situation and where you need to go to find growth and sustained joy on the other side.

How close and how long you wish to get/stay to your catalyst for growth is all up to you. Your discernment and comfort levels will determine what’s right for you at any particular stage of your journey.

I know it’s sometimes hard to discern and be brave enough to overcome those hurts and barriers (from our past/teachings/beliefs) that may be necessary to embrace the next step to take you where you have to go, but once you do you’ll be happy you did.

I’ve obeyed the signs, read the books, listened to the videos, took the advice, took calculated risks that paid off, played it safe and even went to school. But some of the greatest lessons in life are found in our shared tough/painful experiences.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

If we can step outside of our little Idaho (own reality), pain and hurt long enough to consider that there are greater sufferings in this world, then we can appreciate how great we may really have it.

By simply acknowledging and being constantly grateful for our blessings great and small, we’d be able to capitalize on those and create more abundance.

Then one day little by little, some way some how we’d be able to attract what and who we need to find the internal motivation, courage and ability to transcend our challenges to make our deepest desires a reality for the greater good of those around us.

With enough effort and patience, what we see will be what others see to effect our overall change that we all (silently) crave. I’m almost certain what we each crave is not chaos, discord, animosity and infighting over petty and superficial matters and objects. Rather sustained joy, peace, love and abundance to be contently filled.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

We’d stop looking over our shoulder to someone else’s experience to measure what we consider to be joy and abundance for us deep in our hearts.

Instead turn inward to find the strength to discard the false teachings from our mental space, to create a comfortable life that we want to live by our own terms – unabashed.

The energy around us will begin to slow to a peaceful hum of positivity and peace to FREE our minds permanently allowing for:

Non-analysis, non-judgement, non-comparison, non-competition and non-carbon copying.

We would no longer seek approval or validation from anyone to define what is our version of happiness, success or wealth.

We would BEGIN to tap into our true essence; water it and grow it into an undeniable expression of love and service (not in name only) that will bear fruit without a doubt.

Soon we’d be operating on auto-pilot, almost with effortless ease to truly live each moment embracing who we are deep inside.

We’d be genuine in our intentions and happiness for others, having the gift to discern what and who feels true and what/who does not – at any given moment.

We’d have the ability to be honest with ourselves, own up to our crap, accept our flaws, harness our strengths and create the inner and outer environment to finally start doing what we say and saying what we 

Cheers to life and embracing our truths 😉

My Endless Love,

Carolyn xx

Photo by Josh Bean on Unsplash

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