It’s July! What’s on your bucket list?!

Hello wonderful readers,

It was my intention to post one more blog before the month of June ended, but such is life. It’s now July and I am happy to be in your inbox on this very special first day.

Happy Birthday (in advance) to all the July babies.

I have a confession: Ya know those cool T-shirts that those mega stars like Shakira and Beyoncé made famous recently – ‘Queens are born in July’ etc.?

Well, *wink wink* I would luv me one of those 😉 

So guys, this here blog is just a quick note to say I really appreciate you reading…although some of you don’t ever comment!

When I get to talk to you via phone or meet you in person though, I feel honored to know that I have at least captured your interest and have inspired you in some way.

For my international readers around the world, some of you I have had the pleasure of meeting in Trinidad (and Tobago) – it sure is an honor as well, since for some of you, English is not your first language and you are even more vocal! 🙂


Ladies and gents – this is the 7th month of the year. Wow! Soon it will be Christmastime again. Don’t let another year pass by without checking off at least one item on your life’s bucket list.

Whether it is getting more fit,

eating healthier (or drinking less!),

learning to play a sport or an instrument,

following your passion (even if it’s in your spare time),

travelling to another country/island/learning more about your native country,

Or, simply leaving your mark and shining your light to everyone you meet, just by your passion, compassion, empathy, joy or respect.

I’ll tell you how…

You walk into a public restroom or you’re in the supermarket aisle and you simply say ‘thank you’ or smile with the cleaners or attendants.

Why? Because they may be having a crappy day and a customer treated them disrespectfully. Or they may just feel stuck in a job that is not them, but cannot do better at this moment or just don’t know how.

Your smile could brighten their entire day and give them hope to do their job more passionately.


One of our biggest mistakes in life, is stereotyping people because they don’t look like us or share our background. Or we’ve had bad experiences in the past and we think they want something from us or are out to hurt or deceive us.

But people are people everywhere you go and you may be surprised how similar you are underneath it all.

Fundamentally, we share the same DNA and our energies connect with diverse people in an amazing, amazing way…if only we would step outside of our comfort zones, put aside our pride and fears and ego and biases… and just LIVE and share and give of ourselves.

There’s this beautiful hymn we sang at school (and church when I used to go lol). It goes something like this:

“Freely, freely you have received, freely, freely give… lalalalalalaala”

Its message runs deep and is the essence of life and living.

Not to go all religious on you now, but there is a parable originally found in the Bible in Luke/New Testament. “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

If we consider the fact that we have all been blessed and privileged in some way, whether it is by our talents, time or money/resources…we ought to give back and in so doing, we will receive tenfold.

But don’t give in an ostentatious way for kudos and flash, with the expectation of receiving tomorrow…because this defeats the whole purpose!

When you give freely from the heart, you may not even remember what you gave, when you gave it and to whom, when your tide has really come in.

Now, please don’t misinterpret or misquote my message. I am not saying you have to become besties with everyone you meet and invite them home for lunch. But just remove the walls and you may be surprised what you find…

A more joyful existence where more abundance comes to you…like clockwork!

We are all in this journey together and if we can help each other along the way, collectively we can make a difference in this world with baby steps, by making it a more peaceful, safe, harmonious and caring place to live.

I saw a video with a cop from somewhere in the Pacific who brought an armed man to tears and disarmed him by simply talking to him and giving him a hug.

The world needs more love, because the hate is just consuming and eating away at the very fabric of our society.

And it starts in the home. What are you really teaching the younger ones?

That different is bad?

That different is regarded as ‘otherness’ and those ‘others’ don’t really ‘belong’ in our world? They are not ‘good enough’ or don’t look and speak like us?

Honestly, this hate is exactly what leads to more serious crime.

Let’s get it together and make a choice to let change start with us.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Because you have had one or two bad experiences (or 10!) with certain things or people, it should not taint your entire experience, such that you stereotype everyone else who comes along and cut yourself off from enriching experiences with other diverse people.

There are good and bad everywhere and in everyone. We mess up everyday – all of us – myself included. Sometimes I react without thinking and minutes or hours later I reflect silently and ask myself why.

It’s not easy to break off years of bad habits, but we need to recondition our thinking and behaviors to bring about better outcomes and results in our lives.

As my birthday approaches, one of my goals is to forgive more and let go of the past.

To make a conscious effort to stay in the moment and think before speaking.

To ‘live joyfully’ and appreciate and see the value and lesson in the good, the perceived bad and ugly experiences – while it is happening.

Because often times, we rush through the many moments of life or take them for granted, take people for granted thinking they will always be there and then we get a rude awakening, we suffer the pain and regret of ‘I should-have” and ‘what if’.


Photo by Giovanni Calia on Unsplash

Guys, I want you to grab this month and this life by the wings and fly…

When you remain open and make a decision to be joyful, every.single.moment. of your life, a plethora of opportunities and rich life experiences open up for you...(it does not only happen in the movies and meant for ‘certain’ people)….

Once you capture the meaning and essence of life…You realize that Your Life is truly a surreal, ‘crazy’, beauuuuuutiful adventure! Woooooooooo


Ya gotta make it count…because it’s fleeting and unpredictable.

Endless Love,

Carolyn xo

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