So we’re 15 days into June…already. Phew. I don’t know about you, but I need a little ‘unplug’ every time I feel as though I just ran a marathon.

For those of you who know me a bit, will know this is an analogy – sinceΒ 

Can’t see Jane run here.Β But I am going to start back exercising. I’ve already changed my diet starting last December and it seems to be working.

I tried on a few of my clothes that were ill-fitting in the past and now I look like a tiny-mite once again – almost :-/

Anyway, I am digressing in all different directions, so please bear with me. I am still coming out of my cocoon after my event, but I have resumed work and started to meet with some folks.

I am going to get to everyone eventually, because it’s so awesome connecting, especially with positive energy.

But the purpose of this blog today is to talk about alignment.

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A few months ago, one night one of my very dear sage friends for many years said to me,

Carolyn, I think you are out of alignment. You need to unplug from everyone and everything for about 2 weeks. Then rinse and repeat.”

Well, he did not say it in those exact words, but you get the idea.

Then I’ve been hearing and reading this concept of ‘alignment’ a lot. I have not done all of my research as yet, but I think he may be on to something.

I attended an event a couple years ago and remember another author saying that when your mind, spirit and body is in alignment, you will be at peace and operate at your optimum level.

I did not really pay attention at that point…but I am now alert and ready to receive that lesson.

Get ready…I am about to take off the “speaker and author” hat and make it real…since we are all human underneath it all.

The last few years for me has been a seesaw of emotions and events and experiences and highs and lows. It’s been like a thunderstorm and tornado and beautiful snowflakes all at once.

It’s been one thing cascading into the next and I feel like I am trapped in the movies. Lots of life changes and adjustments, including having to deal with the loss of my Dad in 2014.

And I often find myself asking, ‘Do these things really happen to ‘normal’ people?! Or do I attract them?’

While some things were absolutely AWESOME and surreal and fairy tale-like, I don’t think I was ready to experience some of them in all it’s glory. I did not stay open to receive them – because I was still reeling from the memory of yesterday.

It has been a viscous cycle…probably rooted in childhood.

That’s me & my sis at the beach as a child awee

Then, while I was ‘sleep walking in the present’, the present became the past. And at times, I mourn so painfully for the past that I get trapped in the memories of yesterday and what could have been today.

Did I lose you?Β Has this ever happened to you? Or is it just me?

Part of getting back my alignment is also ridding myself of toxic people and bad energy that comes in all different forms and disguises. But sometimes this is the easiest part of it all, depending on how much we value the next person.

Inadvertently, by not staying in the present, I may have sabotaged myself and my future by not remaining fully in the present moment.

Or maybe this was just the way it was supposed to happen. Or there’s a twist in my future, if I can find the key to unlocking the treasure that awaits.

I have found this pattern repeating itself in my life in different ways and as I sit here asking myself why…I am left with more questions than answers. So it’s a good thing I am in this profession, so I can either write myself and talk myself to freedom.

The question is: Am I brave enough to “be present” for the answers and accept the reality and do what is necessary to move forward to find my alignment?!

Time will tell.

That’s all she wrote.

Until next time…

Endless Love,

Carolyn x

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