Nothing to prove

In just a few days, I will be one year older. At the start of last year, I felt as though my whole world began to change. A sea of emotions washed over me as life happened…

Peaks and valleys.

Storms and rainbows.

Extreme euphoria and at times the depths of despair.


Part of it had to do with the death of my Dad two years before; other times the change in the dynamics of family relationships. Part had to do with my own personal relationships with people in my life and other factors such as my career and business. 

A large part had to do with me and the changing me. How I react and deal with change, stress, conflict, deceit – how I manage my emotions and my ability to let things ‘go’/slide.

Dreams do come true

I saw my gifts manifested and my lifelong dreams come to life. I watched the impact my work had on others from all demographics, countries and walks of life. This started as far back as 2008, but something happened along the way to make it become very real. 

Sometimes I am not fully cognizant of this until my clients and total strangers point it out, almost on a weekly basis. I’m really taken aback, because I try to not make a big fuss since these things come so naturally to me and I feel as though I have much more to give and loads more work to do to reach my zenith.

You manifest reality with your thoughts

Funny how things happen.

This week I had a few scheduled appointments and meetings and in between those spaces of time, I kept running into people I know – some were on my mind for some time and others just divinely appeared.

An impromptu breakfast and lunch and drinks all in one week with different people!

Like yesterday I ran into an old co-worker and we ended up having drinks…

Here’s the funny thing: he kept telling me I was selling myself short and I just couldn’t get it. He gave me this odd parable about the behavior of other women he meets on a daily basis in his profession and 24 hours later I am still trying to connect the dots. He spoke of ‘my good heart and my humility’. Maybe I do, but I still have flaws like everyone else.

I said to myself,

“Self: Is it that I am supposed to speak with bravado and brag about my accomplishments and milestones so as to be regarded as a subject-matter-expert so others will take me seriously?!”

Nothing to prove

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Hmm. I think my interactions and the results my work brings speak for itself.

I tell folks that I am a work-in-progress and I am flawed just like everyone else.

Sometimes I am in awe how the blessings keep rolling in and the stars seem to all align in my favor, despite my imperfection! While some things in my life are not what I want it to be, I’m grateful for the good things and this really opens the door for more abundance.

Each week I meet people at times that are simply just blown away, not only when I tell them what I do, but just by the passion and fire in my eyes when I speak. And I just smile and nod. Our energies connect and we see the intrinsic beauty in each other.

Sometimes just from one interaction, I walk away with a lasting friendship, a new customer or a collaboration of some sort. I can’t explain it.

Here’s 4 Lessons I have learnt as I get older:

  1. Keep your mouth shut more often and deal with your issues yourself. People always want to help, but almost always form/offer some judgement/advice which is relative to their experience since it’s impossible to know all the details of your story.
  2. As I said earlier, you attract what you think. So start thinking thoughts of abundance rather than lack and watch it manifest. If that specific thing does not happen, it’s not meant for you or there is some form of blockage.
  3. Do good and good will follow you. Give until you feel it.
  4. Be grateful – even when you think there’s nothing to be grateful for…there is always something you have that someone else earnestly wishes for…you are blessed beyond measure.

Guys I have so much more to say…there’s so much happening every day, but there’s only so much seconds to a day….please feel free to reach out and comment if you will like to chat with me one-on-one.

I have lots of exciting news to announce soon, so stay tuned.

Remember life is short and unpredictable…So ‘don’t worry, be happy.’ Make it count!

Endless Love,
Carolyn xo

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