NOB IT Solutions: Soon-to-be the Caribbean’s Microsoft?

Happiest of Sundays to you! If you guys were following my blog, two posts ago I mentioned that I will be doing a special mini-promo as a way of saying thank you to three entrepreneurs that I consider to be exceptionally, talented professionals.

I consider someone a true professional when they are great at what they do, as measured by their ability to explain anything you ask of them, without missing a beat (or bravado).

Most importantly, repeat business is guaranteed by the level of service delivered, since many SMEs literally fall down in that area…sometimes without ever being fully aware.

The sad part is that many people settle for crappy, unprofessional service, because we think that we have no choice. That’s why we are here to light your path by introducing you to the ones that are truly great, but sometimes go undiscovered.

While we are always learning new ways to perfect our craft; research, originality and humility are the keys to unlocking our truest potential.

My next featured trailblazer personifies all of these things and from the first day we met, we knew instantly that we were kindred souls. 

I was a referral of a referral and needless to say;  two years later, we are still friends and business advisers 🙂 Our phone calls always begin on the premise of lasting only five minutes (since as creatives we get consumed with our work).

Then the minute and second hands on the clock rotate at warp speed, as we feed off each other’s knowledge and passion 🙂

Without further ado, I’ll introduce you to entrepreneur #2.

image (1)

Photo credit – Carolyn K. Correia (c) 2017


NATALIE O’BRIEN is the founder and lady behind NOB IT Solutions.

The self-taught web genius is the young woman with the quiet, but distinct voice and larger-than-life mind, filled with wisdom and experience spanning over a decade.

A pro at (computer) networking, as well as software and programme development learnt from her years as a webmaster, Natalie’s first love remains web development.

Her company NOB IT Solutions was founded in 2010 and born out of the desire to provide cutting edge IT solutions to small and micro-businesses at a time where it was crucial. 


Her intricate knowledge is evident when she speaks about building websites from the back-end using HTML code – which I’m sure your ‘daddy’ could remember 😉


image (2)There’s a stark difference in her final product, when compared to the seemingly cheaper and quick-fix alternatives. 

I know it’s tempting when on a shoe-string budget, but you really have to know your stuff to obtain a professional look.

You can try, but be warned!


Here are some of her services:

  • Web Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Software Development
  • Software/Web Support Services  


Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

What’s RAM, GB, bandwidth, plug-ins and web hosting you say?

No need to be fearful of technology and the ever-changing IT industry!

Natalie’s personable, patient and humble disposition will make all those cool sounding, but complicated technical jargons and concepts seem like child’s play – even to the non-IT brain.

As an SME herself, she is passionate about seeing entrepreneurs thrive. Her skilled team will take you by the hand and walk you through each step.

They will provide implementation and follow-up consultancy services, until you are able to function on your own. If you opt to hire them on a retainer basis, they will continue to work with you remotely – hassle free.

NOB IT Solutions will guarantee your brand comes to life on the world stage with a sleek, modern design and sharp content that gets results.each.and.every.time.


Photo by Eloise Ambursley on Unsplash

Packages are value-added and designed to simplify your daily functions

This includes: invoicing, receipts, payroll, HR, rostering, email and more. They will equip you with the tools and training to keep it trending.


Her latest passion project is a Business Intelligence (BI) software.

This is designed to analyze a company’s raw data: past, current and predictive and manage all aspects of your business’ operations, from finance to sales (CRM), operations, HR, marketing, e-commerce and web solutions.

She shared this and more when I interviewed her for an article that was published in one of the local newspapers back in November 2015 and boy did she make waves!


I can only speak from experience and trust me, I can’t fake it very well. Natalie is the REAL DEAL. After one consultation with her, it’s a done deal. The proof is in the pudding. You can check out my site that she built here:

Can you keep a secret? Come close: Between you and me, it’s only a matter of time before Natalie and NOB IT Solutions is the Microsoft of the Caribbean 😉 Remember I said it first!

This phenomenal woman (yes she IS!) also loves to dance, cook, work-out at the gym, cycle and all things outdoors.

She launched her craft store NOB Designs in 2016, where she sells most things related to crochet and also teaches classes.

Her dream is to one-day-not-far-away, open a chain of Bread and Breakfast hotels across the Caribbean. She has great discipline, determination and pure intentions, so I know it’s already in the stars 😉

All the very best to you my friend. Carpe Diem!

Photo credit – Carolyn K. Correia (c) 2017 

You can contact NOB IT Solutions at 868-682-1455/ to set up your FREE 30-minute consultation. You won’t have to look any further for web support.


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