Do you need a change?

Today is Friday already. That means the weekend is here. If you can find 5 things that excited you this week (and I mean really excited you), then you are one of the lucky and blessed few. If not, maybe it’s time to change something in your life’s routine.

All of us wish that life handed us more rewards than disappointments, but it’s all about perception. If you are experiencing a tough time now, believe me no matter how hard it is, it’s not meant to stay.

Sometimes I open my social media feed and I see people venting about their work life situation. Trust me, I’ve been there (not the venting part) but I know it’s not fun.

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Even if you love your job, there’s always that ONE thing that’s the deal breaker.

Whether it is a boss or co-worker(s) from hell, the physical environment, the location, the pay, the hours, the policies…

I can literally go on and on. But I’m all about finding solutions.

If you don’t like what you do for a living or where you work, it can be the most uncomfortable feeling in the world…to suffer through something that is not you.

If you have a valid reason for staying at your job, then I say find creative ways to find simple but meaningful joys while you’re there.

If you are not able to express your talents and true gifts fully at your day job, there may still be ways you can incorporate your flair and passion into your existing job and I can tell you how I did it on Saturday 27th May at my Book Talk & Jazz (taking place in Valsayn, Trinidad – see flyer below).

And let me tell you, when you begin doing this, suddenly it causes a shift in your mindset and a whole avenue of possibilities open up. It’s like a secret switch in your brain (or the strange magic sauce at your favorite restaurant).

You may not be completely fulfilled, but once you start doing these things I outlined in my book, boom – Your breakthrough may come when you’re not even looking! If it worked for me, I can almost guarantee it will work for you.

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I will be sharing this and a whole lot more. If you’ve attended one of my events before, you know I get uber creative and pull out all the stops to enhance your experience.

I will be driving home the points with some real life stories from my journey, as well as other passionate people I know who are living their dream and you can bet you’ll walk away with more than a pocketful of inspiration.

AND you will be fully entertained. I’ll share a little secret dream with you that I’ve never told anyone…about my back-up career. Shhhh

My friend Chelsie was at my house last night to practice our role play and as I ran through some of the things I was going to share this time around…I also had to run to the kitchen… to get her a glass of water so she did not choke on her wantons.

Why? Because she was laughing so hard with some of the analogies and stories I was describing 😀 She tried to keep a straight face (because we were pressed for time), but it hit home so much that she almost fell off her chair. (Hey, I can’t make this stuff up!). 

The same thing happened with my assistant and my friend Keegan the other night on Skype. In fact, when I think of it now, more and more audiences have responded that way as well. It’s kind of a rush and fulfilling feeling to elicit that kind of response. So much so, you want to do it again and again… just to make people smile.

And my friends have been telling me for years that I may have a future in comedy. That’s an interesting secret not-so-secret dream that I may even consider one day…who knows.

On Saturday 27th May, there will be a few surprise speakers, sharing from members of the audience, fun and thought provoking activities, dramatic book readings, prizes, beautiful live Jazz! Wow. 

It’s something you have to experience first hand.

To book your seats, you can call or email 798-8596/

For more info visit:

You’d want to act fast, before they’re all gone!

Stay tuned to this space for more deets.

Until next time.

Peace & Love,
Carolyn xo

Book Talk & Jazz - Valsayn


  1. Well said…anyone who reads this can relate to it in someway or the other…..but you know I could not hold back my giggles…..Have an awesomely awesome weekend!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. True. Well for me, working fulltime in the corporate world and part-time doing what I love is hard, but I am doing great, so thanks for this article.


    • You are welcome. It seems we have much in common! I used to live and work in Tobago. The people I met and experiences I had while there acted as the catalyst for full time entrepreneurship. Thanks for following my blog 🙂


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