Weekend Musings

Don’t be afraid to be your natural yourself and speak your mind (within reason and at the right times/situations/forums of course, depending on how much you stand to risk/lose … and who is within earshot LOL).

Lose the shoes…(if necessary!)
Lose the (Xtra) make-up/add-ons at EVERY turn (beauty is skin deep)
Lose the false pretenses
Lose the fake halo and the pedestal ppl place you upon
Lose the delusions of grandeur (material things/position don’t maketh man)
Lose the fake friends etc

Make NO excuses for speaking THE truth or YOUR truth ..

Don’t apologize for your ‘out-of-the-box’ personality and/or lifestyle

Don’t feel bad or left out either (this is not Gilligan’s island!). You will find your ‘tribe’ once your heart is in the right place and you learn to ‘roll with the punches’.

But learn how to deport yourself appropriately for each situation (without losing the essence of who you are)

The real/true ones will always see the real you/your deeper character and worth and stick by you in good times and bad

Photo by Amos Bar-Zeev on Unsplash

Don’t ignore your intuition and the glaring lights and bells that SCREAM to you that this situation or person is wrong for you.

It could be THE WORST decision of your life resulting in wasted time, energy (and pain).

Weigh the track record and make your list….the pros and cons …Retreat into silence and therein you will find your answer, healing and catharsis.

Do not accept substandard treatment because you are lonely or think your foibles justify bad treatment…Know your worth.

Speak up and trust that better is on its way. If there’s no shaping up, the ship will have to sail.

Oh and eat the cake (or in my case, drink the tequila (at mi casa  )

Cheers to the weekend (;

Endless Love,
Carolyn xxx


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