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I feel like I can write an autobiography (or a monologue at best) on the above caption alone, but I will not. (Mainly, because I think I have to live a few more decades first lol)

Instead, I will just say this: Before we can say Jack Robinson, another month is about to end. For some of us, we may have made headway with our goals and yet some (goals i.e.) may have fallen by the wayside.

An important thing to remember is not to beat ourselves up for having come up short (well unless laziness is our only excuse). I am a firm believer in the saying, “everything in its own timing”.

Sometimes our bodies and minds just need a little breather to refuel. And when we get enough of this, we go into overdrive to get our business done.

For a lot of people, we tend to measure our successes by the accomplishments of others, while we downplay our own milestones. It’s human nature and it happens to the best of us, despite our better judgement.

Self-discovery and taking that journey within is vital in order to find out what really matters to us….What we really want deep down inside, instead of trying to keep up with the Joneses.

That’s right. Not what our family, society, the media or our peers tell us overtly and covertly is important. But what will really and truly make us happy in our hearts.

Photo by Wexor Tmg on Unsplash

I’ve learnt that there must be a healthy balance between our professional and personal endeavors in order to bring about true overall fulfillment.

Some say it is difficult to be successful at everything in life, but in the pursuit of happiness, I think we are all striving for this balance. I know I am.

While I have brushed off opportunities in the past to savor the best of both worlds [at the same time], for the sake of one over the other, I realize now the need for work-life-balance.

Its importance should not be underestimated. But the stress must be placed on balance.

If I had to compare my life to a moving object, I would have to choose a roller coaster.


Because it’s been filled with pockets of extreme excitement and activity, then nosedived into unexpected and extreme opposites. Highs and lows…Mmmm….Maybe, but I like the former definition better.


Photo by Charlotte Coneybeer on Unsplash

One day, when I get the guts/opportunity to do my videoblogs and tour the world, I’ll get into those deets. But for now, this here feels comfy for me vs the vlogs that is.

Oh what a night! May 27, 2017 Book Talk & Jazz

(Those of you who have attended my Book Talks, will know what I mean…sometimes I don’t even know what’s gonna come out of my mouth next at those sessions…

But many have told me they could relate and thanked me for sharing so candidly.

One woman even said, my honesty was refreshing. Wow. I am just in awe and thankful for the blessing and gift to arrive at this place in my life/career/development. I thank God and so many other people.)


While some of those decisions for personal development over fun were my choice, at the end of the day, we must be able to accept the decisions and events that took place in our lives.

Without that acceptance, we will be forever beating ourselves over the head for something that we no longer have control over and cannot change.

There’s a saying in our culture, I will translate into standard English. “What did not meet you, will not pass you.”

To translate further, it simply means this:

What is yours and is meant to happen – whether person, place or thing…it’s gonna find it’s way back around to you in the perfect and effortless timing, so don’t stress over the past.

Don’t force things to work, which are just not meant to –  just because, (at least not at this point in time) – whether mentally, physically or otherwise. 

Some things and memories are just better off buried and forgotten.

Doris Day also said it in her famous song. My dad just loved her and I could hear and see him singing now in my mind’s eye: “Que sera, sera…what is to be, will be. lalalalalalaa” 


As I approach my birth month, my mantra is: Let. It. Go. Umm… LET. IT. GO! (Better!)

I am inching closer to another decade-crisis-meltdown again. I know some females, including my mother do not like to talk about their age (she is slowly changing), but I am seeing more and more women embracing it.

And the way I see it, if you are truly happy with what you have attained at your stage of your journey and you have no regrets as you push further in fulfillment of new goals, you will embrace that number, because it’s really just a state of mind.

Also, if you know to yourself that you look darn fly (with flaws and all – cos you gotta own them). And you try to maintain your health and appearance, you would embrace that number even more…because the truth is, it may only seem big in your head (or when said out loud).

No matter your age, you should exude the buoyancy of youth, wrapped up in wisdom, instead of using it like a secret weapon or an Achilles Heel in some cases. – @CarolynCorreiaAuthor

(Remember I said that here first! lol Wish I knew how to do that tweetable thing :/)


When you do this, you attract other happy like-minded people to your lives. We all have our off days (or even months) where we feel crappy on the inside and don’t even want to go outside…

But you must search yourself for that one thing that can make your grey skies go away…whether it’s music, dance, exercise, affirmations, water/the seaside, talking to a friend (or yourself ha!) or even dressing up. All those things work for me.


When you say your age, jaws should drop because folks just can’t believe it. That’s what happens to me. each. and. every. time. for like the past 10+years. Seriously lol

Way up high at the Abbey!

I dunno about anyone else, but I still feel like I’m 21. In fact, I am a new improved version of my younger self. Ha!


Mind you, I am saying this now, but I don’t know how I would really feel in two years time.

But for right now, I am celebrating the %&it out of 38 until it’s no more, possibly starting with karaoke tomorrow…on a new [bat] night, at a new [bat] venue…with NEW [bat…okay well, maybe not] people/friends! 😀

And the music plays on…

Woooo….I can hardly wait.

If I do say so myself, I think I stopped aging 10 years ago LOL. Won’t you agree?!

That’s all she wrote!

Until next time,

Endless Love,
Carolyn xo

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