Sawdust Plus: The best of both worlds

Hey all, as another Sunday rolls around, we’re on the brink of the Christmas holidays. I’ve been making my list and checking it twice and realized that I have built so many solid relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs, since beginning this journey three years ago! 

Likewise, I’m sure after careful consideration, you won’t have to look too far for similar blessings in your life. I believe that reciprocity is the essence of any business or personal relationship. As such, I will be acknowledging the greatness of a few more entrepreneurs with whom I share an affinity and consider to exemplify good work ethic and prowess.

The third entrepreneur is someone I have grown to know over the past four years. We met at a networking event and he was one of the few people with whom I kept in contact. When we met up after the event, I realized that I had attended university with his sister! Talk about six degrees of separation.

The result were customers in each other, support systems, confidants and very likely friends for life. Of course, I cannot and will never forget: The most beautiful hand-crafted inch-by-inch work space I have ever seen (here’s a peek)!

Most people’s jaws drop when I tell them it’s not store bought! (I wish my Dad could have seen it before he passed, since woodworking was his first love, but I’m sure he’s looking on from yonder ;).


Renaldo Alcala has a long list of talents and credits to his name, especially being an entrepreneur for over a decade. The owner of Sawdust Plus is a self-taught craftsman, that always credits his alma mater St. Anthony’s College and MIC Institute of Technology (formerly Metal Industries Company) for his foundation. You can say the degree of precision and perfection in his craft is sheer art.

He fell in love with gourmet desserts which was his first taste of business. Baking since the age of seven, he made the business official in 2005. His specialties included Nanaimo Bars and pound cake.

Other decadent delights were millionaire bars and the most mouthwatering apple and lemon meringue pies you have ever tasted, all packaged in the most enticing manner.

His clients’ satisfaction acted as his catalyst to continue the flexible, rewarding and at times challenging entrepreneur lifestyle. However, in order to maximize sustainability, he had to diversify his brand, since his largest customers and orders mainly came in at holiday time.

He has since passed on most of the baking elements of the business to his two nieces, while still managing orders for his major clients on special occasions.

Alcala formed Sawdust Enterprises in 2010 where he designs creations via 3D imaging and crafts furniture and other signature woodworking pieces. 

His clients enjoy the best of both worlds, as they can actually see what their project would look like before a single piece of wood is cut.


As the good news spread; his clientele expanded through referrals for his intricate, unique and state-of-the art designs that you would usually associate with high-end furniture chains and creations as seen on HGTV and architectural magazines.

The secret to being in business this long is more than meets the eye. The entrepreneur’s impeccable customer service, work ethic and aftercare is what allows for repeat business.

Green Steel Spaces is his latest creation and dream business which is the design, outfitting and creation of containerized homes or ‘pods’ which is popular in Europe and North America.

With an idea in his head, a pencil and pad in his hand and his computer and the ocean as his muse, Renaldo’s work ethic is simple:

“Listen more, talk less and place the customer’s needs first. Your only competition is with your former self.”

For more, contact or +1 (868) 768-6105.


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