The last May day! Did u make it count?

I wrote this blog in the wee hours this morning and forgot to post it. My bad :/ The day after a holiday where I live in Trinidad and Tobago and it also happens to be the last day of the month of May. Wow. What a month this was!

I did not plan on blogging yet as I have some pressing deadlines, but somehow I can’t seem to get my brain to shut off from last Saturday night at my 3rd Book Talk & Jazz in the East.

To say it was amazing, would not do the night justice, so I will just let the reviews, photos and video speak for themselves when they are available.

I said all my thanks on other forms of social media, but I will reinforce this again on a later blog and thank all the special people that contributed to making this night memorable.

At this moment, this blog is my catharsis to celebrate people everywhere that have discovered their deeper passion and purpose and have obeyed the call and cues that surround us every day to pursue it steadfastly.

To the ones who have not quite discovered it and taken that leap as yet, your time is coming. And trust me when you have made this step, it’s the most beautiful, exciting, fulfilling and magical journey you can ever embark on.

But I must be reminded that not everyone is the same and different people attribute meaning to different things…at least until their own moment of truth or ‘a-ha’ moment arrives.

However, I am of the firm belief that the pursuit of your passion for the right reasons will never lead us wrong. You may think that you are taking a risk and have been working hard at it for some time and still not seeing the commensurate rewards, but you must know what your customers are saying and how you feel in your heart when you have completed a project or task.

Your faith in your destiny is what will carry you through to all the rewards you deserve.

I really wanted a picture of the local Poui, but I have to settle for Cherry Blossoms 🙂 photo credit –

There are creative ways to dig deep and transform your current situation/business/career into what you hope to achieve. But first you must stay open to the lessons, change things up, take risks and lay the foundation for your future successes.

Sometimes we may think we are really working it, but if we push ourselves just a little bit harder and set timelines and specific goals that we can visualize vividly,  it’s only a matter of time before things start happening.

If you judge each situation or person by one or two incidents, you may be making the biggest mistake of your life. Maybe you need to tweak your approach or step outside of your own reality to walk in the other person’s shoes.

However, if there’s a reoccurring pattern, you may want to abandon ship and try something totally different or forget that person/supplier/customer who may not be right for you. The same goes for personal relationships.

Saying goodbye to comfort, security and perceived happiness is never easy because it’s all you know or sometimes the best you know at your particular stage of your journey. But you must know when it’s time to let go and find something that’s real/genuine, wholesome, fruitful and reciprocal.

Adieu May…June I can’t wait to grab you by the wings and fly!

Endless Love,

Carolyn x


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