The ‘magic’ is You

There’s something familiar about cleaning out your closet and finding old relics. Many of us find pleasure in various activities throughout our lives. If we are blessed enough to live to three score and ten in more or less good health, we would realize much changes.

Not that I am there yet, but I was able to live vicariously through my parents.

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

As a child growing up, I never had the opportunity to get acquainted with either of my grandparents. Mainly because of the fact that I was what my parents referred to as a lagniappe (which is the French colloquial connotation of ‘a little something extra’ – being born more than a decade after my siblings).

That would also explain why I always thought when you got ‘old’, you became decrepit and senile. Of course, I realized this was far from the truth since nowadays some folks seem to be drinking from the fountain of youth. I’ll try to explain why I think this is so …

Photo by Jesus Santos on Unsplash

At school, we had to visit an old folks home once a month, cook meals and spend time with the ladies there. I often dreaded those visits and wondered how come the other girls could relate to the ladies so well.

Flash forward to many years later, I watched my own parents become virtually my grandparents before my eyes! In fact, many people mistook me for their grandchild lol

I was surprised to find that seeing them age did not bother me in the least and I did not have that old feeling, when I viewed other elderly people in my younger years.

Odd, but true.

The things that I would have once considered gory, cumbersome, or even scary became like second nature at times for me. The message I am trying to convey is that once a man, twice a child and our thoughts have a role to play in all of this.

I’m sure many of us would have lost people close to us, and we ourselves never expected some of the experiences to happen to us in quite this way (so soon or late at times).

I remember things said growing up that I watched manifest within recent years. I shudder at the thought of history repeating itself, if we collectively don’t guard our thoughts, words and actions. (This is actually in part stated in one of the Holy books).

I know it may be easier said than done, if there are constant triggers in our environments or social circles that precipitate those habitual actions/mindsets. 

Photo by Zachary Spears on Unsplash

What it means to be Mind-Ful/Conscious

Photo by MILKOVÍ on Unsplash

A few years ago, I was introduced to the new age concept in spirituality known as mindfulness.

You can say this holds the key to our sustained peace, joy, abundance and success in life.

As with most things, it must be practiced consistently to be effective.

Though I did not delve deeply, I think I was (innately) practicing this on some scale from a young age. However conditions did not allow for maximum effect.

From time to time, (what I think to be) weird and random thoughts pop into my head.

I sometimes dismiss them, only to find out further afield that other people had these same thoughts and it’s actually a concept!

My random thought for today is this (it’s a Biggie, get ready for it).

I wondered ………… What if no one is really happy for a sustained period?

What if some are happy in the moment, but when they return to their normal life’s routine, they really have this void within?

I really became fixated on the thought that few people are honestly really happy for most of their life. That’s why they assign value to symbols: material objects,  positions, credentials and people to give them a temporary fix (to find joy).

At the time, they may not even know it’s a placebo, since sometimes we as human beings consciously and subconsciously bring this upon ourselves and other people. 

Other times, these things do improve the quality of our lives, but it’s not the surefire way to joy or success if we can’t apply them to benefit others. For it is often said, that many times the act of giving actually makes us more joyful than receiving, since our purpose on this earth is to serve others.

(The flip side is that it must be joyful and not reproachful giving. In other words, if you don’t really want to (at that point in time at least), just don’t, because it won’t have the same effect and people can tell).

Personally, the last few years were some of the toughest of my life for various reasons and I had literally

Then it all came to a crashing halt last year; though many people looking in and within my social circles never noticed what was really wrong, or rather that there was ONE main and very HUGE trigger.

I could not understand it.

I guess because somehow they found joy in my company? Some knew the truth and to this day we are still pretty tight, so I know the ‘love’ is unconditional.

Even when I crawled into my temperamental ‘hole’, they still found me, brought me back to life and welcomed me with open arms. Only certain people have that ability in your life. You will know when it feels right. Weird, but true. Do you have any friends like that?

How I found the ‘secret elixir’ to lasting joy

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

September however, is when I learnt to be truly happy in my own company.

Despite the reminders of the source of the pain and the environmental triggers, somehow my inner joy was able to rise above the surface-emotions of hurt, anger/rage and betrayal.

Through a process of venting with close family and friends; spending time in silent reflection, meditation and prayer, I was able to crawl out of that place of hurt that was preventing me from producing, progressing and socializing closer to my optimum levels.

Nature also helped me to recharge, appreciate and feel the beauty and love of Creation.


I was able to better discern who was true and what was important.

I was able to determine what I wanted and how to get it.

I was able to create a plan and start putting it into motion.

Soon, I was once again attracting (and manifesting as they say) what and who I needed to bring me closer towards my goals of more sustained joy, peace and abundance.

Well, September ended and we’re now in April of a brand new year (2018) and guess what? My joy is still here. Yah know what they say, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

‘Mania’ is fleeting … but true joy is eternal once you know where to find it.

I still have some things to work through; but FYI I also lost over 10 lbs, I’m a little more fit (and flexible) without going to a gym or diet pills I may add, my 2 grey hairs are gone and I’m singing myself silly in between the spaces of my thoughts and my next Big idea!

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Until next time. Cheers to the weekend!

Endless Love,

Carolyn xx


  1. Growing older, I reflect on these thoughts and know I’ve heard it before, but when you hear it anew it always strikes a chord! Thanks for sharing once more!


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