A Mother’s Love…

I know the day is almost over, but I would like to wish all the mothers and those that play that role a very Happy Mother’s Day. I also extend my love and prayers to all those that have lost mothers, grandmothers and children, or are trying desperately to conceive.

Hope you can relate to this blog as you think about the relationship with your own mum.

I sort of unplugged and spent most of the day catching up with my mum. I offered to take her out to the Golf Course for a photo shoot I was helping out with, but she opted to stay indoors instead 😦

What can I say about my mother?

We don’t always see eye-to-eye, but we can’t seem to stay away from each other either. We’re like magnets. We can’t stay not talking for long until someone gets weak. lol.

Have you ever found yourself biting your tongue because you didn’t want to share “too much of your business” but instead keep spilling the beans to your mum over and over again! LOL

It’s kinda like walking onto a construction site without a hard hat. You’re so excited to see those guys working in all their glory, that you forget all the dangerous perils that exist. Ha.

But in all honestly, I truly love and appreciate my mum and all that she does for us. I may not always express it, but when I do tell her, she knows that I mean it.

And that means a whole lot to her, because I make it count (those who know me, know that I can go over the top in everything I do 🙂 )

I am an extreme person (extreme joy, extreme sadness, extreme passion along with other extremes!) I don’t do anything halfway…you either absolutely love me or hate me.

Maybe we’re too alike and that’s the problem.

But she’s an entertainer and an emotional softy that puts up a strong front. If my second book made her cry…well wow. My work is done…I don’t even think Mr. Peanut could have broken her down. lol (and she loves peanuts).

I remember my Dad’s words whenever we had a fight when I was younger, “Your mother loves you very much. You should hear how she boasts about you. She just doesn’t know how to express it. Go hug her and tell her you love her.” God rest his soul. He was always the peacemaker, looking for the deeper meaning behind most situations.

The thing is, all my friends over the years love her and it’s like this weird, funny thing they all keep asking for her after only meeting her once! They both strike up these long convos and I seem to no longer exist to them! Both young and mature…male and female…She has so many adopted children and admirers. It’s surreal.

I’m glad she got to see me live my passion and purpose out loud and attend my shows and book launches. Her face aglow in the audience and also while watching the video playback at home motivates me to keep pushing on until I’m where I am meant to be.

One night as she sat in my office and looked at a video clip of my October Book Talk, she said to me in the sweetest tone ever,

“I did not know you think so highly of me.”

Awwwwww squared! *sniff sniff*

I know she’s very proud of me although she doesn’t say it often, but when I hear her on the phone boasting (to family) unaware that I’m within earshot, it’s then I realize a mother’s love.


Happy Mother’s Day Mama. 

Love Always,
Carolyn xo

l-r – my sis, my mom in green and moi at my very first Book Talk & Jazz – April 2016 at The Chancellor Hotel, St. Ann’s Trinidad.


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