You could be here in 3 days…

I’ve just been scrolling through my blog and I realized that I have not really blogged about my Book Talk & Jazz that much!

What a thing!

I’ve been so caught up sharing the excitement on Facebook and Instagram that I neglected to post here 😦

Well with the event just 3+ days away, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Honestly, the last few weeks were some of the toughest I’ve ever experienced in business.

But no one could have ever guessed.


Because I keep the excitement going…the fun happening and the engagement creative and light. Forget authentic. I keep it real.

The Book Talk & Jazz event this year is a level up from last year’s event: Live Your Best Life. (And from what I’ve heard, last year was pretty ah-may-zing πŸ™‚Β This year we are celebrating the theme: Follow Your Passion, Shine Like a Star.

Last year I introduced you to my story and journey as told through the first 2 books.Β This year I will be sharing stories from other amazing and inspiring people, as well as new content from the first 2 books never told before, along with my 3rd book – She Missed the Boat on Love AND my manuscript of my 4th book about finding your passion.

This time, the entire video recording will not be shared publicly, but rather highlights from the 3-hour long evening of entertainment and fun.

So if you miss it live on Saturday, you will be missing out.

Of course special conditions apply for those beautiful, loyal gems who cannot make it because of circumstances beyond their control.

This time I am going to get my rest so my voice is going to be super charged and electric. Performing original and classical Jazz pieces from her soon to be launched album is Patrice Inglesbirth.

I will also be unveiling my special surprise act hailing from the south land – Josiah Charleau and Trevor Lynch in keeping with the theme.Β 

Together these performances will melt your hearts and leave youΒ yearning for more.

As for me…you probably know by now I keep it lively and fun and personable.

If my Dad was here he’s say, “You beating your drum and dancing it too?”

But seriously, I’ve seen people who were once serious, break out into uncontrollable laughter and even fighting back tears.

It’s not bragging or boasting.Β I am simply in awe and grateful for this journey and gift.

This is not about me anymore. If it was, honestly I wouldn’t be even doing this. I’ll tell ya a little secret (come close) this right here – is a gosh darn LOT of work!

It is now 4 am and I have not gone to bed yet, nor taken a nap – yesterday.

In factΒ this may be my last public show. But you can always hire me privately.

It’s about the result that my passion and purpose produces from almost everyone I come into contact with who can see the fire in my eyes, hear the excitement in my voice and reap the results my work has produced in their lives or their businesses.

My Reward?

Making people happy and knowing that there is great value in my product/service.

Knowing that I have produced success stories and changed lives for the better.

Learning that customers are excited and looking forward to my next creation.

Having customers turn into friends who continue to patronize in one way or another.

Food for Thought:

  1. The most amazing things happen when you are not even trying.
  2. Observe the signs and stay open to the lessons.
  3. Believe in yourself and your purpose. Stay consistent, dig deep, get innovative, be patient and wait for the ‘magic’ to happen.
  4. Be discerning and keep your inner circle tight. I’ve been burnt and misled too many times to mention.

But I have learnt that people come in all different disguises for a multitude of reasons (which I will save for another blog.)

Healing and progress comes when you release the baggage and let go of the deception and the wolves in sheep’s clothing. “By their actions you will know them.”

On a lighter and more upbeat note…I look forward to hosting youΒ on Saturday! If you did not get your ticket as yet, it’s not too late. Comment below or call 798-8596 to secure your spot before they’re all gone with the wind.

Don’t say I did not warn you….

The curtains will be coming down very soon.


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