November Remember!

HAPPY November everybody!!!!

The countdown is on to the end of the year! Ohhhh Ahhh 🤗

You know what? It’s a new month and I’ll just share this…

LOVE, passion and purpose are like first cousins, but what would it take for you to bare your heart first?!

Whether platonic or romantic…

Here, I’ll go first… I heart you 😂😘

Okay, seriously … I  You.

Just stopped by to say thank you for following my journey, reading my blogs, articles, purchasing my books and attending my events.

It has been a wonderment of humbling epiphanies, mixed with pleasure and joy interacting with and serving you.

You make my dreams come true; as it truly fills me up and lights my soul afire to know that I am adding value, inspiration or fun in some way to another person’s life, even in my perfectly, imperfect state.

And that’s really the purpose/meaning of life.

Life is short.
Go where the love is.
Ask questions. Seek the answers.
Take calculated risks.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed or guilty for being human; having bad days, or even acting a little ratchet sometimes 😁😐

Pretending to be perfect is like holding in gas, it’s not natural and it’ll get you sick.

Sometimes you just have to let it rip, because life is not perfect. (But please learn to control it, depending on where you are okay! 😎🤗😂)

Shit happens, times get rough and people do shitty things, sometimes for no reason.

The important thing is that you learn the lessons and find your catharsis and growth, while staying true to yourself.

Be patient with yourself and stay true to the ones who are true to you.

Love yourself enough to know who those people are and don’t accept anything less than what you deserve.

When you truly know yourself and accept all parts of you – good and bad; it’s only then you can bare all and love another wholeheartedly, without fear of the outcome, or unrealistic expectations.

It was Alfred Lord Tennyson who first said,

“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

Go where the love is.light

Endless Love,
Carolyn 😘🤗🎅



  1. The universe often times pours blessings on those of us who are lovers, for we receive love in return, though not always directly from the persons who we give our love to.


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