UWI graduates WOW us at Mock Interviews

Hola folks…I got so many unwritten, overdue blogs in me, it’s not even funny anymore (at least not in a ha ha kind of way). Just a quick one to share my latest adventures. I wouldn’t be me if I don’t build the suspense, so please bear with me.

So every year I get these emails from my alma mater to volunteer at their mock interview sessions for the graduates. I always mentally say to myself that I want to do it, because the school has been good to me as a student, yet I never follow through.

However this year, I decided to put my previous years of being a panelist for interviews while working in Human Resources to good use and give back to my university.

Last Saturday I got myself up at 6 am and made it up to the campus for eight to help prepare these amazingly, talented, passionate and beautiful students for the World of Work.

Yes, I said WOW!

Every year Republic Bank sponsors The University of the West Indies – World of Work (WOW) programme with practice interviews so they can wow those employers upon graduation.

The introduction to the volunteers by the university staff did warn the alumni that we were going to enjoy it so much that we would be back next year…and they were right. It was all kinds of amazing!

I was paired up with another alum by the name of Mauricia and together we had the pleasure of meeting several graduates and sharpening their interviewing skills.

We gave them hypothetical – situational and behavioural questions that simulated real life, as well as regular questions that made them think on their feet, followed by a written evaluation.

And they were brilliant!

It was so much fun for us to see these students come to life with their passion for their chosen field.

Most of them were pursuing my major which was Literatures in English (and Communications). Others minored in fields I was also familiar with, such as Psychology, HR, Spanish and Communications.

A lot of the students did not know that their options for careers with their particular major were so expansive, beyond teaching AND that they can actually make money doing what they love from home!

I walked away with a heart full of joy and pride that these students were well on their way to a wonderful life filled with knowledge, application, passion and purpose!

I was so inspired and moved by them all, but this particular young lady (below) just blew me away with her energy, self-knowledge and PASSION that I had to autograph and give her one of my books, since her dream is to be a university professor and write multiple books.

Hey, I wish I could win the lotto and give away a trailer full of books, but I only walked with two on Saturday. I gave the university the other audiobook I had 🙂

Guys, I’m no professor, or even parent; but it feels like I gave birth in many ways (lol) to these kids’ (and adults) dreams, creativity and life purpose!


I told ya  — it was alllll kinds of amazing!

Here’s what our future author had to say when I asked her to use this photo…Heck, I’ll just skip to the good stuff…it almost made me tear up:

Hi Ms. Carolyn, 
So great to hear from you…. I went through your blog recently and it’s very inspiring! I actually got some of my friends to check it out too. I truly appreciate that you made the mock interviews so enjoyable and insightful, I really learnt so much and thank you for being open to share any of your expertise. I can’t wait to get back to you when I finish your book.

Food for Thought:

Life is short and unpredictable.
Love what you do.
Do what you love.
Don’t settle for mediocre.
Don’t live a half lived life.
Don’t limit yourself.
Don’t doubt your capabilities.
Don’t get brainwashed into settling either.
Touch hearts. Climb mountains. Change lives. Transform your life!
Be what you were born to do and don’t look back.
Look up. Follow your Passion. Shine Like a Star!! (More on that in my next blog!)
Stay Tuned for deets coming sooooon!!
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Peace & Love,
Carolyn x

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