One month down … 11 more to go!

Sooo we’re here already! One month down in the not-so-new-year 2018.

Hmm … let’s see what happened in January? 


Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

After a world wind 2017 that almost knocked many people to their feet (myself included), I think I recovered quite nicely if I can be so bold to say.

I mean, I still have a way to go … but with baby steps I’ll get there.

I know you keep hearing me thanking my friends (if you read my blog) … but wow! My faith and you guys had me at hello … literally.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Some of you I’ve grown closer to, more than others.

Simply because of how our lives have interwoven and morphed over the years; due to different priorities, life changes and such.

But I really do love you guys … way more than you’d ever know!

As we go through the different stages of our respective journeys, some of us may drift apart.

Then one day … who knows; we may drift back together, perhaps even closer than ever.

It happens.

What I do know, is that each of you have touched my life over the years in a very unique, special and potent way.

In my quiet moments, I tear up when I think about it (in fact, right now, I’m holding back the tears). The reverse is also true because I do remember you in my prayers as I acknowledge the intrinsic good in all of you.

It’s kinda interesting how I seem to connect to certain people instantaneously and form lasting connections. 

Each time I see/speak to you and I realize the connection is still as strong as ever despite the distance, I realize how lucky I really am to have people that care so much.

I guess the law of attraction aligns the stars for the universe and/or God to bring you exactly who and what you need at the right times.

Photo by Amy Humphries on Unsplash

They say the eyes are the window to our souls and (not to sound cheesy); but when I look into the eyes of certain people, it’s as though it is telling me a story without words (even the ones I do not know that well).

I guess that’s why I’m a writer, beneath the tough veneer lies an emotional softy and hopeless romantic.

So without recalling each high and perceived low moment of January 2018, I will say this … I’ve finally captured this thing called joy. The peace part I’m still working on.

Through it all; I can safely and accurately say that I enjoyed almost every day this month brought. I laughed my pants off and made almost all those around me laugh (even my mum and she’s a tough nut to crack). 

Here’s to January … thanks so much! To February, I say: ‘let’s play some ball!’ 😉

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With all my Endless Love,

Carolyn xx


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