This ‘crazy’ thing called life …

Originally written Circa – January 21, 2011. My! This thing called life. Ain’t it crazy-ironic-magical-magnificent-painful-blissFul?! That is, if you’re able to manage it, change your perspective and not fall through the rabbit hole of life…

This post is a bit unorthodox for a blog of this nature, but here I am to see where this rambling takes me. This week was interesting …

Sometimes during the monthly-months of a woman’s life, weird hormonal changes take place …. and this month was an exceptionally, bumpy and random roller-coaster ride.

Photo by Alice on Unsplash

One minute you’re feeling one thing, then the next minute you shift focus and change your mind like changing radio stations. It’s like your hormones are controlling your mind until you realize that wait a minute I am supposed to be in control here!

Photo by Nicholas Bui on Unsplash

Then another minute, you’re unusually angry at the person that cut you off in traffic and shouting to the top of your lungs (thank God your windows are up most times) and you’re wondering if this is an excuse to vent for all the things that have upset you over the past few hours.

People at work piss you off unusually so because of their deceit and ridiculously silly questions that are supposed to be obvious to the average intelligent person.

Thoughts of changing professions fleet in and out of your consciousness as you answer yet another request for a job letter, vacation leave balance or purchase order signed.

Last but not least, the Siberia-like temperatures you had to endure indoors for the past two weeks because of a newly installed air-conditioner is becoming unbearable and irritating to say the least while your complaints go on deaf ears.

After the second week however, while you can’t imagine winter being much worse than this (though you are certainly dressed for it with your jacket and scarf however dramatic); fourth cup of tea and millionth trip to the little girl’s roomyou learn to grit and bear it despite the runny nose and raised pores.

While all of this may seem extreme, it is not the norm and it suddenly hits you as you’re driving home that life is great despite all the pitfalls!

have a job that pays my bills and keeps me busy.

Photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash

I have people around me that make me smile; laugh at times (or loan me Maroon 5’s latest album – Hands all over!), and give me good advice when the need arises (though I am becoming too dependent upon it lately).

I have customers that make me exercise my patience, diplomacy and versatility as a professional and provide good practice for entrepreneurship later on.

These experiences also provide the impetus to find areas to maximize my innate talents and skills.

The deceit makes me appreciate the eccentricities of human nature that exist in our world and make provisions for it in my daily interactions.

The early mornings that gets me out of my warm bed, makes me appreciate sunrise and other blessings from above.

While the traffic affords me time to plan my day, think about my goals and much needed down time to sort out my tribulations (one can choose to look at the begrudging walk on the treadmill that way too).

It also makes me appreciate my blessings of mobility, comfort and convenience, such that I don’t have to take the bus, multiple taxis or walk to where I’m going.

The influx of emotions and energy levels all make life exciting and gives me endurance.

ed-jonson-711266-unsplash (1).jpg
Photo by Ed Jonson on Unsplash

Most of all I am grateful for the wonderful people and friends around me everyday at work, home and in-between that colour my days and nights with their uniqueness and energy.

Life is really a blessing and every day I thank God that I am alive and well.

The routine may get tiresome at times, but when the bigger picture is viewed from a distance … the sight is like the scenery at night from a hilltop … absolutely breathtaking with all of the individual lights that shine down and sparkle for the world to see.

Hope you’re enjoying your view from whatever corner of the world you’re at or time zone you’re in! © Peace. 

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Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

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