1. Carolyn, your post is spot on! Enjoyed reading it. You bare your heart and soul for us. I do appreciate your refreshing honesty.

    About us Trinbago people. Sad to say we play games all the time. The blame game especially.

    It’s so true, culturally we avoid everything and commit to nothing, except a fete and a good lime. In business, this can be a real downer, because if we hold others to our high standards of being and doing, in vitally we get disappointed, however, I soldier on, separating the jokers from the few whose word is their bond.

    Love + Light

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    • Thanks so much for your comment Kathleen. I am glad that someone else shares my view and is willing to speak up. I know I may have offended some people but it’s the truth and we try to evade the truth because it hurts. We get comfortable because it’s been happening so long and it has now become accepted as the norm that cannot be changed. But yes, we have to really push through and be consistent, even if it means exploring different areas and territories to achieve our business goals. I do not ever profess to be religious, but I do believe that once you cover yourself every moment of the day and give thanks, the Lord would provide for your needs giving you the protection, guidance and deliverance to get where He wants you to go. Thanks again and all the best in business, life and family. xxx


  2. Carolyn, Thank you for sharing your Self with us! such vulnerability only comes from one who understands self acceptance and the impact it can have on the world. Non-direct/Evasive approach is definitely cultural…and you know what I say, everything goes back to Self Love…or lack of. It’s only when we can accept and love ourselves completely, we can speak our truth! This culture has been trained to not speak up. From a tender age… “Speak when you’re spoken to”, Don’t talk back”, “Shut up, big people talking” “Hush your mouth, I’ll give you something to cry for”… and sadly, in this day and time, I’m still hearing those destructive conversations towards children. Those are messages that leads to low self esteem. We have to be retrained to forgive our imperfections…that it’s OK to make mistakes, to allow ourselves to say “I messed up, I’m sorry, I forgot, etc” if we can’t forgive ourselves for our shortcomings, how can we even ask for forgiveness from others. If we can’t even deal with our own feelings of sadness, hurt, shame, etc. how can we recognize that our behavior continues to hurt the other person, which is not our intention!
    So don’t apologize for being direct….nothing changes unless we’re willing to deal with it! Your Sister in Self-Love

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  3. Wow…thank you Ann Marie …spoken like a prophetess! I am so glad that so many beautiful people like yourself have crossed my path and we connected in a real way so we can learn from each other’s journey and life experiences. Many people in this enlightened day think that [only] material things bring you joy, fulfillment and abundance … and to use local parlance “dey reach” so they can’t learn anything from anybody that are seemingly not as affluent or “successful” or as “authentic” as they think they are…But life is really about perspective and as I always say beauty and success and happiness lies in the eyes of the beholder. I just smile and nod and pretend to be oblivious and thank my creator for His continued favor and abundance, knowing that everyone will be rewarded accordingly…in all the ways that count. “When that which is perfect comes, that which is in part will be done away with…” 1 Corinthians 13:10

    Endless Love xxx


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