Paperclip Media: Not another ad agency, but a Brand Storytelling Machine

Hey all…I’ve been wanting to do this for some time – for a select few of my kindreds as a way of saying: “Thank you, I appreciate you and I truly admire the work that you do.”

I chose these three because I consider them subject-matter-experts and true masters at what they do and it’s only a matter of time before they evolve into even more greatness.

I’ll tell you why.

They do what they do for the genuine love of their craft [no-strings-attached], simply because of the fulfillment it brings to themselves and others. 

They exhibit exceptional customer service, work ethic, talent, originality, passion, humble confidence, knowledge, insight, experience and dedication.

‘Authenticity’ is understood!

Photo by Jean Gerber on Unsplash

First up, is Jason Marcano: The powerhouse behind his brand Paperclip Media.

Many people (esp in our culture) like to know the back story, so I’ll tell you how weJason photo 2 - Copy became friends…I first met Jason many moons ago when we volunteered our time as a Production Assistant on a popular local TV show.

Things were so busy on the set, that we barely spoke (!), but reconnected via a blog promo for the 2016 launch of my Book Talk & Jazz event.

He along with several others responded and attended my shows, because somehow my story ignited an inner fire to kickstart their true passion and purpose (even if it was by starting small).

Do you have one of those friends that even though distance and time divide, you’all are tuned into the same frequency, so when you do speak it’s as though no time has passed?! When you do call on them, they’ll try to help or at least point you in the right direction? That’s Jay 🙂

Here’s HIStory … The story of how Paperclip Media was borne.

paperclip_text logo2 - Copy

If I asked you what is your brand, would you be able to tell me in 5 words or less?

How about if I asked you to describe yourself in ONE sentence?

Essentially, that’s a brand. Whether or not you are fully aware, we all represent something. Your opinions, your belief systems, your deportment, mannerisms and how you speak, all shape who you are and what you are about.

That’s how people form opinions about you and many times, it sets the pace for their interactions with you. If you own a business, you represent your brand every day at times unknowing: at a party, wedding, church convention, even at the doctor’s office.Marcano gives a smile of approval for the good job done by the actors at a shoot in Mayaro for the 2nd Caribbean Science and Agriculture Film and Video Competition

Based on the nature of your business; you may have an even greater responsibility to keep up appearances and conform to the norm, since all eyes are always on you.

But really and truly; you are you, and the choice is yours to decide what’s best for your brand, while keeping it real and still represent in a positive and constructive way.

It is said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. Well imagine what a well-crafted video or short film/documentary can do when it is used to tell a story…

His company produces content to tell the story behind your business. Brand Storytelling is still pretty new and not many companies of this nature exist.

Marcano adjusts the exposure at a shoot in Mayaro for the second Caribbean Science and Agriculture Film and Video Competition “Adding Value to Local Foods”For Jason, advertising was always in his blood and it’s only natural that he embarked on brand storytelling as a career.

He formed Paperclip Media in 2016 to assist entrepreneurs, since he says it’s so easy for SMEs in particular to get ‘lost-at-sea’ with the plethora of content circulating on the web. 

Two of his films were selected for screening at the local film festival with ‘Silver Dollar’ which he co-wrote being nominated for Best Short Film in 2013.

He also won first place at TT’s Securities Exchange Creative Expression Competition in 2016.

As a marketing professional; his advice to clients is to strategize and identify their core values and beliefs, so as to distinguish their brand from the ‘competition’.

In reality, there is no competition, since each brand represents something unique.

His company tell the stories of entrepreneurs; by connecting those core values to their ideal customers, since he says, ‘people buy feelings and emotions, rather than products’.

“At Paperclip Media, our goal is to tell your story in an entertaining and emotive way, so it connects with your ideal audience on a deeper level, rather than trying to force a sale with someone who may not wish to be sold.

It’s about building a relationship and establishing brand loyalty, so that customers feel ‘at home’ when they purchase from you.

I’ve seen customers walk away with more clarity about what their business is about after a consultation with us here at Paperclip Media. That’s our reason for being and the premise on which our company is built.”

For more info on Paperclip Media, you can connect on Facebook and Instagram or  via


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