Ladies, this one is for You.

chelsea-ferenando-201352-unsplashTo Women everywhere setting the standard for excellence in values, integrity, talent, professionalism, nurturing and TRUE SISTERHOOD…I tip my hats to you lovely, selfless ladies!

Keep on keeping on, because the world needs You! ‘Press for Progress’ is declared the 2018 theme for International Women’s Day (and by extension week).

My interpretation is for women to collectively and ‘authentically’ help each other find their rightful places in this world, exhibiting their gifts in the best light.

I’ll just say this from my small ‘space’ on the internet … Ladies you sooo Rock! Uh-huh! Yeah, you do 

brooke-lark-194253-unsplashIt’s just for you to allow yourselves to be guided towards unearthing that beautiful talent, soul, conviction and fortitude that lies buried underneath the years of self-doubt, self-hatred, hurt and bashfulness due to circumstances we have all fueled as a human society.

ONLY YOU are ultimately responsible for how you are viewed and treated…Don’t succumb to the temptations to conform to a world that does not represent you or your values.

Thank you to all the lovely women and menfolk that have helped and continue to help me along my journey and make me less cynical in a world where it is so easy to become jaded and lose speed…

My Endless Love,

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